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2/2/16Growing Skeptical of Hair Restoration (Skeptoid #504) - As long as people lose their hair, the market will remain flooded with sham remedies.
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12/8/15The Russian Sleep Experiment (Skeptoid #496) - Russian test subjects are said to have done unspeakably horrible things when sleep deprived.
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12/1/15Updated: Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Web Sites (Skeptoid #495) - The worst offending sites on the Internet for promoting bad misinformation.
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11/24/15Black Mold: Peril or Prosaic? (Skeptoid #494) - Black mold is commonly believed to harbor many deadly diseases. How much truth is there to this?
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11/10/15Pouring Cold Water on Cryotherapy (Skeptoid #492) - Questioning whether this new spa treatment provides all the medical benefits it claims.
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6/16/15Male Circumcision (Skeptoid #471) - Infant male circumcision remains a common in the United States. What are the motivations for circumcisions, and what is the evidence for its efficacy?
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6/9/15Marijuana (Skeptoid #470) - In the last 50 years, marijuana has gone from menace to medicine. Which is it?
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5/19/15Baby Myths (Skeptoid #467) - A look at some common myths about babies and children.
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4/21/15Transgender: Fact or Fiction? (Skeptoid #463) - The Internet believes a lot of things about transgender people. But how much of it is true?
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3/17/15Science Fails (Skeptoid #458) - Science has let you down time after time, and that's one reason why it gets better and better.
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2/17/15GMO Facts and Fiction (Skeptoid #454) - See if you know how many of these GMO "facts" are right.
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1/27/15Ideomotor Response (Skeptoid #451) - The Ideomotor Response underlies a number of occult phenomena and alt-med practices.
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11/11/14That Elusive Fibromyalgia (Skeptoid #440) - Some say fibromyalgia is a real disease, while others question the diagnosis.
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10/14/14Ionithermie (Skeptoid #436) - What is Ionithermie, and is it effective for slimming and cellulite removal?
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7/29/14Albino Facts and Fiction (Skeptoid #425) - Even in developed countries, myths persist about people who have albinism.
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7/15/1412 Step Programs (Skeptoid #423) - Are religious-based twelve step programs better at stopping addiction than other programs?
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4/8/14Oil Pulling (Skeptoid #409) - This New Age alternative health fad claims to be based on ayurveda... but is it?
Read | Listen (12:24) | Discuss
3/11/14Aromatherapy: Sniffing Essential Oils (Skeptoid #405) - The essences of certain flowers and herbs produce a pleasing smell, but is it also medicinal?
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1/14/14Fukushima vs Chernobyl vs Three Mile Island (Skeptoid #397) - Years after the disaster, some claim that Fukushima radiation is still going to cause widespread death.
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12/31/13Student Questions: Food Woo, Food Woo, and More Food Woo (Skeptoid #395) - Skeptoid answers questions sent in by students, all of them this week pertaining to popular food pseudoscience.
Read | Listen (11:58) | Discuss
12/17/13The Hair of Samson (Skeptoid #393) - Is there any truth to the belief that long hair can provide great strength?
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11/12/136 Problems with Wind Turbine Syndrome (Skeptoid #388) - Some believe that wind turbines are sickening people. Might there be anything to this?
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10/8/135 False Arguments for Raw Milk (Skeptoid #383) - Some people who enjoy raw milk also make up false claims that regular milk is more dangerous.
Read | Listen (13:43) | Discuss
8/20/13Salt Therapies (Skeptoid #376) - A new trend in spas is to let people relax in salt caves. Is there any benefit to this?
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8/6/13Listener Feedback: Alternative Medicine (Skeptoid #374) - Skeptoid answers a raft of listener emails pertaining to alternative medicine.
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6/25/13Legislating Pseudoscience (Skeptoid #368) - Lawmakers are often pressured by ideologues to pass laws based on bad science.
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6/11/13The Sedona Energy Vortex (Skeptoid #366) - Do a series of spiritual energy vortexes, of a type unknown to science, exist in Sedona, AZ?
Read | Listen (12:32) | Discuss
5/7/13The 16 Personalities of Sybil (Skeptoid #361) - The book and movie "Sybil" told the story of a woman purported to have Multiple Personality Syndrome.
Read | Listen (11:50) | Discuss
4/23/13Cupping for the Cure (Skeptoid #359) - Some believe that bruise-causing suction on the skin provides a variety of health benefits.
Read | Listen (10:38) | Discuss
3/5/13Facts and Fiction of the Schumann Resonance (Skeptoid #352) - This cavity in our atmosphere resonates radio frequency at 7.83 Hz. But is that all it does?
Read | Listen (13:26) | Discuss
2/19/13Trinity: Interview with Dr. Oz, Alex Jones, and Deepak Chopra (Skeptoid #350) - Skeptoid interviews three of the most popular and controversial figures in modern pseudoscience.
Read | Listen (6:18) | Discuss
11/6/12Cleansing Diets: Why or Why Not? (Skeptoid #335) - Cleansing diets are trendier than ever. But do they actually provide any of the claimed benefits?
Read | Listen (14:24) | Discuss
8/7/12Negative Calorie Food Myths (Skeptoid #322) - Negative calorie foods, said to require more energy to digest than they provide, are a popular food fad.
Read | Listen (11:28) | Discuss
5/15/12Left Handed Myths and Facts (Skeptoid #310) - There are many popular anecdotes about how and why some people are left-handed, but the true facts are even more interesting.
Read | Listen (13:42) | Discuss
4/10/12I Can't Believe They Did That: Human Guinea Pigs (Skeptoid #305) - A look at some of history's most famous scientists who experimented upon themselves.
Read | Listen (12:32) | Discuss
1/3/12The Toxic Lady (Skeptoid #291) - In 1994, fumes from a woman's body knocked out most of an emergency room staff. What happened?
Read | Listen (12:37) | Discuss
12/13/11Pit Bull Attack! (Skeptoid #288) - Pit bulls have a reputation for being the most dangerous dog breed. Is this reputation deserved?
Read | Listen (12:13) | Discuss
12/6/11Korean Fan Death (Skeptoid #287) - An urban legend in Korea states that running an electric fan at night can kill you.
Read | Listen (12:38) | Discuss
11/8/11Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites (Skeptoid #283) - My list of the worst offenders on the web in the promotion of scientific and factual misinformation.
Read | Listen (14:50) | Discuss
10/4/11Brainwashing and Deprogramming (Skeptoid #278) - Can people really be brainwashed, and then deprogrammed back to who they were before?
Read | Listen (11:43) | Discuss
8/30/11Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, and Other Radio Bogeymen (Skeptoid #273) - Are common radio transmitters carcinogenic or otherwise harmful?
Read | Listen (12:34) | Discuss
7/5/11"Curing" Gays (Skeptoid #265) - Do therapies intended to help gays become straight actually work?
Read | Listen (13:33) | Discuss
6/7/11Near Death Experiences (Skeptoid #261) - A comparison of the effects of hypoxia to the reports of a brush with the afterlife.
Read | Listen (12:19) | Discuss
5/24/11Mao's Barefoot Doctors: The Secret History of Chinese Medicine (Skeptoid #259) - Westerners' belief that Chinese have long relied on alternative medicine is due in part to being duped by book publishers.
Read | Listen (12:51) | Discuss
4/26/11Superhuman Strength during a Crisis (Skeptoid #255) - Popular stories tell of mothers lifting cars off their children. Can the human body really do such feats?
Read | Listen (12:08) | Discuss
3/8/11The Exorcism of Anneliese (Skeptoid #248) - Can exorcisms such as the one that killed Anneliese Michel truly help critically ill people?
Read | Listen (13:08) | Discuss
1/4/11Gluten Free Diets (Skeptoid #239) - Are gluten free diets really good for your general wellness?
Read | Listen (11:46) | Discuss
12/28/10More Hollywood Myths (Skeptoid #238) - Was John Wayne's cancer death caused by filming downwind of the Nevada Test Site? ...and other Hollywood rumors.
Read | Listen (11:39) | Discuss
12/7/10IQ Testing (Skeptoid #235) - How valid are IQ tests, what do they really measure, and where do you fit in?
Read | Listen (13:22) | Discuss
11/2/10DDT: Secret Life of a Pesticide (Skeptoid #230) - Is DDT a killer of birds, a savior against malaria, or a little of each?
Read | Listen (13:42) | Discuss
10/12/10Boost Your Immune System (or Not) (Skeptoid #227) - Is "boosting your immune system" for real? Is that possible, and can you really buy it in a bottle?
Read | Listen (11:58) | Discuss
7/27/10The Things We Eat... (Skeptoid #216) - Do you really know which kinds of food are good for you, and which are bad?
Read | Listen (12:08) | Discuss
12/22/09Is Barefoot Better? (Skeptoid #185) - Some advocate that going barefoot is better for the health and strength of your feet.
Read | Listen (12:27) | Discuss
11/17/09Vaccine Ingredients (Skeptoid #180) - Do vaccines really contain the horrifying poisons claimed by antivaccine activists?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
8/11/09Organic vs. Conventional Agriculture (Skeptoid #166) - Is organic agriculture truly safer or better for the environment than modern farming?
Read | Listen (15:48) | Discuss
10/28/08Ten Most Wanted: Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience (Skeptoid #125) - A critical look at the antics of Oprah Winfrey, Jenny McCarthy, Prince Charles, Bill Maher, Larry King, Pamela Anderson, Ben Stein, Joe Rogan, Chuck Norris, and Montel Williams.
Read | Listen (13:30) | Discuss
9/2/08How Dangerous Is Cell Phone Radiation? (Skeptoid #117) - Popular stories and Internet videos say that cell phone signals are dangerous. Is there any truth to this?
Read | Listen (11:07) | Discuss
2/26/08Despicable Vulture Scumbags (Skeptoid #89) - My thoughts on a company that sells useless pseudoscientific hardware to an ALS victim.
Read | Listen (10:31) | Discuss
2/19/08Super Sized Fast Food Phobia (Skeptoid #88) - Unlike what's said in highly dramatized Hollywood shockumentaries, fast food is not especially unhealthy.
Read | Listen (10:32) | Discuss
2/5/08MonaVie and Other "Superfruit" Juices (Skeptoid #86) - Are superfruit juices anything more than super ripoffs?
Read | Listen (12:14) | Discuss
1/15/08The Detoxification Myth (Skeptoid #83) - Everyone wants to "detoxify" their bodies. Is this for real?
Read | Listen (11:41) | Discuss
12/25/07Are Microwave Ovens Safe? (Skeptoid #80) - An examination of the various claims that microwaved food and water are poisonous.
Read | Listen (11:01) | Discuss
12/11/07Medical Myths in Movies and Culture (Skeptoid #78) - Do doctors ever really stab people in the heart with a syringe? Does chocolate really cause acne?
Read | Listen (9:19) | Discuss
10/30/07Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity: Real or Imagined? (Skeptoid #72) - Are sufferers of electrosensitivity reacting to electromagnetism, or just to simple stress?
Read | Listen (16:19) | Discuss
10/23/07How to Drink Gnarly Breast Milk (Skeptoid #71) - Proponents of colostrum supplements believe that it has a whole range of benefits.
Read | Listen (9:08) | Discuss
10/16/07Raging (Bioidentical) Hormones (Skeptoid #70) - An examination of the popular trend in women's health, bioidentical hormone therapy.
Read | Listen (7:35) | Discuss
7/30/07All About Fluoridation (Skeptoid #58) - A few fringe activists claim that fluoridation of water carries more danger than benefit.
Read | Listen (9:20) | Discuss
7/15/07Mercury, Autism, and Chelation: A Recipe for Risk (Skeptoid #55) - An examination of the lethal pop-culture fad of chelating autistic children.
Read | Listen (10:36) | Discuss
4/1/07Mercury Fillings (Skeptoid #36) - Do mercury amalgam fillings release toxic levels of mercury into the body?
Read | Listen (10:34) | Discuss
2/19/07Natural Hygiene: Health Without Medicine (or Wisdom) (Skeptoid #28) - Can Natural Hygiene really lead to a longer life?
Read | Listen (5:40) | Discuss
2/15/07Chemtrails: Real or Not? (Skeptoid #27) - What you always thought were simply contrails are really dangerous chemicals being sprayed.
Read | Listen (9:06) | Discuss
1/5/07Organic Food Myths (Skeptoid #19) - Is it a revolution in health and the environment, or a counterproductive fad?
Read | Listen (10:18) | Discuss


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Growing Skeptical of Hair Restoration
Skeptoid #504, Feb 2 2016
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Skeptoid #503, Jan 26 2016
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Listener Feedback: Killing the Comments
Skeptoid #502, Jan 19 2016
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Schrodinger's Cat and the Bomb Detector
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