Want to Do Some Research?

For as long as I've been doing Skeptoid, people have been asking if they could help with some of the research. So I've set up a distribution list to make this a manageable and inclusive process.

Subscribe to this mailing list, and every time I have a need for some help tracking down a reference or a fact, I'll send out a request. Volume on this list is low, probably averaging about one message a week. It is not a discussion list; replies go only to me. (For the Skeptoid discussion list Skeptalk, click here).

Most of the questions will probably not apply to your field of expertise, so please just delete those, and only respond when you have some concrete information for me.

To subscribe, send an email to skeptoid-research+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Please do not email me with any questions or problems managing your list membership; instead, manage that on the Google Groups web page.

ALL INFORMATION YOU SEND ME MUST INCLUDE A VERIFIABLE SOURCE. The source is equally important to me as the information itself.

Thanks for your help. I look forward to working with all of you!

Brian Dunning
Brian Dunning


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