Episode Guide - Paranormal

10/13/15Who Was Charles Fort? (Skeptoid #488) - This enigmatic author of the strange continues to confound.
Read | Listen (12:11) | Discuss
6/30/15The Loveland Frog (Skeptoid #473) - A series of sightings of a frog-like humanoid in the suburb of Loveland, Ohio prompts an enduring folkloric legend.
Read | Listen (13:51) | Discuss
4/28/15The Lake Michigan Triangle (Skeptoid #464) - Could there be a region in the Great Lakes where ships and planes mysteriously disappear?
Read | Listen (11:40) | Discuss
2/24/15Ghost Photography (Skeptoid #455) - The history of ghost photography and its many problems as evidence.
Read | Listen (15:30) | Discuss
1/27/15Ideomotor Response (Skeptoid #451) - The Ideomotor Response underlies a number of occult phenomena and alt-med practices.
Read | Listen (13:55) | Discuss
1/6/15The Columbus Poltergeist (Skeptoid #448) - Did a poltergeist infest a home in Columbus, Ohio? Or was this the work of a mischievous teen?
Read | Listen (16:49) | Discuss
12/2/14SS Iron Mountain (Skeptoid #443) - A large riverboat vanished without a trace on the Mississippi River in 1872. Or did it?
Read | Listen (11:01) | Discuss
9/9/14Acupuncture (Skeptoid #431) - Is acupuncture really ancient Chinese medicine? Does it work? Is it safe?
Read | Listen (15:07) | Discuss
9/2/14Harry Houdini and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (Skeptoid #430) - The clash between the champions of scientific skepticism and supernaturalism.
Read | Listen (13:30) | Discuss
8/26/14The Many Voices of Frank's Box (Skeptoid #429) - Frank's ghost box is a radio designed to hear communications from ghosts. What can we actually learn from it?
Read | Listen (13:31) | Discuss
8/19/14The Haunted Dybbuk Box (Skeptoid #428) - A popular tale tells of a haunted Jewish wine box that brought ill fortune upon its owners... apparently.
Read | Listen (11:26) | Discuss
8/12/14The Legend of the Flying Dutchman (Skeptoid #427) - What is the real source of the ancient nautical legends of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship?
Read | Listen (11:49) | Discuss
8/5/14The Baldoon Mystery (Skeptoid #426) - The surprising truth behind Canada's most famous ghost story.
Read | Listen (11:44) | Discuss
6/3/14The Riddle of Flight 19 (Skeptoid #417) - Was caused the 1945 loss of these five aircraft that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?
Read | Listen (12:13) | Discuss
4/29/14Animal Predictors: Psychic, Sensitive, or Silly? (Skeptoid #412) - Many animals are presented in the popular media as being psychic. Is this the best explanation?
Read | Listen (13:33) | Discuss
4/22/14Your Body's Alleged Energy Fields (Skeptoid #411) - We are constantly bombarded with marketing references to your body's energy field. Is there such a thing?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
4/15/14The Black Eyed Kids (Skeptoid #410) - An urban legend says that children with completely black eyes go around trying to be allowed inside.
Read | Listen (11:18) | Discuss
1/28/14The Moving Coffins of Barbados (Skeptoid #399) - An old tale tells of coffins that jumbled themselves up in a crypt in Barbados.
Read | Listen (12:10) | Discuss
1/21/14Solving the Lead Masks of Vintem Hill (Skeptoid #398) - Two dead bodies were found in Brazil in 1966 with mysterious masks made of lead.
Read | Listen (12:02) | Discuss
7/23/13Prove Your Supernatural Power and Get Rich (Skeptoid #372) - If you can demonstrate a power unknown to science, there are people looking to write you a check.
Read | Listen (10:54) | Discuss
6/11/13The Sedona Energy Vortex (Skeptoid #366) - Do a series of spiritual energy vortexes, of a type unknown to science, exist in Sedona, AZ?
Read | Listen (12:32) | Discuss
2/26/13Men in Black (Skeptoid #351) - A look at the mysterious government agents said to intimidate those who witness flying saucers.
Read | Listen (13:46) | Discuss
2/5/13Ganzfeld Experiments (Skeptoid #348) - The true history of the experiment that is said to present the strongest evidence yet for telepathic abilities.
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
11/20/12The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea (Skeptoid #337) - Two regions of ocean are said to be mysteriously dangerous. What's the truth behind this popular belief?
Read | Listen (13:37) | Discuss
7/31/12Skinwalkers (Skeptoid #321) - Navajo witches are said to be able to shapeshift into animals. Is it just a tall tale, or is there some truth to it?
Read | Listen (13:55) | Discuss
5/1/12Picnic at Hanging Rock (Skeptoid #308) - Is this classic tale of the disappearance of a group of schoolgirls fact or fiction?
Read | Listen (11:25) | Discuss
2/7/12The Versailles Time Slip (Skeptoid #296) - Did two women visiting Versaille in 1901 time-travel back to the days of Marie Antoinette?
Read | Listen (13:46) | Discuss
1/10/12The Grey Man of Ben MacDhui (Skeptoid #292) - A thin, dark phantom three times the height of a man is said to stalk this peak in the Cairngorms.
Read | Listen (12:26) | Discuss
11/1/11The Jersey Devil (Skeptoid #282) - This creature has been haunting New Jersey for nearly 300 years. From whence did it come?
Read | Listen (11:56) | Discuss
9/20/11The Monster of Glamis (Skeptoid #276) - Did a living beast actually haunt Scotland's Glamis Castle for the better part of a century?
Read | Listen (13:15) | Discuss
8/9/11The Hessdalen Lights (Skeptoid #270) - Scientists seek a high-tech explanation for these ghost lights in Norway. But is the true cause much simpler?
Read | Listen (12:51) | Discuss
6/14/11The Haitian Zombies (Skeptoid #262) - Are Haiti's legendary zombies real, or just an imaginative fiction?
Read | Listen (13:08) | Discuss
6/7/11Near Death Experiences (Skeptoid #261) - A comparison of the effects of hypoxia to the reports of a brush with the afterlife.
Read | Listen (12:19) | Discuss
5/17/11Spontaneous Human Combustion (Skeptoid #258) - People can catch on fire... but can it really happen when there is no external source of ignition?
Read | Listen (12:01) | Discuss
3/22/11The History of Knowledge (Skeptoid #250) - A trip through the centuries to see how human knowledge is reflected through music.
Read | Listen (11:33) | Discuss
3/8/11The Exorcism of Anneliese (Skeptoid #248) - Can exorcisms such as the one that killed Anneliese Michel truly help critically ill people?
Read | Listen (13:08) | Discuss
9/7/10Toil and Trouble: The Curse of Macbeth (Skeptoid #222) - The Curse of Macbeth should make Shakespeare's play too dangerous to perform. Is this the case?
Read | Listen (11:31) | Discuss
4/27/10Therapeutic Touch (Skeptoid #203) - Therapeutic touch is a healing method that presumes the existence of a huge magnetic field around the human body. Is there really such a field?
Read | Listen (12:57) | Discuss
2/16/10The Faces of Belmez (Skeptoid #193) - Faces appearing on the floor of a house in Spain were easily proven to have been faked - why does their story carry so much ongoing influence?
Read | Listen (11:15) | Discuss
1/19/10Bullshido: Martial Arts Magic (Skeptoid #189) - Some call it Bullshido: Martial arts tricks like touchless attacks and the Touch of Death.
Read | Listen (11:57) | Discuss
12/8/09The Naga Fireballs (Skeptoid #183) - What is the source of the glowing balls that rise from the Mekong river each October?
Read | Listen (12:38) | Discuss
11/10/09The Scole Experiment (Skeptoid #179) - Said to be the best evidence yet for the afterlife -- but how good is that evidence?
Read | Listen (12:11) | Discuss
10/13/09Shadow People (Skeptoid #175) - What are some likely explanations for these shadowy ghosts?
Read | Listen (12:25) | Discuss
9/29/09All About Astrology (Skeptoid #173) - Does astrology have any plausible foundations; and does it actually work?
Read | Listen (15:23) | Discuss
9/8/09It's Raining Frogs and Fish (Skeptoid #170) - What's the real explanation of frogs and fish raining from the sky? Hint: It's not waterspouts.
Read | Listen (11:20) | Discuss
6/23/09The Mothman Cometh (Skeptoid #159) - A skeptical look at the Mothman, an alleged prophet of disaster.
Read | Listen (11:15) | Discuss
6/2/09Falling into Mel's Hole (Skeptoid #156) - Mel's Hole is said to be a mysterious bottomless pit in eastern Washington state.
Read | Listen (11:03) | Discuss
4/21/09Screwed! (Skeptoid #150) - A secret recording of an actual meeting of the Illuminati.
Read | Listen (9:40) | Discuss
4/14/09Coral Castle (Skeptoid #149) - Was one man able to move these huge coral blocks using some unknown technology?
Read | Listen (11:41) | Discuss
1/20/09The Angel of Mons (Skeptoid #137) - Did a mysterious heavenly host save a small group of British from a large German force in World War I?
Read | Listen (10:29) | Discuss
10/28/08Ten Most Wanted: Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience (Skeptoid #125) - A critical look at the antics of Oprah Winfrey, Jenny McCarthy, Prince Charles, Bill Maher, Larry King, Pamela Anderson, Ben Stein, Joe Rogan, Chuck Norris, and Montel Williams.
Read | Listen (13:30) | Discuss
9/9/08Demystifying the Bell Witch (Skeptoid #118) - An exploration of the best way to evaluate an old, unsubstantiated folk legend like The Bell Witch.
Read | Listen (11:28) | Discuss
6/24/08King Tut's Curse! (Skeptoid #106) - A look at the tale, the popular explanation, and the real science behind it.
Read | Listen (10:43) | Discuss
4/29/08The Crystal Skull: Mystical, or Modern? (Skeptoid #98) - Is the crystal skull truly an ancient Mayan artifact with mysterious powers?
Read | Listen (8:53) | Discuss
4/15/08What's Wrong with The Secret (Skeptoid #96) - The Secret teaches that victims are always to blame, and that anyone can have anything simply by wishing.
Read | Listen (10:26) | Discuss
1/22/08Magic Jewelry (Skeptoid #84) - All sorts of marvelous health claims are made for jewelry such as the Q-Ray bracelet.
Read | Listen (11:10) | Discuss
1/1/08Ghost Hunting Tools of the Trade (Skeptoid #81) - Why the use of electronic equipment by TV ghost hunters is so stupid.
Read | Listen (11:50) | Discuss
11/20/07How to See Your Aura (Skeptoid #75) - Is aura photography actually possible, and does it tell us anything useful about the person?
Read | Listen (10:33) | Discuss
9/18/07The Greatest Secret of Nostradamus (Skeptoid #66) - How much of the pop-culture information about Nostradamus is true?
Read | Listen (14:38) | Discuss
9/4/07The Attack of Spring Heeled Jack (Skeptoid #64) - Spring Heeled Jack terrorized England in the early 1800's ... or did he?
Read | Listen (9:06) | Discuss
7/5/07Borley Rectory: the World's Most Haunted House? (Skeptoid #53) - Were the events at Borley Rectory a real haunting, or the product of a hoaxster?
Read | Listen (12:05) | Discuss
6/10/07Unconscious Research of Global Consciousness (Skeptoid #49) - Some say that the collective emotions of humans can influence electronic hardware.
Read | Listen (11:56) | Discuss
5/11/07The Truth About Remote Viewing (Skeptoid #44) - The psychic technique of remote viewing is consistent with simple, well known magic tricks.
Read | Listen (11:05) | Discuss
4/11/07The Marfa Lights: A Real American Mystery (Skeptoid #38) - What is the cause of the mysterious ghost lights outside Marfa, Texas?
Read | Listen (8:25) | Discuss
3/7/07The Devil Walked in Devon (Skeptoid #31) - Was the devil responsible for a set of 100-mile footprints in 1855?
Read | Listen (6:51) | Discuss
2/24/07Orbs: The Ghost in the Camera (Skeptoid #29) - Are orbs really ghosts, or a common artifact of photography?
Read | Listen (8:08) | Discuss
1/15/07Living Stones of Death Valley (Skeptoid #21) - An examination of the mysterious stones that move by themselves across the desert floor.
Read | Listen (3:46) | Discuss
1/11/07The Real Amityville Horror (Skeptoid #20) - America's most popular true ghost story was a hoax.
Read | Listen (7:38) | Discuss
12/24/06The Real Philadelphia Experiment (Skeptoid #16) - Did a US Navy warship completely disappear in 1943?
Read | Listen (6:50) | Discuss
11/21/06Nocturnal Assaults: Aliens in the Dark (Skeptoid #8) - Alien abductions and Old Hags - things that go bump in the night.
Read | Listen (6:22) | Discuss
11/14/06Pond Magnet Foolishness (Skeptoid #7) - Do magnets really have a mystical positive effect on pond water chemistry?
Read | Listen (6:13) | Discuss
10/24/06Ethics of Peddling the Paranormal (Skeptoid #4) - Is it OK for non-believers to sell the paranormal?
Read | Listen (8:46) | Discuss
10/3/06New Age Energy (Skeptoid #1) - An examination of energy, as new agers use the term.
Read | Listen (6:07) | Discuss


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