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9/23/14The Water Woo of Masaru Emoto (Skeptoid #433) - Masaru Emoto believes that water entagles with human consciousness and emotion, a concept he calls 'hado'. Is there anything behind Emoto's water woo?
Read | Listen (13:28) | Discuss
6/17/14Slacktivism: Raising Awareness (Skeptoid #419) - Does clicking a "Like" button on a web site really accomplish anything useful?
Read | Listen (13:05) | Discuss
4/8/14Oil Pulling (Skeptoid #409) - This New Age alternative health fad claims to be based on ayurveda... but is it?
Read | Listen (12:24) | Discuss
3/11/14Aromatherapy: Sniffing Essential Oils (Skeptoid #405) - The essences of certain flowers and herbs produce a pleasing smell, but is it also medicinal?
Read | Listen (12:26) | Discuss
8/20/13Salt Therapies (Skeptoid #376) - A new trend in spas is to let people relax in salt caves. Is there any benefit to this?
Read | Listen (12:32) | Discuss
8/6/13Listener Feedback: Alternative Medicine (Skeptoid #374) - Skeptoid answers a raft of listener emails pertaining to alternative medicine.
Read | Listen (13:43) | Discuss
4/23/13Cupping for the Cure (Skeptoid #359) - Some believe that bruise-causing suction on the skin provides a variety of health benefits.
Read | Listen (10:38) | Discuss
12/18/12Free Energy Machines (Skeptoid #341) - Some believe they've cracked the secret of free energy forever with no fuel needed. Is it true?
Read | Listen (12:39) | Discuss
11/6/12Cleansing Diets: Why or Why Not? (Skeptoid #335) - Cleansing diets are trendier than ever. But do they actually provide any of the claimed benefits?
Read | Listen (14:24) | Discuss
8/7/12Negative Calorie Food Myths (Skeptoid #322) - Negative calorie foods, said to require more energy to digest than they provide, are a popular food fad.
Read | Listen (11:28) | Discuss
3/6/12The Secret of the Gypsy Queen (Skeptoid #300) - In which a little girl saves her kingdom when she is the only one who does not fall for the pop pseudoscience of the day.
Read | Listen (14:09) | Discuss
11/8/11Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites (Skeptoid #283) - My list of the worst offenders on the web in the promotion of scientific and factual misinformation.
Read | Listen (14:50) | Discuss
10/26/10Speed Reading (Skeptoid #229) - Speed reading classes claim to be able to turbocharge your words per minute. Is this really possible?
Read | Listen (11:28) | Discuss
10/12/10Boost Your Immune System (or Not) (Skeptoid #227) - Is "boosting your immune system" for real? Is that possible, and can you really buy it in a bottle?
Read | Listen (11:58) | Discuss
4/6/10Buy It! (Skeptoid #200) - Don't blindly turn to science when you need answers - instead, seek out those who want to sell you something.
Read | Listen (3:13) | Discuss
1/19/10Bullshido: Martial Arts Magic (Skeptoid #189) - Some call it Bullshido: Martial arts tricks like touchless attacks and the Touch of Death.
Read | Listen (11:57) | Discuss
10/6/09More Medical Myths (Skeptoid #174) - More myths about the human body that you've always heard, and probably believe.
Read | Listen (11:31) | Discuss
8/11/09Organic vs. Conventional Agriculture (Skeptoid #166) - Is organic agriculture truly safer or better for the environment than modern farming?
Read | Listen (15:48) | Discuss
7/14/09Locally Grown Produce (Skeptoid #162) - Is locally grown produce as green as its proponents seem to think it is?
Read | Listen (12:41) | Discuss
4/21/09Screwed! (Skeptoid #150) - A secret recording of an actual meeting of the Illuminati.
Read | Listen (9:40) | Discuss
3/31/09Binaural Beats: Digital Drugs (Skeptoid #147) - The science behind binaural beats: What they are, what they are claimed to do, and what they can actually do.
Read | Listen (12:02) | Discuss
2/3/09Kangen Water: Change Your Water, Change Your Life (Skeptoid #139) - Sellers of new-age water treatment products charge outrageous prices for zero plausibility.
Read | Listen (12:29) | Discuss
12/2/08Space Properties for Sale (Skeptoid #130) - Many companies offer extraterrestrial real estate or star-naming rights for sale. Is it legitimate?
Read | Listen (8:59) | Discuss
9/2/08How Dangerous Is Cell Phone Radiation? (Skeptoid #117) - Popular stories and Internet videos say that cell phone signals are dangerous. Is there any truth to this?
Read | Listen (11:07) | Discuss
8/8/08The Most Effective Homeopathy Podcast Ever (Skeptoid #113) - Does homeopathy contain any useful content, or is it just a lot of nothing?
Read | Listen (10:06) | Discuss
6/3/08Should You Take Your Vitamins? (Skeptoid #103) - Will daily doses of vitamin C really help prevent a cold?
Read | Listen (10:12) | Discuss
4/8/08Bend Over and Own Your Own Business (Skeptoid #95) - Are business opportunities offered for sale truly worth it?
Read | Listen (10:49) | Discuss
2/26/08Despicable Vulture Scumbags (Skeptoid #89) - My thoughts on a company that sells useless pseudoscientific hardware to an ALS victim.
Read | Listen (10:31) | Discuss
2/12/08Water: Alternative Fuel of the Future? (Skeptoid #87) - Can simple water really be burned to solve our energy problems?
Read | Listen (10:02) | Discuss
2/5/08MonaVie and Other "Superfruit" Juices (Skeptoid #86) - Are superfruit juices anything more than super ripoffs?
Read | Listen (12:14) | Discuss
1/22/08Magic Jewelry (Skeptoid #84) - All sorts of marvelous health claims are made for jewelry such as the Q-Ray bracelet.
Read | Listen (11:10) | Discuss
1/15/08The Detoxification Myth (Skeptoid #83) - Everyone wants to "detoxify" their bodies. Is this for real?
Read | Listen (11:41) | Discuss
5/26/07Free Range Chicken and Farm Raised Fish (Skeptoid #47) - Do free range chickens and farm raised fish truly have the pros and cons that popular culture believes?
Read | Listen (9:51) | Discuss
3/22/07Homeopathy: Pure Water or Pure Nonsense? (Skeptoid #34) - Most homeopathy users believe that it's some kind of herbal remedy. Is it?
Read | Listen (12:28) | Discuss
2/10/07Biodynamic Agriculture (Skeptoid #26) - Is biodynamic agriculture a modern innovation, or a throwback to the Dark Ages?
Read | Listen (9:08) | Discuss
1/28/07Reflexology: Only Dangerous If You Use It (Skeptoid #24) - Reflexology is really no more than a foot massage - so why might it be dangerous? Here's why.
Read | Listen (10:22) | Discuss
1/5/07Organic Food Myths (Skeptoid #19) - Is it a revolution in health and the environment, or a counterproductive fad?
Read | Listen (10:18) | Discuss
12/28/06Internet Paranoia (Skeptoid #17) - Are Internet viruses and trojan horses really as dangerous as we've been led to believe?
Read | Listen (8:25) | Discuss
11/14/06Pond Magnet Foolishness (Skeptoid #07) - Do magnets really have a mystical positive effect on pond water chemistry?
Read | Listen (6:13) | Discuss
11/9/06Wheatgrass Juice (Skeptoid #06) - Is the magical mystery juice all it's blended up to be?
Read | Listen (6:49) | Discuss


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