Episode Guide - Conspiracies

12/1/15Updated: Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Web Sites (Skeptoid #495) - The worst offending sites on the Internet for promoting bad misinformation.
Read | Listen (14:37) | Discuss
9/22/15Holocaust Denial (Skeptoid #485) - Why some people think the Holocaust never happened, and what to do about it.
Read | Listen (12:54) | Discuss
6/2/15Jade Helm 15 (Skeptoid #469) - Conspiracy theory that a military training exercise is going to lead to martial law.
Read | Listen (14:00) | Discuss
5/5/15Agenda 21 (Skeptoid #465) - Does Agenda 21 want to save the world or take it over?
Read | Listen (13:15) | Discuss
4/14/15Satanic Ritual Abuse (Skeptoid #462) - The history of claims that secret Satanic cults are abusing children.
Read | Listen (17:02) | Discuss
12/9/14Myths of Alcatraz (Skeptoid #444) - Alcatraz Island is veiled in the fog of myth.
Read | Listen (14:57) | Discuss
5/27/145 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to Be True... Maybe? (Skeptoid #416) - Skeptoid listeners are always asking for conspiracy theories that turned out to be true. Here's the best I could come up with.
Read | Listen (14:04) | Discuss
5/13/14Killing Princess Diana (Skeptoid #414) - Some say the death of Princess Diana in 1997 was actually a murder plotted by her government.
Read | Listen (12:39) | Discuss
3/25/14The Death of Mad King Ludwig (Skeptoid #407) - Was Bavaria's Mad King who built castles like Neuschwanstein truly murdered, or did he commit suicide?
Read | Listen (11:49) | Discuss
2/11/14Hemp, Hearst, and Prohibition (Skeptoid #401) - A popular urban legend claims that William Randolph Hearst conspired to make cannabis illegal in the United States.
Read | Listen (12:36) | Discuss
12/3/138 Secret Bases: Real or Fictional? (Skeptoid #391) - Do you know which of these secret military bases around the world are real?
Read | Listen (13:06) | Discuss
11/19/13The JFK Assassination (Skeptoid #389) - How should we regard the conspiracy theories about the assassination of John F. Kennedy?
Read | Listen (12:48) | Discuss
7/30/13The Secrets of MKULTRA (Skeptoid #373) - How true is it that the CIA conducted unethical mind control experiments on unwitting human subjects?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
5/28/13Listener Feedback: Conspiracies (Skeptoid #364) - Skeptoid answers questions sent in by listeners pertaining to conspiracy theories.
Read | Listen (12:56) | Discuss
5/14/13Polybius: Video Game of Death (Skeptoid #362) - Did a 1981 video arcade game sicken players while government agents collected the data?
Read | Listen (11:27) | Discuss
3/26/13The Airplane that Wasn't There (Skeptoid #355) - A B-25 bomber ditched in a Pennsylvania river in broad daylight 1956 and, seemingly impossibly, was never found.
Read | Listen (13:27) | Discuss
3/19/13The Pentagon and the Missile (Skeptoid #354) - Some say that it wasn't an airliner that struck the Pentagon on 9/11, but a missile.
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
3/12/13Pope Joan (Skeptoid #353) - Was a Middle Ages pope actually a woman in disguise?
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
2/26/13Men in Black (Skeptoid #351) - A look at the mysterious government agents said to intimidate those who witness flying saucers.
Read | Listen (13:46) | Discuss
2/19/13Trinity: Interview with Dr. Oz, Alex Jones, and Deepak Chopra (Skeptoid #350) - Skeptoid interviews three of the most popular and controversial figures in modern pseudoscience.
Read | Listen (6:18) | Discuss
1/15/13The Cult of Nikola Tesla (Skeptoid #345) - The name of Nikola Tesla is associated with crazy conspiracy claims at least as much as with the real man and his real accomplishments.
Read | Listen (14:52) | Discuss
1/1/13The Hollow Earth Theory (Skeptoid #343) - Throughout history there have been a number of different beliefs that the Earth might be hollow.
Read | Listen (13:00) | Discuss
12/18/12Free Energy Machines (Skeptoid #341) - Some believe they've cracked the secret of free energy forever with no fuel needed. Is it true?
Read | Listen (12:39) | Discuss
12/11/12Listener Feedback: A Cacophony of Conspiracies (Skeptoid #340) - How you can convince your friends that their conspiracy theories are nonsensical.
Read | Listen (10:58) | Discuss
11/27/12The Flat Earth Theory (Skeptoid #338) - Rumor has it some people think the Earth is flat. Do they really? And have they ever really?
Read | Listen (12:41) | Discuss
10/16/12The Phantom Time Hypothesis (Skeptoid #332) - A number of theories claim that several centuries never actually happened, and were faked by the Church.
Read | Listen (13:17) | Discuss
7/3/12Attack of the Nanobots! (Skeptoid #317) - Is it possible for nanotechnology to result in an army of self-replicating machines that consume and destroy our society?
Read | Listen (13:34) | Discuss
5/22/12The Rothschild Conspiracy (Skeptoid #311) - Some believe that world governments and economies are secretly controlled by the Rothschild banking family.
Read | Listen (14:40) | Discuss
1/31/12Finding Amelia Earhart (Skeptoid #295) - Popular modern reports claim Amelia Earhart made it to an island and survived for a time. Might that be true?
Read | Listen (13:05) | Discuss
1/17/12Wunderwaffen: Nazi Wonder Weapons (Skeptoid #293) - Did the Nazis really have super-advanced technology, even anti-gravity flying saucers?
Read | Listen (13:48) | Discuss
11/15/11The Fate of Fletcher Christian (Skeptoid #284) - Did the leader of the Bounty mutineers die on Pitcairn Island, or did he eventually make it back to England?
Read | Listen (11:42) | Discuss
11/8/11Top 10 Worst Anti-Science Websites (Skeptoid #283) - My list of the worst offenders on the web in the promotion of scientific and factual misinformation.
Read | Listen (14:50) | Discuss
10/18/11Finding Shakespeare (Skeptoid #280) - Was William Shakespeare the author of his own works, or was he merely someone else's pseudonym?
Read | Listen (12:25) | Discuss
8/16/11The Zionist Conspiracy (Skeptoid #271) - Are the rumors true that Jews are planning to take over the world's governments and banks?
Read | Listen (12:47) | Discuss
6/28/11Conspiracy Theorists Aren't Crazy (Skeptoid #264) - We usually dismiss conspiracy theorists as crazy people; but that doesn't tell the whole story.
Read | Listen (11:52) | Discuss
5/31/11Military Dolphins: James Bonds of the Sea (Skeptoid #260) - Are dolphins actually trained to attack divers and place limpet mines on ships?
Read | Listen (12:14) | Discuss
5/10/11The Secret of Plum Island (Skeptoid #257) - Does this secret government lab really create genetic mutants and biological weapons?
Read | Listen (12:26) | Discuss
4/19/11Finding the POW/MIAs (Skeptoid #254) - Are American POW/MIAs still being held captive inside Vietnam?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
4/12/11The Port Arthur Massacre (Skeptoid #253) - Was a 1996 mass murder in Tasmania secretly a plot by the government to get firearms banned?
Read | Listen (12:09) | Discuss
3/22/11The History of Knowledge (Skeptoid #250) - A trip through the centuries to see how human knowledge is reflected through music.
Read | Listen (11:33) | Discuss
11/30/10The South Atlantic Anomaly (Skeptoid #234) - Was this mysterious region in the south Atlantic responsible for the crash of Air France flight 447?
Read | Listen (11:36) | Discuss
9/28/10Beware the Bilderberg Group! (Skeptoid #225) - Once a year, the world's top power brokers meet. Are they really planning Global Domination?
Read | Listen (11:56) | Discuss
8/17/10Stalin's Human-Ape Hybrids (Skeptoid #219) - Did Josef Stalin order the creation of an army of half-ape, half-human hybrids, and did these experiments take place?
Read | Listen (13:14) | Discuss
8/10/10The Astronauts and the Aliens (Skeptoid #218) - A close look at some of the stories of UFOs said to have been reported by NASA astronauts.
Read | Listen (12:53) | Discuss
7/6/10Mozart and Salieri (Skeptoid #213) - Was Wolfgang Mozart actually murdered by his rival composer Antonio Salieri?
Read | Listen (13:29) | Discuss
6/22/10Attack on Pearl Harbor (Skeptoid #211) - Did the American government have advance knowledge of the Pearl Harbor attack, and allow it to happen?
Read | Listen (13:29) | Discuss
6/15/10The North American Union (Skeptoid #210) - Are the United States, Canada, and Mexico planning to merge into a single huge police state?
Read | Listen (12:52) | Discuss
6/1/10The Westall '66 UFO (Skeptoid #208) - 200 students watched a strange craft fly near their school in Australia in 1966. What did they see?
Read | Listen (14:35) | Discuss
5/18/10Morgellons Disease (Skeptoid #206) - In this newly described condition, some patients report strange plastic fibers growing from their skin.
Read | Listen (11:57) | Discuss
3/23/10The Georgia Guidestones (Skeptoid #198) - Dubbed "America's Stonehenge", this granite monument in Georgia appeals to all sorts of conspiracy theorists.
Read | Listen (12:33) | Discuss
3/9/10Zeitgeist: The Movie, Myths, and Motivations (Skeptoid #196) - The Internet movie Zeitgeist uses flagrant dishonesty to make an ideological point that could have easily been made ethically.
Read | Listen (12:08) | Discuss
2/23/10The Denver Airport Conspiracy (Skeptoid #194) - Is the Denver International Airport a headquarters for the New World Order? (Hint: no)
Read | Listen (14:25) | Discuss
1/26/10The Bell Island Boom (Skeptoid #190) - Was the cause of this shattering boom in Newfoundland natural, or a test of a superweapon?
Read | Listen (12:02) | Discuss
11/17/09Vaccine Ingredients (Skeptoid #180) - Do vaccines really contain the horrifying poisons claimed by antivaccine activists?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
4/21/09Screwed! (Skeptoid #150) - A secret recording of an actual meeting of the Illuminati.
Read | Listen (9:40) | Discuss
3/17/09FEMA Prison Camps (Skeptoid #145) - A skeptical look at the claim that FEMA maintains a network of prison camps in readiness.
Read | Listen (11:50) | Discuss
3/3/09The Lucifer Project (Skeptoid #143) - Some believe that NASA is trying to turn Saturn or Jupiter into a small sun.
Read | Listen (12:33) | Discuss
1/6/09The Rendlesham Forest UFO (Skeptoid #135) - Did a UFO with flashing colored lights harass a USAF base in England in 1980?
Read | Listen (16:08) | Discuss
12/9/08The Bohemian Club Conspiracy (Skeptoid #131) - Are the wealthy and powerful men at the Bohemian Grove actually there to plot global domination?
Read | Listen (12:56) | Discuss
11/11/08The Truth about Aspartame (Skeptoid #127) - The artificial sweetener aspartame is falsely accused of being the cause of nearly every disease.
Read | Listen (12:29) | Discuss
10/28/08Ten Most Wanted: Celebrities Who Promote Harmful Pseudoscience (Skeptoid #125) - A critical look at the antics of Oprah Winfrey, Jenny McCarthy, Prince Charles, Bill Maher, Larry King, Pamela Anderson, Ben Stein, Joe Rogan, Chuck Norris, and Montel Williams.
Read | Listen (13:30) | Discuss
10/7/08HAARP Myths (Skeptoid #122) - A close look at HAARP, the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, and the claim that it's a superweapon.
Read | Listen (12:59) | Discuss
8/19/08Search for the Missing Cosmonauts (Skeptoid #115) - Did a young pair of Italian brothers uncover evidence of Soviet cosmonauts dying in space?
Read | Listen (13:38) | Discuss
7/15/08Will the Large Hadron Collider Destroy the Earth? (Skeptoid #109) - Some people believe that CERN's new Large Hadron Collider will create black holes that will destroy the Earth.
Read | Listen (11:22) | Discuss
7/1/08Spy Radio: Numbers Stations (Skeptoid #107) - A look at mysterious shortwave "numbers stations" around the world.
Read | Listen (10:28) | Discuss
6/17/08When People Talk Backwards (Skeptoid #105) - Some people believe that your brain encodes its actual meaning in reverse within everything you say.
Read | Listen (11:10) | Discuss
5/6/08Reassembling TWA Flight 800 (Skeptoid #99) - Was TWA Flight 800 brought down by US friendly fire?
Read | Listen (11:22) | Discuss
1/29/08World Trade Center 7: The Lies Come Crashing Down (Skeptoid #85) - Was the collapse of 7 World Trade Center actually a controlled demolition? (Hint: no)
Read | Listen (10:17) | Discuss
12/18/07Aliens in Roswell (Skeptoid #79) - What was actually recovered from the Roswell desert in New Mexico in 1947?
Read | Listen (12:48) | Discuss
8/28/07Subliminal Seduction (Skeptoid #63) - How true is Wilson Key's magnum opus work about subliminal advertising?
Read | Listen (9:11) | Discuss
8/14/07Irradiation: Is Your Food Toxic? (Skeptoid #61) - How concerned should we be about the popular arguments against irradiated food?
Read | Listen (8:32) | Discuss
8/9/07Will Drinking from Plastic Bottles Kill You? (Skeptoid #60) - A recent fad states that plastic water bottles leech toxic chemicals. Is it true?
Read | Listen (8:01) | Discuss
7/30/07All About Fluoridation (Skeptoid #58) - A few fringe activists claim that fluoridation of water carries more danger than benefit.
Read | Listen (9:20) | Discuss
7/10/07The Twin Towers: Fire Melting Steel (Skeptoid #54) - Was the Oakland freeway collapse corroborating evidence for the official version of the World Trade Center failure, or was it another government lie?
Read | Listen (9:35) | Discuss
5/21/07Support Your Local Reptoid (Skeptoid #46) - What started the conspiracy theory that reptilian beings control our governments?
Read | Listen (9:52) | Discuss
4/26/07The Alien Invasion of Phoenix, Arizona (Skeptoid #41) - Yet another rehash of the infamous Phoenix Lights episode.
Read | Listen (11:25) | Discuss
3/12/07Blood for Oil (Skeptoid #32) - Is the war in the Middle East really being waged for oil?
Read | Listen (8:23) | Discuss
2/15/07Chemtrails: Real or Not? (Skeptoid #27) - What you always thought were simply contrails are really dangerous chemicals being sprayed.
Read | Listen (9:06) | Discuss
1/19/07Skepticism and Flight 93 (Skeptoid #22) - What thought process led you to your conclusion about the cause of Flight 93's crash?
Read | Listen (8:13) | Discuss
12/24/06The Real Philadelphia Experiment (Skeptoid #16) - Did a US Navy warship completely disappear in 1943?
Read | Listen (6:50) | Discuss


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