Episode Guide - Ancient Mysteries

8/25/15Captain Kidd's Treasure (Skeptoid #481) - Many stories tell of Captain Kidd's buried treasure. But is there any reason to believe it exists?
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7/21/15The Chess-Playing Mechanical Turk (Skeptoid #476) - An overview of the amazing chess playing robot of the 1700s.
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1/13/15Ancient Astronauts (Skeptoid #449) - Did aliens visit the ancient Earth and inspire human cultures? Some people claim so.
Read | Listen (13:28) | Discuss
12/2/14SS Iron Mountain (Skeptoid #443) - A large riverboat vanished without a trace on the Mississippi River in 1872. Or did it?
Read | Listen (11:01) | Discuss
8/12/14The Legend of the Flying Dutchman (Skeptoid #427) - What is the real source of the ancient nautical legends of the Flying Dutchman ghost ship?
Read | Listen (11:49) | Discuss
2/25/14Out of Place Artifacts (Skeptoid #403) - Some objects found around the world seem to defy rational explanation.
Read | Listen (13:06) | Discuss
2/18/14Listener Feedback: Ancient Mysteries (Skeptoid #402) - I respond to questions and feedback sent in by listeners around the world.
Read | Listen (12:10) | Discuss
11/26/13The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave (Skeptoid #390) - Some say that an early Native American tribe were giant cannibals.
Read | Listen (11:39) | Discuss
3/12/13Pope Joan (Skeptoid #353) - Was a Middle Ages pope actually a woman in disguise?
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
11/27/12The Flat Earth Theory (Skeptoid #338) - Rumor has it some people think the Earth is flat. Do they really? And have they ever really?
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10/16/12The Phantom Time Hypothesis (Skeptoid #332) - A number of theories claim that several centuries never actually happened, and were faked by the Church.
Read | Listen (13:17) | Discuss
9/11/12Raiding the Ark of the Covenant (Skeptoid #327) - The true history of the most famous holy relic from Biblical times.
Read | Listen (11:53) | Discuss
9/4/12The Mystery of the Vitrified Forts (Skeptoid #326) - About sixty prehistoric stone forts in Scotland have vitrified walls, where the stone was melted into glass. How was it done?
Read | Listen (12:23) | Discuss
8/28/12The Golden Ratio (Skeptoid #325) - For centuries, claims both scientific and pseudoscientific have been made for the golden ratio.
Read | Listen (13:18) | Discuss
8/14/128 Spooky Places, and Why They're Like That (Skeptoid #323) - These strange places around the world rank among the most macabre, but have interesting explanations.
Read | Listen (13:20) | Discuss
4/3/12Catching Jack the Ripper (Skeptoid #304) - A look at what is and isn't known about history's most infamous serial killer.
Read | Listen (12:28) | Discuss
3/13/12The Beale Ciphers (Skeptoid #301) - Treasure hunters comb Virginia search for a legendary hoard of gold and silver.
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
1/31/12Finding Amelia Earhart (Skeptoid #295) - Popular modern reports claim Amelia Earhart made it to an island and survived for a time. Might that be true?
Read | Listen (13:05) | Discuss
12/20/11The Mystery of the Mary Celeste (Skeptoid #289) - The facts, as we know them, about what really happened to maritime lore's most famous missing crew.
Read | Listen (12:05) | Discuss
11/15/11The Fate of Fletcher Christian (Skeptoid #284) - Did the leader of the Bounty mutineers die on Pitcairn Island, or did he eventually make it back to England?
Read | Listen (11:42) | Discuss
10/11/11Noah's Ark: Sea Trials (Skeptoid #279) - Could a wooden vessel like Noah's Ark actually have been made seaworthy?
Read | Listen (12:11) | Discuss
9/20/11The Monster of Glamis (Skeptoid #276) - Did a living beast actually haunt Scotland's Glamis Castle for the better part of a century?
Read | Listen (13:15) | Discuss
8/2/11The Abominable Snowman (Skeptoid #269) - How likely is it that the Yeti of the Himalayas is a real creature?
Read | Listen (12:11) | Discuss
6/21/11Anastasia (Skeptoid #263) - Did the Grand Duchess Anastasia survive her family's 1918 execution, and go on to live in the United States?
Read | Listen (12:25) | Discuss
4/5/11The Voynich Manuscript (Skeptoid #252) - The true history and meaning of history's most famous undeciphered book.
Read | Listen (13:48) | Discuss
2/15/11Finding the Lost Colony of Roanoke (Skeptoid #245) - One of the early attempts of the English to colonize America ended with every person simply disappearing from the Roanoke colony.
Read | Listen (12:17) | Discuss
1/11/11Mystery Spots (Skeptoid #240) - Are the various "mystery spots" around the world actually gravitational anomalies, or might the explanation lie elsewhere?
Read | Listen (12:02) | Discuss
9/14/10The Frog in the Stone (Skeptoid #223) - Stories abound of living frogs being found encased in solid rock. What's really going on here?
Read | Listen (12:49) | Discuss
9/7/10Toil and Trouble: The Curse of Macbeth (Skeptoid #222) - The Curse of Macbeth should make Shakespeare's play too dangerous to perform. Is this the case?
Read | Listen (11:31) | Discuss
8/24/10Yonaguni Monument: The Japanese Atlantis (Skeptoid #220) - A look at a massive stone structure off the coast of Japan, said to be a manmade pyramid.
Read | Listen (11:53) | Discuss
7/6/10Mozart and Salieri (Skeptoid #213) - Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart actually murdered by his rival composer Antonio Salieri?
Read | Listen (13:29) | Discuss
6/8/10The Lost Ship of the Desert (Skeptoid #209) - The facts behind tall tales from the American southwest of ships found in the middle of the desert.
Read | Listen (11:09) | Discuss
4/20/10The Mystery of Pumapunku (Skeptoid #202) - Were the stone structures at Pumapunku truly so advanced that the ancient Tiwanakans could not have made them unassisted?
Read | Listen (12:32) | Discuss
4/13/10The Virgin of Guadalupe (Skeptoid #201) - Is the Virgin of Guadalupe a miraculous apparition, a dismissable religious icon, or does it have more importance?
Read | Listen (14:50) | Discuss
3/30/10Cargo Cults (Skeptoid #199) - We point the skeptical eye at native religious groups in the South Pacific hoping to recreate WWII's influx of material goods.
Read | Listen (12:17) | Discuss
2/2/10Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids? (Skeptoid #191) - It's a popular story, but all the documentary and historical evidence tells us that no Jews were in Egypt at the time of the pyramids.
Read | Listen (12:30) | Discuss
12/15/09The Antikythera Mechanism (Skeptoid #184) - Does this ancient device, 1000 years ahead of its time, prove we were visited by aliens or time travelers?
Read | Listen (12:06) | Discuss
12/8/09The Naga Fireballs (Skeptoid #183) - What is the source of the glowing balls that rise from the Mekong river each October?
Read | Listen (12:38) | Discuss
11/24/09The Baigong Pipes (Skeptoid #181) - Do modern metal pipes buried in ancient Chinese stone prove that aliens must have visited?
Read | Listen (11:16) | Discuss
9/29/09All About Astrology (Skeptoid #173) - Does astrology have any plausible foundations; and does it actually work?
Read | Listen (15:23) | Discuss
8/25/09Decrypting the Mormon Book of Abraham (Skeptoid #168) - Mormon Prophet Joseph Smith allegedly translated the adventures of Abraham in Egypt.
Read | Listen (12:23) | Discuss
4/14/09Coral Castle (Skeptoid #149) - Was one man able to move these huge coral blocks using some unknown technology?
Read | Listen (11:41) | Discuss
3/10/09The Case of the Strange Skulls (Skeptoid #144) - A collection of bizarre human skulls from around the world.
Read | Listen (15:13) | Discuss
2/10/09The Bosnian Pyramids (Skeptoid #140) - Does the world's oldest and largest ancient pyramid stand unnoticed in the open in a tiny village in Bosnia?
Read | Listen (13:25) | Discuss
12/23/08Chasing the Min Min Light (Skeptoid #133) - What is the source of the Australian outback's mysterious channel country jack o' lantern?
Read | Listen (10:45) | Discuss
11/25/08The Oak Island Money Pit (Skeptoid #129) - Is a pirate treasure buried in this mysterious pit in Nova Scotia?
Read | Listen (10:31) | Discuss
7/22/08Illuminating the Fatima "Miracle of the Sun" (Skeptoid #110) - Did three children miraculously predict a dancing sun in Portugal in 1917?
Read | Listen (11:05) | Discuss
7/8/08Mystery at Dyatlov Pass (Skeptoid #108) - A look at one of the most bizarre cases in Russian cross country skiing history.
Read | Listen (10:30) | Discuss
6/24/08King Tut's Curse! (Skeptoid #106) - A look at the tale, the popular explanation, and the real science behind it.
Read | Listen (10:43) | Discuss
4/29/08The Crystal Skull: Mystical, or Modern? (Skeptoid #98) - Is the crystal skull truly an ancient Mayan artifact with mysterious powers?
Read | Listen (8:53) | Discuss
3/25/08Apocalypse 2012 (Skeptoid #93) - The real science behind the events predicted in 2012.
Read | Listen (11:15) | Discuss
9/18/07The Greatest Secret of Nostradamus (Skeptoid #66) - How much of the pop-culture information about Nostradamus is true?
Read | Listen (14:38) | Discuss
5/6/07A Mormon History of the Americas (Skeptoid #43) - Can the history of the American continent as presented in the Book of Mormon be true?
Read | Listen (9:32) | Discuss
1/15/07Living Stones of Death Valley (Skeptoid #21) - An examination of the mysterious stones that move by themselves across the desert floor.
Read | Listen (3:46) | Discuss


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Captain Kidd's Treasure
Skeptoid #481, Aug 25 2015
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The Nazi of Nanking
Skeptoid #480, Aug 18 2015
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Listener Feedback: Natural History
Skeptoid #478, Aug 4 2015
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Skeptoid #477, Jul 28 2015
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