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Brian Dunning

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What people are saying about Skeptoid:

"Hello & here's why I love you--FYI , have just moved from Tennessee to Southern California to be closer to my kids, only to find that my daughter was viewing the "documentary 'The Secret'" (!).... and as soon as I viewed that website, right away Googled "What is wrong with 'The Secret'" and so was led to your site = Yay! (& 'Hallelujah Chorus'!). Once my daughter gets off of her 'defense donkey', I will be sure to send her your critique--especially since she won't listen to me--totally disregarding that my own Master's thesis was on the history of the 'Self Help' industry in America--from the time of Benjamin Franklin up to the HEIGHT of the 'victimization' trend in the mid 80's (sheesh--is it not OVER yet???!) Anyway, as a result I will totally become a dues-paying member, thanks!!!"
- Jennifer Wendell, Santa Monica, CA

"A real soothing read for late nights when you want a comforting, well reasoned bedtime story. Thanks."
- J. Ines, Washington

"I would like to lodge a complaint: having recently chanced upon Skeptoid podcasts, I have become so addicted to listening to current and past episodes of Skeptoid by Brian Dunning that it has seriously encroached into time I might have otherwise spent falling asleep on the train, staring into space etc. Seriously, these podcasts are great work - keep them coming! Just one small criticism: I have found you referring regularly to scientists as "he", and to the sceptical "brotherhood" or "fraternity". I teach research methods to postgraduate psychologists, many of whom are almost certainly women, and they seem to understand science just as well as the men. Also, I am married to a full professor at this institution with over 50 peer reviewed articles to her credit, and when last I checked she was certainly female. So, can we have references to "he or she" when referring to scientists? And perhaps the "community" of sceptics? Thanks!"
- Rory Allen, London UK

"The most refreshing web site on the internet."
- ed welsh, NC

"I simply want to sat that I've been enjoying Skeptoid since it's infancy. It's really helped me grasp the concept of critical thinking. My skills are very much a work in progress, but I'm learning how to express my position with eloquence. The podcast is high quality, great website, top notch contributors. I recommend and share articles with anyone who I think will appreciate the value of the content. Thanks for the great work!"
- Erika Worthylake, Ottawa, Canada

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