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3/10/15Forgetting the Alamo (Skeptoid #457) - Is the Alamo worth remembering? We'll examine the myths and truths behind this structure and the event that made it famous.
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3/3/15Cattle Mutilation (Skeptoid #456) - Do alien visitors really abduct and mutilate unsuspecting ungulates?
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1/13/15Ancient Astronauts (Skeptoid #449) - Did aliens visit the ancient Earth and inspire human cultures? Some people claim so.
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12/2/14SS Iron Mountain (Skeptoid #443) - A large riverboat vanished without a trace on the Mississippi River in 1872. Or did it?
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9/16/14The Death of Rasputin (Skeptoid #432) - Legend says that Grigori Rasputin, the "Mad Monk", was hard to kill. What does the history say?
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7/22/14The Santa Barbara Simoom of 1859 (Skeptoid #424) - Stories of a lethally hot storm wind in Santa Barbara in 1859 persist to this day.
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6/24/14Hillary vs. Mallory: The First to Everest (Skeptoid #420) - Did George Mallory really beat Sir Edmund Hillary to the summit of Mount Everest in 1924?
Read | Listen (12:54) | Discuss
6/3/14The Riddle of Flight 19 (Skeptoid #417) - Was caused the 1945 loss of these five aircraft that disappeared in the Bermuda Triangle?
Read | Listen (12:13) | Discuss
5/6/143-7-77: The Montana Vigilance Code (Skeptoid #413) - This mysterious code representing vigilante justice has a history steeped in mystery.
Read | Listen (13:40) | Discuss
3/25/14The Death of Mad King Ludwig (Skeptoid #407) - Was Bavaria's Mad King who built castles like Neuschwanstein truly murdered, or did he commit suicide?
Read | Listen (11:49) | Discuss
3/18/14The Disappearance of Glenn Miller (Skeptoid #406) - What happened to American band leader Glenn Miller when he disappeared in WWII?
Read | Listen (11:31) | Discuss
2/25/14Out of Place Artifacts (Skeptoid #403) - Some objects found around the world seem to defy rational explanation.
Read | Listen (13:06) | Discuss
2/11/14Hemp, Hearst, and Prohibition (Skeptoid #401) - A popular urban legend claims that William Randolph Hearst conspired to make cannabis illegal in the United States.
Read | Listen (12:36) | Discuss
1/28/14The Moving Coffins of Barbados (Skeptoid #399) - An old tale tells of coffins that jumbled themselves up in a crypt in Barbados.
Read | Listen (12:10) | Discuss
12/24/13Finding Butch and Sundance (Skeptoid #394) - Were outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance killed in South America, or did they survive?
Read | Listen (11:18) | Discuss
11/26/13The Red Haired Giants of Lovelock Cave (Skeptoid #390) - Some say that an early Native American tribe were giant cannibals.
Read | Listen (11:39) | Discuss
11/5/13Who Discovered the New World? (Skeptoid #387) - Which of all the many claims of Europeans being first to the New World is true?
Read | Listen (12:11) | Discuss
9/17/13The Riddle of the L-8 Blimp (Skeptoid #380) - The crew of a blimp mysteriously vanished in 1942, but their blimp came back OK... without them.
Read | Listen (11:36) | Discuss
9/3/13Legendary Places: Real or Fictional? (Skeptoid #378) - We look at twelve legendary places that you've heard of, but may not know whether they're real or not.
Read | Listen (13:11) | Discuss
7/30/13The Secrets of MKULTRA (Skeptoid #373) - How true is it that the CIA conducted unethical mind control experiments on unwitting human subjects?
Read | Listen (12:50) | Discuss
7/16/13The Vanishing Village of Angikuni Lake (Skeptoid #371) - Did the population of a remote Eskimo village completely disappear in 1930?
Read | Listen (12:54) | Discuss
6/25/13Legislating Pseudoscience (Skeptoid #368) - Lawmakers are often pressured by ideologues to pass laws based on bad science.
Read | Listen (12:34) | Discuss
5/7/13The 16 Personalities of Sybil (Skeptoid #361) - The book and movie "Sybil" told the story of a woman purported to have Multiple Personality Syndrome.
Read | Listen (11:50) | Discuss
4/30/13Lincoln Kennedy Myths (Skeptoid #360) - An old story claims a long list of astonishing similarities between the assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy.
Read | Listen (11:07) | Discuss
3/19/13The Pentagon and the Missile (Skeptoid #354) - Some say that it wasn't an airliner that struck the Pentagon on 9/11, but a missile.
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
3/12/13Pope Joan (Skeptoid #353) - Was a Middle Ages pope actually a woman in disguise?
Read | Listen (12:42) | Discuss
1/29/13The Lost Dutchman Gold Mine (Skeptoid #347) - This most famous of all fabled "lost mines" has a history that fails to stand up to skeptical scrutiny.
Read | Listen (14:38) | Discuss
1/15/13The Cult of Nikola Tesla (Skeptoid #345) - The name of Nikola Tesla is associated with crazy conspiracy claims at least as much as with the real man and his real accomplishments.
Read | Listen (14:52) | Discuss
1/1/13The Hollow Earth Theory (Skeptoid #343) - Throughout history there have been a number of different beliefs that the Earth might be hollow.
Read | Listen (13:00) | Discuss
11/27/12The Flat Earth Theory (Skeptoid #338) - Rumor has it some people think the Earth is flat. Do they really? And have they ever really?
Read | Listen (12:41) | Discuss
11/20/12The Bermuda Triangle and the Devil's Sea (Skeptoid #337) - Two regions of ocean are said to be mysteriously dangerous. What's the truth behind this popular belief?
Read | Listen (13:37) | Discuss
9/11/12Raiding the Ark of the Covenant (Skeptoid #327) - The true history of the most famous holy relic from Biblical times.
Read | Listen (11:53) | Discuss
2/7/12The Versailles Time Slip (Skeptoid #296) - Did two women visiting Versaille in 1901 time-travel back to the days of Marie Antoinette?
Read | Listen (13:46) | Discuss
2/2/10Did Jewish Slaves Build the Pyramids? (Skeptoid #191) - It's a popular story, but all the documentary and historical evidence tells us that no Jews were in Egypt at the time of the pyramids.
Read | Listen (12:30) | Discuss


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