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Skeptoid Episode Guide - Aliens & UFOs


Lonnie Zamora and the Socorro UFO (Skeptoid #582) - This famous 1964 UFO sighting by a New Mexico police officer has several interesting explanations.
August 1, 2017
Read | Listen (12:15)
The Shag Harbour UFO (Skeptoid #565) - Comparing the actual evidence to the Canadian claim of best evidence for alien visitation.
April 4, 2017
Read | Listen (13:13)
The Belgian UFO Wave (Skeptoid #538) - For two years, some say the Belgian skies were filled with triangular alien UFOs.
September 27, 2016
Read | Listen (13:40)
The Secret History of Majestic 12 (Skeptoid #528) - These purported UFO documents changed the course of the culture of UFO belief.
July 19, 2016
Read | Listen (13:37)
Alien Implants (Skeptoid #519) - Some of those who believe they've been abducted by aliens also think they were left with a souvenir.
May 17, 2016
Read | Listen (13:42)
Why Musical Aliens Probably Use the Same Scale We Do (Skeptoid #513) - Reliance on universal mathematical principles may mean alien music is similar to our own.
April 5, 2016
Read | Listen (12:44)
The Flying Saucer Menace (Skeptoid #486) - The true, interwoven history of flying saucers in American folklore.
September 29, 2015
Read | Listen (12:29)
The Lake Michigan Triangle (Skeptoid #464) - There is a region in the Great Lakes where, some say, ships and planes mysteriously disappear. Not so much.
April 28, 2015
Read | Listen (11:40)
The St. Clair Triangle UFO (Skeptoid #435) - In 2000, Illinois police chased what has come to be known as the St. Clair Triangle UFO. We found out what it was.
October 7, 2014
Read | Listen (13:56)
The Braxton County Monster (Skeptoid #434) - A group of 7 West Virginians looked for a crashed UFO in the hills and ended up getting the fright of their lives.
September 30, 2014
Read | Listen (11:26)
Out of Place Artifacts (Skeptoid #403) - Some objects found around the world seem to defy rational explanation.
February 25, 2014
Read | Listen (13:06)
Solving the Lead Masks of Vintem Hill (Skeptoid #398) - Two dead bodies were found in Brazil in 1966 with mysterious masks made of lead.
January 21, 2014
Read | Listen (12:02)
The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich (Skeptoid #385) - A young pilot who disappeared in 1978 might have been having a little fun, Spielberg style.
October 22, 2013
Read | Listen (12:35)
The Vanishing Village of Angikuni Lake (Skeptoid #371) - The legend of the disappearing Eskimo village of Angikuni Lake turns out to be simple pulp fiction.
July 16, 2013
Read | Listen (12:54)
Who Is the Grinning Man? (Skeptoid #367) - A mysterious "grinning man" is said to appear and terrorize UFO witnesses.
June 18, 2013
Read | Listen (12:51)
The Black Knight Satellite (Skeptoid #365) - An object claimed to be 13,000-year-old alien satellite orbiting the Earth is just a piece of an old space shuttle.
June 4, 2013
Read | Listen (14:19)
Listener Feedback: Aliens and UFOs (Skeptoid #358) - Skeptoid digs into the feedback mailbag and answers questions about aliens and UFOs.
April 16, 2013
Read | Listen (10:02)
Men in Black (Skeptoid #351) - A look at the mysterious government agents said to intimidate those who witness flying saucers.
February 26, 2013
Read | Listen (13:46)
Was the Wow! Signal Alien? (Skeptoid #342) - A signal received by a radio telescope in 1977 may be the best evidence yet for extraterrestrial intelligence.
December 25, 2012
Read | Listen (12:16)
The Betz Mystery Sphere (Skeptoid #334) - This mysterious silver ball seemed to have all kinds of strange properties. We finally found out what it was.
October 30, 2012
Read | Listen (12:05)
The Kelly-Hopkinsville Encounter (Skeptoid #331) - A rural family spent half a night battling what they thought were space aliens.
October 9, 2012
Read | Listen (13:02)
Skinwalkers (Skeptoid #321) - Navajo Skinwalkers were said to be able to shapeshift into animals, but don't worry, it's just a tall tale.
July 31, 2012
Read | Listen (13:55)
The Tehran 1976 UFO (Skeptoid #315) - Declassified military documents show that Iranian fighter planes engaged a UFO in 1976. Here's what's actually known.
June 19, 2012
Read | Listen (15:01)
Area 51 Facts and Fiction (Skeptoid #313) - Now that Area 51 has been declassified, we finally have proof that what they did had nothing to do with aliens.
June 5, 2012
Read | Listen (12:47)
Star Jelly (Skeptoid #299) - Jellylike blobs have been reported to fall from the sky during meteor showers. Aliens? No, science.
February 28, 2012
Read | Listen (12:07)
Are We Alone? (Skeptoid #272) - We are not alone in the galaxy. Here's why that doesn't mean we've been visited by anyone.
August 23, 2011
Read | Listen (11:52)
The Hessdalen Lights (Skeptoid #270) - Some seek a natural or alien explanation for these aerial lights in Norway. Turns out the true cause is much simpler.
August 9, 2011
Read | Listen (12:51)
The Alien Buried in Texas (Skeptoid #241) - Some believe a space alien is buried in a rural cemetery in Aurora, Texas.
January 18, 2011
Read | Listen (12:05)
The Mystery of STENDEC (Skeptoid #231) - We still don't know the significance of this mysterious final transmission of an airliner just before its crash.
November 9, 2010
Read | Listen (11:56)
The Brown Mountain Lights (Skeptoid #226) - A ghost light in North Carolina has people scratching their heads, but researchers solved it a century ago.
October 5, 2010
Read | Listen (14:47)
Alien Downpour: The Red Rain of India (Skeptoid #224) - News agencies have long promoted a 2001 red rainfall as alien, but a better explanation was already there.
September 21, 2010
Read | Listen (12:23)
The Astronauts and the Aliens (Skeptoid #218) - A close look at some of the stories of UFOs said to have been reported by NASA astronauts.
August 10, 2010
Read | Listen (12:53)
The Westall '66 UFO (Skeptoid #208) - 200 students watched a strange craft fly near their school in Australia in 1966 -- or so the story goes.
June 1, 2010
Read | Listen (14:35)
The Non-Mystery of Pumapunku (Skeptoid #202) - Though some claim the stone structures at Pumapunku were alien, archaeologists find no real mysteries there.
April 20, 2010
Read | Listen (12:32)
The Baigong Pipes (Skeptoid #181) - Modern metal pipes found buried in ancient China are neither pipes nor evidence of ancient alien visitation.
November 24, 2009
Read | Listen (11:16)
The Battle of Los Angeles (Skeptoid #171) - At the beginning of WWII, the American defense forces in Los Angeles fought a battle against a UFO.
September 15, 2009
Read | Listen (11:25)
Screwed! (Skeptoid #150) - A secret recording of an actual meeting of the Illuminati.
April 21, 2009
Read | Listen (9:40)
The Case of the Strange Skulls (Skeptoid #144) - A collection of bizarre human skulls from around the world.
March 10, 2009
Read | Listen (15:13)
The Rendlesham Forest UFO (Skeptoid #135) - Hard to believe, but it wasn't space aliens that caused blinking lights in Rendlesham Forest in 1980.
January 6, 2009
Read | Listen (16:08)
Chasing the Min Min Light (Skeptoid #133) - The Australian outback's mysterious jack o' lantern has sparked some good stories, but some even better science.
December 23, 2008
Read | Listen (10:45)
Betty and Barney Hill: The Original UFO Abduction (Skeptoid #124) - A critical look at the original UFO abduction story, that so many people take for granted.
October 21, 2008
Read | Listen (13:18)
Mystery at Dyatlov Pass (Skeptoid #108) - A look at one of Russia's most bizarre mysteries of mass death.
July 8, 2008
Read | Listen (10:30)
The Crystal Skull: Mystical, or Modern? (Skeptoid #98) - Despite their reputation for mystical powers, crystal skulls are neither ancient nor mysterious.
April 29, 2008
Read | Listen (8:53)
The Face on Mars Revealed (Skeptoid #97) - New high resolution imagery has proven that this hill on Mars doesn't look quite so much like a carved face after all.
April 22, 2008
Read | Listen (9:30)
Fire in the Sky: A Real UFO Abduction? (Skeptoid #94) - The evidence shows that Travis Walton's famous story of having been abducted by aliens probably never happened.
April 1, 2008
Read | Listen (11:00)
Aliens in Roswell (Skeptoid #79) - Pop culture says it was an alien spaceship -- but history tells us what was really found in the New Mexico desert.
December 18, 2007
Read | Listen (12:48)
Crop Circle Jerks (Skeptoid #62) - Crop circles are commonly known to be man made, yet some still insist they must be of alien origin.
August 21, 2007
Read | Listen (12:49)
Who Are the Raelians, and Why Are They Naked? (Skeptoid #59) - The Raelians are naked and they worship space aliens.
August 4, 2007
Read | Listen (10:43)
Support Your Local Reptoid (Skeptoid #46) - The conspiracy theory that reptilian beings control our governments has a fascinating history.
May 21, 2007
Read | Listen (9:52)
The Alien Invasion of Phoenix, Arizona (Skeptoid #41) - Despite what many UFOlogists want, the famous Phoenix Lights were not alien spacecraft.
April 26, 2007
Read | Listen (11:25)
Living Stones of Death Valley (Skeptoid #21) - An examination of the mysterious stones that move by themselves across the desert floor.
January 15, 2007
Read | Listen (3:46)
Nocturnal Assaults: Aliens in the Dark (Skeptoid #8) - Alien abductions and Old Hags: things that go bump in the night.
November 21, 2006
Read | Listen (6:22)
Rods: Flying Absurdities (Skeptoid #3) - There is neither evidence nor plausible hypotheticals suggesting that invisible flying "rods" might exist.
October 19, 2006
Read | Listen (6:47)









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