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Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular myths and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each. The Internet stream has 156,000 weekly listeners, plus many more on syndicated radio. The web site and podcast are nonprofit and listener supported. Learn more


Hiding the Decline: Climategate Demystified
Episode 601, December 12, 2017
This infamous scandal was said to have proven global warming was all just a hoax. Umm, no.

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Recent Programs

A Musical Retrospective
Episode 600, December 5, 2017
Everything you didn't know about ten years of Skeptoid musical episodes, including the reason.

Listener Feedback: Creationism and More Dead Paul
Episode 599, November 28, 2017
Some updates, notes, and extra information sent in by listeners about recent episodes.

The Hudson Valley UFO Mystery
Episode 598, November 21, 2017
Hundreds of people watched this UFO over the Hudson River Valley many times between 1983 and 1984.

The Wisdom of the Future
Episode 597, November 14, 2017
Skeptoid corrects a round of past errors, that they might become the wisdom of the future.

How to Assess a Documentary
Episode 596, November 7, 2017
Some tips to assess whether a documentary is good science or just propaganda.

Chasing Malaysian Airlines MH370
Episode 595, October 31, 2017
A roundup of the conspiracy theories and the probable true fate of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

Paul Is Dead
Episode 594, October 24, 2017
The origins and history of the urban legend that Paul McCartney died and was replaced.

I Still Can't Believe They Did That: More Human Guinea Pigs
Episode 593, October 17, 2017
A further look at ten more scientists who experimented on themselves for the benefit of mankind.

Alert 747: The Vela Incident
Episode 592, October 10, 2017
In 1979, a mysterious flash occurred over the southern ocean that could have been a nuclear bomb.

Ouija Boards
Episode 591, October 3, 2017
Real effects far more interesting than spiritualism claims are behind these famous talking boards.

Skepticism vs Cynicism
Episode 590, September 26, 2017
The line between skepticism and cynicism is a bit too blurry for many people. Today we bring it into focus.

The Big Pharma Conspiracy
Episode 589, September 19, 2017
Popular claims of a Big Pharma Conspiracy don't stand up to any rational scrutiny.

Celebrity Pseudoscience: 2017 Edition
Episode 588, September 12, 2017
A look at which celebrities are currently working hardest to erode the public intellect.

What Makes a Good Podcast Episode?
Episode 587, September 5, 2017
Stories about urban legends are at their best when there are real people at their center.

Volkswagen Dieselgate Reexamined
Episode 586, August 29, 2017
In the wake of VW Dieselgate, the government took the wrong steps to solve the wrong problem.

Relic Japanese Soldiers
Episode 585, August 22, 2017
How factual are the urban legends about Japanese soldiers in the Pacific who never heard the war ended?

Eclipse Myths and Science
Episode 584, August 15, 2017
A look at the science-based myths and misconceptions about eclipses, plus some things you might not know.

Fate of the Feedback
Episode 583, August 8, 2017
Skeptoid responds to some listener feedback, updating a few episodes and clarifying some others.

Lonnie Zamora and the Socorro UFO
Episode 582, August 1, 2017
This famous 1964 UFO sighting by a New Mexico police officer has several interesting explanations.

Are You Following a Crank?
Episode 581, July 25, 2017
Let's have a look at the traits that define a crank, to make sure your new hero isn't one.

Amelia Earhart Redux: Competing Networks, Competing Craziness
Episode 580, July 18, 2017
Through their constant promotion of false history, TV networks may have done Amelia Earhart's legacy irreparable harm.

Measuring the Age of the Grand Canyon
Episode 579, July 11, 2017
The Grand Canyon is millions of years old, not thousands; despite the efforts of Young Earthers.

Student Questions: Bitters, Gas, and Diet Woo
Episode 578, July 4, 2017
Skeptoid answers another round of questions sent in by students all around the world.

What Are the Chances You're Psychic?
Episode 577, June 27, 2017
We analyze some of your stories of precognitive experiences.


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