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Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular myths and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each. The Internet stream has 87,000 weekly listeners, plus many more on syndicated radio. The web site and podcast are nonprofit and listener supported. Learn more


Pop Quiz: Myths of the Middle Ages

Episode 751, October 27, 2020

How well do you know the Middle Ages? Can you tell what's fact and what's fiction?

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How to Extract Adrenochrome from Children
Episode 750, October 20, 2020
Conspiracy theorists believe that Hollywood elitists torture children and extract drugs from their bodies.

Observing the Bystander Effect
Episode 749, October 13, 2020
Some research has found that crowds are apathetic and don't render assistance; some has found the opposite.

Who Sank the Maine?
Episode 748, October 6, 2020
Many theories surround the mysterious sinking of the USS Maine that triggered the Spanish-American War.

Hitler's Operation Long Jump
Episode 747, September 29, 2020
Popular stories claim that the Nazis tried to assassinate Roosevelt, Churchill, and Stalin in Tehran in 1943.

Error Correction: Tokyo Drift
Episode 746, September 22, 2020
Skeptoid corrects another round of errors sent in by listeners just like you.

Australia Doesn't Exist, and Other Geographic Conspiracy Theories
Episode 745, September 15, 2020
The belief that Australia doesn't exist may not be as unique as you think.

Phineas Gage, on Second Thought
Episode 744, September 8, 2020
A reexamination of the famous case of the man whose personality changed from a grievous brain injury.

Hinkley: The Erin Brockovich Case
Episode 743, September 1, 2020
The facts differ widely from what's generally believed to have been a mass poisoning.

The Phantom Fortress
Episode 742, August 25, 2020
This B-17 supposedly completed a mission and returned to base, all without an aircrew.

The Wisdom and Stupidity of Crowds
Episode 741, August 18, 2020
How the wisdom of crowds can sometimes allow groups of non-experts to reach an expert conclusion.

Student Questions: Yellow Glasses and Nuclear Waste for Tomorrow
Episode 740, August 11, 2020
Skeptoid answers another round of questions sent in by students all around the world.

More on 5G and COVID Masks
Episode 739, August 4, 2020
Some supplemental information on recent episodes, plus some listener feedback.

The QAnon Conspiracy
Episode 738, July 28, 2020
This growing conspiracy theory posits that a global cabal of pedophiles secretly controls the US government.

The Berkshire County UFO
Episode 737, July 21, 2020
Why a UFO case you've probably never heard of got attention from a major TV network.

New World Tobacco in Old World Mummies
Episode 736, July 14, 2020
Some believe that traces of tobacco in Egyptian mummies prove the Egyptians were first to the New World.

Bill Gates Conspiracy Theories
Episode 735, July 7, 2020
Why is the world's greatest public health philanthropist charged with crimes against humanity?

The Stoned Ape Theory
Episode 734, June 30, 2020
Some believe that psychedelic drugs played an irreplaceable role in the evolution of Homo sapiens.

Listener Feedback: Endgame
Episode 733, June 23, 2020
Updates to the episode on MSG sensitivity and the Miracle of Calanda.

Hunting the Beast of Gevaudan
Episode 732, June 16, 2020
This mysterious creature actually killed over 100 people in France in the 1760s.

More Out of Place Artifacts
Episode 731, June 9, 2020
A survey of seven of the most popular out-of-place artifacts said to overturn human history.

The Skeletons of the Great Eastern
Episode 730, June 2, 2020
A popular tale claims that the skeletons of two riveters were found between the hulls of this mighty ship.

The LUCIFER Telescope Conspiracy
Episode 729, May 26, 2020
A popular conspiracy theory claims the Vatican uses a telescope named LUCIFER to find an alien savior.

When the Earth's Magnetic Field Flips
Episode 728, May 19, 2020
Some claim that when the Earth's geomagnetic field reverses, it could spell the end of humankind.

Hunting the Mokele-Mbembe
Episode 727, May 12, 2020
Some believe this relict dinosaur still survives in parts of the Congo.

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