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Teachers Toolkit

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The Skeptoid podcast is fun and entertaining for everyone, but it is also used as a teaching resources in so many classrooms that we here at Skeptoid Media have created an educational media sharing platform especially for teachers.

Teachers Toolkit
Watch this 3-minute walkthrough video

Easily provide collections of episodes to a classroom

Skeptoid's Teachers Toolkit makes it easy to share groups of episodes with students (ad-free) via a link that provides a customized unit you create. Try it now, this is what your students will receive:

The Teachers Toolkit platform works on any modern device (mobile, desktop, tablet, even many gaming consoles) and does not require students to log in or have any kind of account or subscription. No personal information is collected at all.

If you're a teacher and would like to share Skeptoid episodes with your students, log in to the Members Portal (free) and apply to join.