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The Skeptoid podcast is available for your smartphone, your computer, or anything else that plays podcasts. The free version of Skeptoid is supported with sponsor messages.

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Podcast Apps

In the podcast app of your choice, search podcasts for "Skeptoid", or to add the podcast by URL, enter:


Help Using the Premium version

DonateThe premium version of Skeptoid, available to all supporters at $5/mo or more, is sponsor-free and offers the entire catalog with more than ten times as many episodes. To access it, you need to be a financial supporter (which you can do here) and have a username and password (same as you set up to log into the Members Portal).

To get the premium show, the first thing you need to do is unsubscribe from the free show. Just delete it out of your podcast app. Gone. Done.

Next, subscribe to the premium show. Find your app's function to add a new podcast by its URL (check your app publisher's website if you need help finding this) and enter this feed:

You should be prompted for your username and password (which is the email address and password you use for your Skeptoid member account). Like most secured podcasts, Skeptoid Premium uses HTTP authentication which protects a show's feed with a username and password. If you need to ask your podcast app publisher for help, tell them that's what you're trying to do.

That's it, you're a premium subscriber!

Recommended apps that support authenticated shows:

Apple Podcasts
Podcast Addict
Podcast Guru

But in some cases...

Some apps don't support authentication. If your app doesn't, the only good advice is to USE AN APP THAT DOES. But if you insist on using an app that doesn't, here is an unsupported hack you can try that may work with some apps. Try entering the feed URL like this (using your Skeptoid email address and password, and replacing the @ in your email address with %40):​

If you have any trouble with your username/password, or want to reset/change your password, you can do that in the Members Portal.

Apps that do not support authenticated shows include Spotify, Stitcher, TuneIn, Amazon Music. You can use these to listen to the free, ad-supported version of Skeptoid, but they are unable to access premium shows.

Skeptoid Media is a content provider and is not qualified or able to provide technical support for podcast applications created by other developers. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PODCAST APP'S WEBSITE BEFORE ASKING US. But if you're sure your problem pertains to your username/password or Skeptoid account, and not to the app's ability to access an authenticated feed, please email us!


Help pages for some common apps

Overcast | iOS Podcasts | MacOS Podcasts | Pocket Casts | Podcast Addict

Email us if there's one you use that's not listed. These links are provided as a courtesy, Skeptoid didn't create the apps, and can't give you tech support using them! :-)