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Another lovely note from Steve Kroschel

by Brian Dunning

October 31, 2017

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Donate Once in a while I hear from Steve Kroschel, the anti-pharma conspiracy theorist behind such zany films as The Gerson Miracle, Dying to Have Known, The Beautiful Truth, The Grounded, and Heal for Free, which all promote some variation of the profoundly dangerous position that diet alone can treat all disease, and should be preferred over emergency medical care. About 5 years ago he paid Skeptoid Media $1500 to have me do a brief appearance via Skype in The Grounded to advise that no, simply being barefoot will not heal you of all disease via mystical Mother Earth frequencies.

Every so often, previous donors from whom we haven't heard in a while can opt to receive a reminder of what we're currently up to, and see if we can win back their support. Kroschel received one today. Hilarity ensued.

Here's what he received from Skeptoid:
Dear Steve,

The onslaught of pseudoscience in our world has not slowed down.

In the past, you've proven to be a valuable supporter of Skeptoid Media, producers of the Skeptoid Podcast and free educational videos like Principles of Curiosity and inFact with Brian Dunning. I wanted to get back in touch and make sure you're aware of the Premium version of the podcast, which offers:

The entire archive of 500+ episodes, not just the newest 50;All episodes are completely ad-free;Get the free Skeptoid USB drive, pre-loaded with all podcasts, movies, and videos from Skeptoid Media's entire history.

Your most recent donation, $1500.00 in January 2013, was part of what makes this work possible. To help ensure that it continues, won't you please become a regular supporter for only a few dollars a month? Skeptoid Media is a 501(c)(3) public charity and all donations are tax deductible for US taxpayers.

Thanks so much for being a part of this. You can make a donation and get Premium access here, or you can check your account here.

Brian Dunning
Skeptoid Media
Kroschel replied directly to me:
Mr. Dunning,

You say the "onslaught of pseudoscience in our world has not slowed down".... Alas, the truth is, the megalomaniacal Brian Dunning is the one who hasn't eased up; in fact, you are now so narcissistic and self righteous , that you are cartoonishly goofy. Such an overbearing Know-it-All that I am embarrassed for you... Exhibit A ~ You on the Joe Rogan Podcast.

Have a nice day, my Friend. And get some help.... Steve Kroschel / 10.31.17
I responded:
How wonderful to hear from you. As articulate and thoughtful as ever.
Kroschel took it up a notch:
Mr. Dunning,

You need to be dealt with, with brute honesty because you are as toxic and devious as hell . Your work merely on disparaging the Gerson Therapy and Grounding has disabled the ability of countless legions to enjoy healing and relief. All because of a smirking, smug , condescending pseudo-intellectual as yourself. If Joe Rogan can't even tolerate your bravo sierra, that should be your wake-up call . I hope you cross paths with the likes of Stefan Molyneaux next. I dare you !

Is it just by chance that I hear from you on Halloween ? Doubt it .
As I've never done an episode on either Gerson therapy or grounding, I'm not sure why he's attributing to me so much success at having cautioned victims away from it. But I was more concerned with his lightweight threat, and hoped to draw him out into strengthening it -- because such things are always fun to forward to a nut's local constabulary:
What do you mean "dealt with"?
Alas, all I was able to provoke was a nonsense sentence. Kroschel's reply didn't even make sense to a couple other people I showed it to:
OMG. You are so anal. You need to be "addressed" in an email with specific parlance that conveys that you are a lunatic .
I decided that's enough fun for today, as that reply was so disjointed it derailed the conversation. Mr. Kroschel, if you read this, I will leave you with one piece of advice: Spaces don't go before punctuation.

by Brian Dunning

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