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Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular urban legends and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each. Skeptoid is a listener supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Learn more


Kambo: Let It Go

Episode 912, November 28, 2023

Some believe that taking a deadly frog poison confers a vast array of New Age wellness benefits.

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Recent Programs

How to Escape Nibiru
Episode 911, November 21, 2023
Some believe this speculative rogue planet is on a collision course with the Earth.

How to Spot Misinformation
Episode 910, November 14, 2023
Much content online is designed for high engagement, not for accuracy.

Fixing Former Fumbles
Episode 909, November 7, 2023
Skeptoid corrects another round of errors in past episodes pointed out by listeners.

Your Creepiest Halloween Stories
Episode 908, October 31, 2023
Celebrating Halloween with the creepiest ghost stories sent in by you, our listeners.

The Science of the 27 Club
Episode 907, October 24, 2023
Do lots of famous pop musicians really die at the age of 27, or is there something in science that just makes us think so?

Unraveling the Myth of Nazareth
Episode 906, October 17, 2023
Did the village of Nazareth exist at the time of Jesus, making it possible for there to have been a Jesus of Nazareth?

Artificial Turf: Poisonous Pitches?
Episode 905, October 10, 2023
Some claim that artificial turf sports fields emit poisonous chemicals, making them dangerous for children.

Pop quiz: 17 for 17
Episode 904, October 3, 2023
What better way to celebrate 17 years of the Skeptoid podcast than a 17-question pop quiz!

Tracking California's Monster Salamander
Episode 903, September 26, 2023
Does a monster salamander the size of Asia's largest live undiscovered in the Pacific Northwest?

Focusing in on Eye Exercises
Episode 902, September 19, 2023
Can you really make your eyesight better with a simple series of eye movements and exercises?

The Mystery of the Severed Feet
Episode 901, September 12, 2023
Severed feet have been washing up on the shores of the Salish Sea since 2007. What could be the cause?

Mussolini's Aliens
Episode 900, September 5, 2023
How an old Italian UFO hoax became proof of alien visitation to the US Congress

Berberine: Thin Body, or Thin Evidence?
Episode 899, August 29, 2023
This supplement is claimed by social media influencers to be Nature's Ozempic.

Finding the Third Man
Episode 898, August 22, 2023
Reports from some extreme adventurers say that a benevolent presence sometimes appears to provide comfort.

The Secret of the Norden Bombsight
Episode 897, August 15, 2023
Pop culture tells us the famous Norden bombsight from World War II was actually terribly inaccurate. Was it?

The Treasures of the Copper Scroll
Episode 896, August 8, 2023
This greatest of all imaginable treasures from the Dead Sea Scrolls probably never existed.

The Hottest Temperature on Earth
Episode 895, August 1, 2023
Is the world record highest air temperature a solid measurement, or might it be invalid?

The Klerksdorp Spheres
Episode 894, July 25, 2023
Are these remarkable stones natural, or proof of an ancient advanced civilization?

Finding the Lost Tribesmen: Aure and Aura
Episode 893, July 18, 2023
Were these two men from an Amazon tribe that had been massacred, or could their story be explained more simply?

The UFO That Wasn't Swamp Gas
Episode 892, July 11, 2023
A look into the origin story of swamp gas as the explanation for UFOs.

How to Change a Conspiracy Theorist's Mind
Episode 891, July 4, 2023
A roundup of the ways that work — and that don't work — to help a conspiracy theorist free himself from the rabbit hole.

Skeptoid Scared Straight
Episode 890, June 27, 2023
In which I issue yet another round of corrections to past episodes.

Handling Fentanyl: A Touchy Topic
Episode 889, June 20, 2023
Popular wisdom tells us that just touching fentanyl can produce a lethal overdose. What's the fact and what's the fiction?

On the Trail of the Mapinguari
Episode 888, June 13, 2023
Are ground sloths that somehow survived their extinction responsible for cryptid sightings in the Amazon?

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