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Since 2006, the weekly Skeptoid podcast has been taking on all the most popular urban legends and revealing the true science, true history, and true lessons we can learn from each. Skeptoid is a listener supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit. Learn more


A Sea of Younger Dryas Woo

Episode 945, July 16, 2024

Pseudoarchaeologists often will cite the Younger Dryas climatic event as proof of their ancient advanced civilization.

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Bullibility and the Cult of Wellness
Episode 944, July 9, 2024
Not only is the entire wellness industry BS, it exists because of people who are especially gullible.

The Aliens Are Not Coming
Episode 943, July 2, 2024
Fear not; the aliens are not coming to Earth.

What the Movies Always Get Wrong
Episode 942, June 25, 2024
A roundup of all those things that movies always get wrong and make you mad.

Docu Dangers: Why Science Documentaries Usually Suck
Episode 941, June 18, 2024
How we decide what makes a good topic for a skeptical documentary film.

The Stephenville Lights
Episode 940, June 11, 2024
This modern UFO case has been declared to be one of the most compelling ever.

A Visit to Lemuria
Episode 939, June 4, 2024
The true history of a mythical place.

Vampire Facials
Episode 938, May 28, 2024
This procedure promising facial rejuvenation is basically a full face tattoo of your own blood.

Helen Keller on Trial
Episode 937, May 21, 2024
A bizarre subculture of Helen Keller Truthers believe that she was either faking her deafblindness or even that she didn't exist at all.

Coffee Myths
Episode 936, May 14, 2024
A roundup of 15 common myths about coffee. Which ones had you always believed?

Fruitful Feedback and Followups
Episode 935, May 7, 2024
Skeptoid answers another round of listener feedback questions.

Decoding the Kensington Runestone
Episode 934, April 30, 2024
The story goes that this stone covered with Viking runes was found in a Minnesota field in 1898. Its true history is much more interesting.

COVID-19 and the Lab Leak
Episode 933, April 23, 2024
Was the SARS-CoV-2 virus of natural origin, or was it engineered in a Chinese research lab?

Is Recycling for Real?
Episode 932, April 16, 2024
A close look at where recycling of some common materials is actually at these days.

Error Erasure Extravaganza
Episode 931, April 9, 2024
It's time once again for Skeptoid to correct another round of errors in previous shows.

Dr. Crow and the Melon Heads
Episode 930, April 2, 2024
Some say creepy children with huge balloon heads stalk the woods at night, waiting to attack you.

The Trinity UFO Crash of 1945
Episode 929, March 26, 2024
The not-so-famous UFO case that caused the US Congress to spend millions of taxpayer dollars.

EMDR: Looking Past the Pain
Episode 928, March 19, 2024
This controversial treatment for PTSD involves moving the eyes side to side.

I Can't Believe They Did That: Human Guinea Pigs #3
Episode 927, March 12, 2024
Part 3 in our roundup of scientists who took the ultimate plunge and experimented on themselves.

The Chicago O'Hare Airport UFO
Episode 926, March 5, 2024
In 2006, a flying saucer spent minutes literally hovering right above Chicago's O'Hare International Airport... so the story goes.

The Conspirituality of Enneagrams
Episode 925, February 27, 2024
Can everything important about you and those you interact with be boiled down to a single digit?

Foo Fighters
Episode 924, February 20, 2024
What were these early UFOs that chased and harried World War II fighter pilots?

The Voodoo Ax Murders
Episode 923, February 13, 2024
Were two waves of ax murders in the American south in the early 20th century truly associated with Louisiana Voodoo?

Testing Alcubierre's Warp Drive
Episode 922, February 6, 2024
Proponents of alien visitation often claim the Alcubierre drive makes faster than light travel possible. Here's why it can't exist.

Reconsidering the Seveso Dioxin Disaster
Episode 921, January 30, 2024
Was this infamous 1976 dioxin disaster as bad as reported, or might it have been much worse than we thought?

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