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Bad Skepticism: New Live Show from Skeptoid

by Brian Dunning

December 4, 2015

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Donate "Skeptics" often do as much bad science as anyone. We don't like to admit it any more than anyone else does, but nevertheless there it is.

Some colossally bad explanations for things that either didn't need explanations (because they never never happened) or that already had them (because the skeptical investigators stopped short in their research) have been put forth. This is not a criticism, rather it's an opportunity for us all to take as a teachable moment. And that's the gist of my newest live show, "Bad Skepticism".

There is some great news if you are interested in hearing this talk. Skeptoid Media is waiving the fee for the first three presentations, because we're refining it and making it even better. If you don't already see three scheduled events for "Bad Skepticism" on the live show calendar, then you can grab one. All you need is a minimum audience size of 50 people, and be willing to cover the travel costs.

The show is a lot of fun and covers stories that everyone in your audience will have heard about, no matter their background. It's relevant for education, business, or almost anyone else, in that it is intended first as an educational program. Learning about the mistakes others have made is the best way to avoid making them yourself.

Visit the speaking page for booking information.

by Brian Dunning

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