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Two Opportunities for Skeptoidy Goodness

by Brian Dunning

October 23, 2012

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Donate Good news for all my local friends who wouldn't mind a get-together for cool science talk and perhaps the sip of a beverage: I'm giving two talks here in So Cal over the next few days.

First up is Bruce Gleason's popular Backyard Skeptics group in Villa Park, where I'll be giving an informal discussion on the science behind the pros and cons of locally grown produces. In addition, there are going to be taste tests of regular and organic food, and other fun stuff in the genre of Pop Food Woo. It's open to the public, it's a great crowd, and dinner and drinks will be served! Hope you can join the fun. Here's a link with all the info.

Next up is Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, where I'm giving my talk on Solving the Missing Cosmonauts. This is a fun look at a part of history that's both geeky and creepy: basically, cold war space ghosts. What more could you want?

The talk is free and open to the public, and here's a page with the info. We'll be heading out to dinner afterwards and I hope some of you can tag along!

(As long as we're on the subject, here's my page with info about hiring me to give a talk to your group. Always have to slip in the promo; got to pay the bills.)

by Brian Dunning

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