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Berlin, 2009
Berlin, 2009

Brian Dunning, producer and host of the Skeptoid podcast, is available to speak at your event or organization on a variety of topics pertaining to critical thinking.

Skeptoid is a top science podcast on iTunes, and is enjoyed by 122,000 weekly listeners (as of Nov 28, 2015).


All material is appropriate for any age group from junior high school on. I will come and speak for any group, no matter who you are. Usually I present at university clubs and organizations with science or critical thinking themes, or local and civic clubs.


Brian Dunning also offers talks for professional organizations, showing how all-too-rare critical thinking in business can improve your bottom line.


Contact groups on your campus that might sponsor the event: various clubs, the student association, the events office, or any other campus office that organizes events for students. Tell them you'd like to have me come and talk, and point them to this page for more information.


Please choose from one of the topics below. Or, if you prefer a different topic (anything from the list of episodes), I look at it as a great opportunity to build my repertoire of Powerpoints, so please feel free to request it.


"Your talk on Saturday was a big success. Everyone enjoyed the talk, and your skill as a speaker was greatly appreciated."
- Tom Hooten, Tyler Junior College

"Brian's presentation was engaging, insightful, and clear. His friendly interactive Q&A with the students made this a unique and memorable addition to the classroom. Brian provides an intelligent and entertaining way to inoculate young minds against the perils of pseudoscience and quackery with a healthy dose of skepticism and critical thinking. Invite him into your classroom. You won't regret it!"
- Lee Graham, Carleton University

"It's no small irony writing a testimonial for a talk by Brian Dunning, the first man who'd warn you against accepting opinions as evidence. Anyone present at his recent talk on health scams at our college, however, can verify that it was a rousing success. And if you still don't believe me, you can collect the data for yourself by inviting Brian to give the talk at your gathering. I'm sure you'll end up with the same results we did: a significant increase in critical thinking."
- Prof. Sheldon Helms, Ohlone College


Fees & Costs

There is usually a speaking fee, as this is my profession. Email me at brian [at] to find out what the fee would be for your event. You will also need to cover all travel, lodging, and meal expenses. I'm located in southern California near Orange County Airport (SNA).

Remote Presentation

It is possible to do a remote video appearance via Skype or iChat, assuming you have the needed hardware on your end. This option eliminates all travel costs.

Two screens are needed, one for video and one for Powerpoint. Two-way video is required. At a minimum, this can be accomplished with two computers — one for video chat, and a second one with someone clicking through the slides when I prompt them. (It can all be done on one Mac computer running iChat with remote presentation.) You'll probably need a microphone so I can hear questions. It's a bit awkward, but it does work.



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