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The Science of NHL Hockey

by Eric Hall

March 5, 2012

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Donate I am always happy when I get a chance to catch up on my "Skeptoid" and "The Skeptics' Guide to the Universe" podcasts. These 2 shows, along with other science and skeptically based shows not only help me think better, but they deliver news and other knowledge in a way that is entertaining yet informative. Skeptoid and SGU in particular are programs I feel comfortable sharing with new people to help them become interested in science andskepticism.

Whenever good science education can intersect with someone's hobby, sense of humor, or any other aspect of someone's life, it is an opportunity that cannot be passed up. A friend of mine passed along NBC Sports webpage on the "Science of NHL Hockey." It not only makes the science fun to watch, but it is a great medium to explain basic science to a group of people that may not be familiar with the concepts.

So go brush up on your physics! Check out the videos on NBC's site. You can also see more sport science on their website. The National Science Foundation also has other videos on theirYouTube channel forOlympicsports (you might have to search just a bit). One of my favorites is this one below on curling. Note: The NHL ones aren't available to embed, so to check those out you will have to go to the website itself.


Anything that can get more genuine science into the public is a good thing. I fully support watching and spreading this knowledge!

by Eric Hall

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