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The news on the new film is...

by Brian Dunning

March 20, 2017

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Donate My new film from Skeptoid Media, Principles of Curiosity, is finally in post production. This is the long-awaited sequel to my 2008 amateur film Here Be Dragons, and it is what I had originally hoped that film would be and more. It is professionally produced, super amazing, and will be released free worldwide under a Creative Commons license allowing free public and private showings. It teaches a simple method anyone can follow to learn to determine what's real and what's not. Think of it as a practical guide to scientific skepticism and critical thinking, enjoyable for general audiences, and optimized for classrooms.

People always want to volunteer to assist with projects like this. No volunteer labor went into the production -- everyone was well paid -- but I never turn away help, especially at these closing stages when the budget's gone and we're trying to get them film premiered for donors who made it possible. So here is a list of things I can use help with, and if you want to know more, email me at
(Don't forget we're still a little short on the budget, so if you want to help but can't do any of the below, write us a check. That's the biggest help of all! (You can even get an IMDb producing credit.)Info on donating here)

Teaching Materials. The crux of this project is that it will be provided to educators (high school through college) with freely downloadable teaching materials. I do have a budget to cover this, but I need more teachers to pitch in. I welcome any thoughts or suggestions (from teachers only, please) and even welcome anyone who wants to take the helm or just contribute. Email to help!

Staff for premieres: Los Angeles, New York. You might not get much more than a T-shirt, a good time, and free drinks out of this, but we'll need volunteer staff in Los Angeles and New York for things like checking tickets, helping people out, and looking official. Don't have exact dates or locations yet. Email to help!

Event planning for the premieres. A budget is available for this too.Email to help!

Digital Animation, for a few odds & ends only, major sequences already completed.Email to help!

Festival marketing. Have you done any of this? We do have a budget.Email to help! API / PHP software development On the list of things I don't have time to get around to…Email to help!
We're also going to have a gigantic party at my house to package and ship about 400 flash drives with the movie on it, but I'll send out those invitations through my local groups. I also invite anyone with any clever ideas -- including arranging premieres in other cities -- to contact me with their ideas.

You can also sign up to get email notifications when the film is finished at the website,

Thanks so much, it's going to be a great film! (I have evidence to back that up.)


by Brian Dunning

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