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What Skeptoid is doing about the election...

by Brian Dunning

November 9, 2016

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Donate I just sent this email to everyone on Skeptoid Media's opt-in mailing list (join in the Members Portal):

For many, yesterday's election was a stunner; for others, a victory. Whatever your thoughts on its social or economic implications, my wheelhouse is its ramifications for the public understanding of science. The unfortunate reality is that the US will spend the next four years witha presidential administration that has openly expressed contempt for these scientific facts:
  • Anthropogenic global warming is real and a threat.

  • Vaccines are important and do not cause autism.

  • Gay conversion therapy does not work.

  • Evolution is the scientific theory explaining the diversity of species.

In short, we have a crisis in the public appreciation of science, perhaps more than we knew. Last night I tweeted and received this reply:

Very well, I am offering a path for those who want to help. As you know, I've been working for 10 years, in my own way, to get the public excited about science and critical thinking. You are probably also aware that I'm currently hard at work on what I hope will be my coup de grâce in this fight: the movie Principles of Curiosity, freely available to schools, the general public, and public broadcasting networks.

I'll tell you straight: we need money. The crowdfunding has topped out at 3/4 of what we need; we need about another $10K to reach our minimum budget. This minimum amount already assumes the use of volunteers wherever possible, and cutting every possible corner. I am making alternative creative choices to match the reduced resources, but we still have to get to the starting line.

Can you give $100? Also have a look at the rewards offered to larger donors: you can visit us on set, appear in the film, or even earn a real producing credit.

THANK YOU to the 436 of you who have already pitched in. To economize resources, I did not take the non-trivial time to filter this email to only those who have not yet donated to the project.

As with all donations to Skeptoid Media, your gift is fully tax deductible for US taxpayers. Note that as a US nonprofit, Skeptoid Media does not engage in political campaigns, or endorse or support candidates, by law.

brian@skeptoid.comis my real email address where you canreach me directly; I am happy to discuss any questions you may have about the film.

by Brian Dunning

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