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Giving the TV thing another go

by Brian Dunning

September 19, 2016

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Donate It seems a surprising number of years ago now, but a while ago, Skeptoid Media partnered with New Rule Productions to form Skeptologist Partners. We shot a 1-hour TV pilot called The Skeptologists with an all-star cast of the top personalities in scientific skepticism. We had a greatagent and partnered with one of TV Land's top production companies, and got very close to a network deal. But the concept wasn't quite right. We wanted to be too skeptical, and the networks wanted aparanormal explanation to turn out to be the true one -- at least some of the time. That wasn't the show we brought them, so as close as we got, we never sealed a deal (our slot was ultimately taken by Hairy Bikers, and I wish I was kidding). We went back to the drawing board.

Fast forward to today. We have completely revised the concept. Whereas The Skeptologists featured a team of skeptical superheroes who would get the bat signal and race to the scene of the pseudoscience, this new show will -- oh, wait, I guess I'm not supposed to say anything about the concept. But it's better, and it's a show I'd love to watch. So will you.

Director Ryan Johnson returns from The Skeptologists, as do I as the host. Our panel of science superstars is different, as it's not so much a "skeptical" show as a "good science vs bad science" show. Skeptologist alum and physiologist Dr. Kiki Sanford (This Week in Science) returns as one of our experts, and is joined by scientist and engineer Reichart Von Wolfsheild (Invention USA) and primatologist Natalia Reagan (10 Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty).

This past weekend we did the shooting, and are now starting on the process. We're far from having a TV deal, but this is probably the best project yet we'll have brought the networks. If you read this blog or listen to Skeptoid, this is your show. We wouldn't have made it had it not been for the years of support and appreciation you've shown.

So, beat drums and sacrifice small animals to help us bring this program onto the air. You can also help (a LOT) by supporting Principles of Curiosity, another project in active developmentbeing brought to you by the same production crew. If you have an inquiry about either project, you can email me.

by Brian Dunning

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