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Plug into The Feeding Tube

by Brian Dunning

March 9, 2016

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Food woo being the most pervasive pseudoscience that we all encounter on a daily basis, we decided that it also made the best next target for Skeptoid Media. And so we conceived a prospective new series, The Feeding Tube, starring an actual real live food scientist, Tamara Robertson.

We've completed the first video, choosing as our topic one of the pop food fads taken from the wall at the local Chipotle restaurant, well known for its embrace of food fads at the expense of food science. This is about beef cattle treated with antibiotics, and we hope we've given an excellent overview in this quick 3-minute video.

Skeptoid Media is a viewer-supported nonprofit, so like all our projects, The Feeding Tube lives or dies based on whether you support it or not. A few bucks per episode means this information will be thrust in the face of all those who reject food science wherever it conflicts with their preferred ideology. Ideology is a fine thing, except when it's used to reject reality.

We hope you like The Feeding Tube. Please sign up to receive email updates of new and upcoming episodes.

by Brian Dunning

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