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Introducing "The Conspirators"

by Brian Dunning

March 7, 2016

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Introducing the newest series from Skeptoid Media, The Conspirators. It's our first foray into animation and into comedy, and we really hope you'll enjoy it.

It features some voices you'll recognize, such as Brian Keith Dalton (aka Mr. Deity), Maynard, Blythe Renay, Emery Emery in a breakout role, and of course Your Humble Servant. The showreveals the inner workings of the Illuminati of the New World Order.

This series is funded on Patreon, so whether you're already a Patreon user or not, you can contribute really quickly and easily. If enough people like the show, we'd love to continue making them. This first episode was already used in a college classroom in a unit on conspiracy theories within its very first week, so don't knock its potential. Please become a supporter, you won't regret it.

I hope you likeit!

by Brian Dunning

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