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Skeptoid on the Road...

by Brian Dunning

March 6, 2016

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Donate I'm taking my newest live talk, Waterspouts & Swamp Gas: Challenging Popular Assumptions on the road, and I'd love to bring it to you!

This is perfect for businesses, schools, and even "Skeptics in the Pub" groups. This talk helps you, your coworkers, and friends to discover the popular assumptions you currently accept that might be wrong, costing you time and money (I still find them in my own life). Although this talk is designed to bring real practical results, it is by no means a boring boardroom type presentation. We'll talk about lots of fun urban legends to understand how and why we believe them, and how and why that belief extends to the more practical aspects of our lives. If you don't have fun, the pints afterward are on me.

I'm trying to string together as many locations as possible to economize, so please get in touch if you'd like me to include you. Business locations are preferred and do the most good, but I'll come anywhere. Reach me at

by Brian Dunning

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