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Jade Helm 15: The Hell Has Begun

by Mike Rothschild

August 11, 2015

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Donate Greetings from Jade Helm internment camp #17-B, somewhere in the heart of Federally Annexed Territory Formerly Known as Texas (FATFKAT). After weeks of scoffing at the idea of UN-financed, Obama-controlled government enforcers knocking down my door and dragging me out in the middle of the night under the guise of “my own protection,” the joke was on me, because that’s exactly what happened. I was informed that martial law had been declared, and that I was suddenly living in an Agenda 21 non-human zone. Even though I knew this wasn’t true, there was nothing I could do, and I was relocated immediately to my comfortably accommodated FEMA camp. I was told further relocation to a local urban stack-and-pack habitation tower was coming soon.

Naturally, years of fluoridated water, vaccines, brainwashing garbage on television, GMO’s, paid shill message board comments, and not doing my own research have left me so docile and weak that I instantly went with the Jade Helm enforcers. A few free-thinkers rose up to defend themselves, but they were brutally suicided, to go along with bankers, holistic doctors, Clinton family enemies, and 9/11 witnesses. Despite the clarion warnings of awakened bloggers and alternative media sources, Jade Helm 15 had steamrolled our freedom, and all of it happened under our noses while we were laughing about such a thing never happening.

I don’t know if you’ve figured it out, but none of this actually happened. Despite the dire warnings of conspiracy theorists and anti-government types, Jade Helm 15 has been going on for about a month, and none of what was prophesied has come to pass. There have been no roundups, no declaration of martial law, no columns of heavily armed soldiers marching through cities, and no mass executions at Wal-Mart or FEMA death domes. It’s almost as if none of it was ever going to happen " or ever existed in the first place.

In fact, the only conspiracies related to Jade Helm have been plots by anti-Jade Helm crusaders who got so worked up over the perceived government takeover that they were making plans to fight it " by killing US soldiers.
The FBI busted a plot by three North Carolina residents to set a trap for Jade Helm jackboots, and had built up an arsenal of “Kevlar helmets and body armor, pipe bombs and handmade grenades, large amounts of gunpowder and dozens of rounds of ammunition for a military-grade sniper rifle.” They also claimed they had dozens of firearms " and had bought so much gear from a military surplus store that the store owner turned them in. As a side note, North Carolina isn’t even a Jade Helm state " making the men’s plot even more baffling.

Two other incidents got past the planning stages " shootings at Camp Shelby in Mississippi on consecutive days in July, shortly after Jade Helm began. In both cases, nobody was hurt and the shooters were quickly apprehended. But just the fact that real people had been driven to such extremes that they would risk their lives to take potshots at soldiers speaks to the real danger of the Jade Helm conspiracy " the theories themselves.

It’s easy to pump out garbage on the internet. It's easy to claim Obama is ushering in Armageddon by stripping citizens of their guns and freedom. Likewise, it’s easy to take a picture of military vehicles somewhere in America and claim that they’re being transported by “the powers that be” to a secret staging area for use in crushing patriotic resistance. I can show you pictures I’ve taken in San Diego of helicopters, destroyers, jet fighters in flight, and docked warships, and tell you that I’m documenting the US government seizing control of the city. But any person with even the slightest ability to differentiate fantasy from reality knows that San Diego is a Navy town, and that ships and helicopters going this way is just part of life there.

Sadly, for whatever reason, not everyone can tell fantasy from reality, and where most of us see a helicopter flying over San Diego, or Los Angeles, or anywhere, and think “eh, it’s a Navy thing” a few people see a harbinger of government takeover. Any bit of information, devoid of context, can mean anything. That’s how a picture of five US aircraft carriers docked in Norfolk on a day in December 2012 was transformed from nothing into a massive conspiracy by Obama to cripple the Navy through a false flag nuclear strike.

Conspiracy theories like Jade Helm are laughed at by most people, but they’re not especially funny. Not when people who believe them use them as a reason to plot mayhem and murder. Naturally, the media figures behind these conspiracies don’t care if anyone gets hurt, just so long as their ad revenue, clicks, downloads, and subscriptions stay steady. They’ll make up anything they want, and it doesn’t matter, because none of it is true. Even when real people start getting hurt.

A month into Jade Helm, nothing untoward has come to pass. And nothing suggests that anything will. I’m certainly willing to be proven wrong, and if the martial law crackdown comes the day after this piece goes up, I’ll eat my words, assuming I haven’t been gassed in a FEMA death dome and dumped in a compost pit.

But the doomsayers, conspiracy mongers, and fear profiteers will never admit they’re wrong. They know they are, even when their followers take the nonsense they've spun and take it as a sign that they need to go out and buy a bunch of guns and explosives. Even when Jade Helm ends with nothing happening, they’ll just move the goalpost. They'll claim that the takeover is coming NEXT TIME " and in the meantime, they'll keep raking in the grift.

by Mike Rothschild

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