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Quick Skeptoid News: 18-Month Old Dies When Parents Refuse To "Use Chemicals"

by Eric Hall

June 14, 2015

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Donate Thanks to "the Skeptical Beard" for bringing attention to this story.

An 18-Month Old girl in Pennsylvania died after what was likely a painful final couple weeks. The girl was brought to a local ER in cardiac arrest and later pronounced dead. The cause of death was "streptococcus pneumoniae meningitis" which originated as an ear infection. When the parents arrived at the ER, they told the nurse they had been treating her fever, headache, and earache with homeopathic and herbal treatments, because they didn't believe in using "chemicals."

If anyone asks why I react so strongly to stories of people using homeopathy, essential oils, or any other nonsense, especially on kids, I can just point them to this story as an example.

Read more at the Rocket Courier website.

Via Quackwatch, more quotes from the parents.


by Eric Hall

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