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Is Water Causing Autism?

by Eric Hall

April 26, 2014

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Donate As a step-parent of an autistic child, I have taken a long personal interest in all things about autism. I needed to do my own research regarding the raising of my younger children to ensure I did whatever I could to either prevent any harm from the standard care advised for them. After lots of research and discussions with other parents, I have made a frightening discovery. It is possible water could be the culprit in causing autism.

Think about our ancestors. Children in the past nursed well past the point when solid foods were introduced. Children might have been a year or more before ever having water. It is interesting to note that at about 1 year is where people notice children go from being non-autistic to autistic. Yet pediatricians say as young as 6 months is OK. Many parents say even younger. No wonder autism has increased so much.

Look at the chemicals in water. Hydrogen is the same chemical as what was contained in the Hindenburg. It burns very hot. Imagine what hydrogen could do to your cells. Oxygen is also a powerful chemical. It is what causes metals to degrade and in some forms such as ozone can have detrimental health effects even at low concentrations. Both chemicals combine with other chemicals to form acids which can certainly effect the pH of the body. Sounds dangerous to me!

Water can also cause toxicity in too high of an amount. Let's look at what it is:
Water intoxication, also known aswater poisoningordilutionalhyponatremia, is a potentially fatal disturbance inbrainfunctions that results when the normal balance ofelectrolytesin the body is pushed outside safe limits by over-hydration.
If water is able to affect brain functions, I'm not sure how these so called "experts" of medicine (doctors) cannot see this connection. It is like they don't hear the stories.

Drowning is another dangerous aspect of water. If small children can drown in an inch or two of water in a bucket, who is to say they can't do the same drinking from a cup? It is one of the leading causes of death in young kids. Even a short time without oxygen can cause brain damage. Is this damage what is triggering autism? I'm just asking questions.

Much of the water we consume today goes through some kind of purification process. Both home filters and reverse osmosis water have a carbon filter stage in them. Carbon, the same chemical in carbon monoxide and gasoline, is used to try to pull impurities out of the water. But no one measures how much carbon ends up back in the water. Does anyone really think consuming parts of gasoline is healthy?

Commercially filtered water also often goes through a ultraviolet radiation treatment to kill any bacteria in the water, probably because the plants are so dirty. Ultraviolet radiation is the same radiation that causes sunburns and skin cancer, yet big water tries to claim putting this in our water is perfectly safe. Would you want your brain exposed to UV radiation? Not only that, but the dead bacteria is not filtered out of the water, so who knows what that could be doing to the bodies of little children.

Home water often comes from an underground source. The ground contains all sorts of other things like bugs, arsenic, lead, dirt, ions, silica, and many other nasty things. Underground is also where we get things like coal and oil. I don't know if kids should be consuming water that has been touching all of these things. How much damage have we done by allowing them to drink this water?

Our government in the United States has many regulations on water. They tell us there are safe limits to things being in water, and they tell us water is good for us. But how much should we trust the government? They are the ones that also said they went to the moon, but yet when asked they aren't able to provide good proof it is true. And since the government is also the one trying to drug us all so we will better obey them, it seems like perhaps their trust in water is actually backwards.

I don't claim to be an expert, but I think we should all think twice before giving water to our kids. In fact, because of all of the issues caused by water, it could also be causing cancer, MS, lupus, and even allergies and sausage fingers. It should only seem obvious if one does their own research. Don't go by the experts. Really look at the issue and decide for yourself what's right. I think you will see your personal story will have a good outcome, despite what the experts might say.

Everyone see what I did there?

by Eric Hall

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