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Some Questions About the Fake Snow

by Mike Rothschild

February 3, 2014

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Donate On January 30th, as the South and East of the US were shaking off the effects of a monster cold wave (the second major storm that month, in fact) videos starting popping up on YouTube purporting that the snow that had fallen in said storm was not snow at all, but actually a synthetic chemical spray meant to look like snow, but delivered via artificial weather for evil purposes.

The videos, dozens of them in all, had titles like “Georgia Fake Snow!!!” and “FAKE SNOW being Reported all over the U.S. SINCE WHEN DOES SNOW TURN BLACK????” and “Fake Snow that won’t melt is really Nanobots 2014.” Soon, regular conspiracy blogs like Before It’s News ran with it. What these clips showed was, admittedly, pretty strange. People would go outside, grab a handful of snow, ball it up, take it back inside, take a lighter to it...and it didn’t melt. Instead, it turned black. And the video-makers complained of a plastic smell.

This chemical-laden, non-burning, plastic “snow” could only be nefarious geoengineering at work, a New World Order false flag attempt to control our climate and our minds and our freedom through HAARP and the chemtrails that the globalist controllers and their minions relentlessly spray around the world and around the clock, all designed to keep us docile and slumbering sheeple who won’t question being sickened and fattened and loaded down with toxins and GMOs and vaccines and toxic GMO vaccines and false flags and crisis actors and Agenda 21 and propaganda and aspartame and Monsanto and all of it ending with a guillotine blade and a plastic tub AND A FEMA DEATH CAMP!!!!! AHHGGHHHH!!! RUN!!! OPEN YOUR EYES!!! DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!

Or, you know, it’s science.

Really, really basic science.

Mick West, the chemtrail skeptic who founded jumped on this nonsense right away, and posted a simple, really sound explanation for why the snow in the videos blackened and didn’t turn into water. I’ll quote it here:
A) The snow is melting, but the very loose fluffy structure of the snow wicks away the water, turning dry snow into wet snow, and eventually turning the snow into slush.

B) The snow is blackened when a lighter is held underneath it because of the soot from the lighter (the products of incomplete combustion). It's not burning.

C) The smell is fumes from the lighter (also from incomplete combustion) and/or people briefly burning nearby objects like gloves.
So, there you go. Other than being a pretty good example of why basic science education is so important, these videos show nothing even remotely unusual.

But what if they did?

Let’s assume, just for a moment, that these videos don’t show people with a limited understanding of science acting like idiots, but instead show people who are awake to the government conspiracy dispensing vital knowledge. I know, it’ll take turning off a big part of your brain to do so, but just go with it.

What if the snow actually is fake? What if it’s actually part of a plan to control the weather? If I had even an inkling that it was, what I would NOT do is put a two minute clip on YouTube of me sooting up a little hunk of snow with a Bic lighter. What I would start doing was asking questions. As much as I mock the phrase “do your research” as a cliché spewed by people who aren’t the least bit interested in research, that’s the road I’d go down.

I’d ask myself, and others, questions like the following. And please note that these are mostly the same questions I’d be asking myself if I were a chemtrail believer. They might seem pedantic, even childish. But in all the reading I’ve done on this phenomenon, nobody has ever been able to actually answer any of them with testable evidence:

• What EXACTLY is the fake snow?
• Is it a “chemtrail polymer” as some have suggested? Or is it “nucleated bacteria” as others have claimed? Or is it truly some kind of nanotechnology? Or is it poison, meant to kill us?
• If it’s a polymer, how can I prove it actually exists? Who developed it? When? With what funding? How does it work?
• If the “snow” is some kind of biological agent, the same questions. Who developed it? When? With what funding? How does it work?
• If the “snow” is actually a cluster of nanobots, the same questions. Who developed them? When? With what funding? How do the nanobots work?
• If it’s poison, have people been taken ill from it? Have people died? How many? Where?
• Regardless of what the snow is, how was it seeded into clouds?
• Was it done by aircraft?
• If so, who flew them? Where did they take off from? Who services these planes? Who purchased them?
• How do the pilots and crews of these planes keep their identity secret? Who pays them?
• Do they know they’re involved with this conspiracy? If not, who installs them chemicals in the planes? How are the pilots and crews kept unaware?
• Under what authority do the pilots, crews and/or chemical installers operate? What government agency is in charge of their work?
• If the fake snow is not seeded by aircraft, how is it seeded? HAARP? Rocket? An unknown, advanced technology? How does it work? Who developed it? Who funded it?
• Can the easy debunking of the fake snow phenomenon be explained?
• Likewise, other videos showing snow melting in a microwave oven have been posted to YouTube. Does the fake snow melt under certain conditions? How can these videos be explained?

• If the snow were to melt under normal conditions, such as warmer temperatures, can it still be considered “fake?”
• Why were certain cities subjected to this fake snow, and others not? How was the decision made?
• Chemtrail sightings are said to take place over cities and rural areas around the world. Why didn’t fake snow fall everywhere that a chemtrail was seen?
• Some speculation ties the massive traffic backups in Atlanta during the recent storm to the fake snow phenomenon. Are they related? Why pick Atlanta for a false flag test?
• Is it possible that the chaos in Atlanta was caused a lack of preparedness and poor assumptions about the weather, rather than a false flag attack?
• If it was a government attack, who gave the order to initiate this operation?
• Why now? Why not a month ago or a month from now?
• What is the purpose of the fake snow? And I wouldn’t be satisfied with vague answers like “to control our minds” or “more power.” I would want to know exactly why.
• What is the end goal of the people who engineered the fake snow? Who benefits from it? How do they benefit?
• What change would be foisted upon the people due to the fake snow?
• Finally, could the substance I’m asking about not be the product of a massive conspiracy by globalist controllers to kill or enslave America, but simply the same snow that falls all around the world during the proper conditions?

Obviously, I can keep asking questions that drill down even farther and become more and more nitpicky. But these are the basic things I’d want to know about a massive conspiracy to control our weather through advanced technology and government intrusion. These are the questions I’d ask.

But, since I know that the fake snow is just a silly conspiracy theory that’s easily debunked by the most basic of scientific concepts, along with common sense, I’m not going to ask those questions. If you do and come up with any good answers, please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

by Mike Rothschild

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