Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People?

Viral video aggregator Upworthy has been in the news a lot lately, mostly for their meteoric rise in popularity and maddening-yet-effective headline writing style. One element of the site that didn’t get much press, however, was an announcement they made over Facebook on November 12. The post proclaimed:

One of the reasons we started on this social merry-go-round was to get important ideas out there that people rarely talk about. So we are getting in cahoots with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and launching a global health and poverty section.

This they did, kicking off an area of their site called “All 7 Billion” which spotlighted videos related to poverty, sustainability and health care in the developing world. What nobody at Upworthy seemed to take into account was the loathing for the Gates Foundation among various pro-woo, anti-science fringe movements. And the comments left by these people, which numbered almost a thousand in total, were scathing:

Need to find another partner if you want my support……..Gates Foundation owns 1,000,000 shares of Monsanto who looks not only control the world’s food supply and poison everyone as they do it, the do their best to ruin any competition from sustainable growth and organic farmers.

While you’re partnering with them maybe you could ask them why they support toxic GMO foods.

Bill accidentally (cough) sterilized thousands with his generous donation of vaccines (contaminated with sterility compounds), while giving a TED presentation that said “in order to cut greenhouse gases, we need to lower population, and thanks to vaccines, we should be able to lower the earth’s population by at least 10%”…

He’s busy vaccinating and euthanizing children in poor countries instead of caring for and feeding them … Sad day for Upworthy.

I do not agree what the Gates foundation is doing to public education. Specifically the Common Core crap. What does he actually know about education anyway?

The Nazi Eugenicist Gates Foundation , Bilderberg Billy Gates ???!! Pushing deadly vaccines instead of food Gates foundation ??? Jeez, you just lost all credibility there…

And on and on it goes. So is Bill Gates really a Monsanto-owning, eugenics-loving, anti-education monster who wants to cull the population through poisoned vaccines? Or is he a wealthy man trying to use his fortune do some good in the world in a way that angers people who see conspiracy around every corner?

CLAIM: Bill Gates owns part of/most of/all of Monsanto and won’t answer questions about it. As with anything related to Monsanto, it’s hard to separate fact from hysterics. The short version of the truth here is that in 2010, according to their legally-required public tax return, the Foundation Trust purchased 500,000 shares of Monsanto, worth $34 million. These shares were sold in 2011 and as of their 2012 filing, the Foundation doesn’t own a single share of Monsanto. As it was, the investment was a tiny portion of their holdings, never enough to make a significant impact in either organization.

As to why they bought the stock in 2010, why wouldn’t they? The Foundation has a massive portfolio of investments. Just their list of corporate stocks owned in 2011 runs for 19 pages. Given that the Foundation has an interest in both decreasing poverty and increasing their overall endowment, and Monsanto stock is a strong performer, their investment isn’t surprising at all. The Foundation has a policy of not commenting on individual investments, so the fact that they won’t discuss this particular one also isn’t surprising.

Bill Gates...vaccines...UN...OPEN YOUR EYES!!! (guardian.co.uk)

Bill Gates…vaccines…UN…OPEN YOUR EYES!!! (guardian.co.uk)

CLAIM: The Gates Foundation supports toxic GMO’s. It’s true that the Foundation has made a major commitment to agricultural development, particularly in poverty-stricken countries. One particular method they’re using to accomplish this is through the research and promotion of genetically modified crops. They’ve invested heavily in numerous different GMO initiatives, including basic science research, virus resistant cassava and “golden rice,” a vitamin-loaded crop that can reduce malnutrition and infant blindness.

And remember, when it comes to children dying, the fewer, the better. The harm of GMO crops has never been proven to exist, but the people being helped by the Foundation’s backing of this work certainly do – hundreds of millions around the world. The Foundation’s efforts could lift these people out hunger and into better lives. Of course, the vast majority of the objections to the Foundation’s investments in GMO’s come from activists who have never had to worry about where their next meal is going to come from. As I’ve said many times, it’s easier to March Against Monsanto when your belly is full.

CLAIM: The Gates Foundation supports deadly vaccines that kill people. Three for three on claims that induce hysteria among certain portions of the internet. First of all, let’s sweep away any speculation that supporting vaccination is a bad thing. Despite one’s personal opinion, vaccines save lives. Mommy instinct and Google University might not agree with that, but decades of scientific research does.

Vaccination in the developing world makes up a major platform of the Gates Foundation’s philanthropy. Populations that had no access to vaccines for a host of deadly, preventable illnesses now do. The Foundation’s efforts are working. In just one example, India, a country ravaged by polio not that long ago, reported one single case in 2011.

It’s the polio vaccine that makes up one of the most common claims against the Foundation, that Gates-sponsored vaccines caused 47,500 cases of paralysis in India. You’ll find this claim all over vaccine-doomsayer websites, and as you can guess, it’s not true. The polio vaccine does not cause polio. These cases turned out to be acute flaccid paralysis, caused by a non-polio enterovirus. Another oft-repeated and equally bogus claim is that Malawian children were forced at gunpoint to take Gates vaccines. The source of this is, of course, Natural News – which referenced an article from Malawi Voice that appears to have been taken down shortly after it went up.

Golden rice, currently saving lives in a country near you.

Golden rice, currently saving lives in a country near you. (Wikimedia commons)

Skeptical Raptor has a good write-up of these and other false vaccine-related accusations against the Gates Foundation. Read it, then beat your head against the nearest wall.

CLAIM: Bill Gates is a eugenics advocate who wants to cull the world’s population. Conspiracy theories about global depopulation are legion, with everyone from the UN to the Illuminati supposedly preparing a massive thinning of the herd through “soft kill” techniques. So naturally, a Bill Gates speech about how vaccines can reduce the population of the world would be a big deal and prove him to be a murderous monster.

Of course, Gates never said such a thing.

What Gates DID do was give a TED talk in 2010, called “Innovating to Zero.” The focus of the talk was reducing global carbon emissions to, as per the title, zero. Out of that speech came this quote, which conspiracy mongers have seized on as an admission that Gates is a eugenicist in programmer’s clothing:

The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3.

Devoid of context, it looks like he’s saying that vaccines and health care could kill a billion people. But a rational person doesn’t look at this and see the richest man in the world calmly (and publicly) outlining his plans for genocide. What Gates is talking about is reducing population growth, and reputable science bears out that a higher-standard of living equals lower birth rates. Included in this are things like good health care, better food and, yes, vaccines.

Like all the other depopulation plans, this one appears to be either not real or moving incredibly slowly.

CLAIM: Bill Gates is single-handedly destroying education in America. The Gates Foundation played a key role in the development, funding and promotion of Common Core, an education initiative dedicated to reforming standards in math and English. The benefits, drawbacks and myths surrounding Common Core are probably legion enough to warrant their own blog post, but it’s clear that the Gates Foundation is intertwined with this work. If you think Common Core is a bad idea, and many people do, you’re naturally going to hang this on the Gates Foundation.

CLAIM: Bill Gates is a member of various global elite bankster ruling cadres, including the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group. Gates was a member of the 2010 Bilderberg Group conference, so that claim is factually correct. Though as with everything Bilderberg related, it’s slathered in misinformation and fear.

As for Gates being a member of the all-powerful Illuminati, if such a group existed, Gates’ status as one of the richest men on the planet would probably approve him for charter membership – along with virtually every other powerful, wealthy and important person around.

So is the Gates Foundation an arm of the apocalypse, or an instrument for good? That depends on whether you think vaccination and ending hunger are good things. Since I do, I’m pretty firmly on their side.

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198 Responses to Why Would Bill Gates Want to Kill One Billion People?

  1. Anne Ramsey says:

    I Just have one question. If GMO is only single crop with no seed then what good is it to developing countries who have to buy seeds every season and not cultivate their own crops.

    • Amazed says:


      Plant my crop and be my slave. BUY MY SEEDS FOREVER.

      • Betsy Clouse says:

        Yes you will be their slave I don’t trust Bill Gates period. I have windows 8.1 and that is high I will go period! The windows 10 he wants to trace every move you make on your pc not going to happen when my pc quits and I just got a new one without windows 10 that will be that. I will use only my Iphone or Ipad morons!!

        • Dominic Maas says:

          a) Windows 10 does not track you (The media made up the story to get more clicks (= more money) and b) Bill Gates hasn’t has a major role in Microsoft since 1999. He doesn’t decide on the products. The current CEO does.

          • galancio says:

            Read the privacy of windows 10 and note that it is free. They have moved to the Google profit model. In contect though your info will merely be untracked metadata, if you trust a corporation that is fine.

    • Jeff Jensen says:

      Real simple the Yield,drought resistance,pest resistance,and speed with which it reaches maturity are all very important in poor climates where they have poor irrigation. All the corn and Soy Beans we grew as far back as I know perhaps dating back to the 1950’s was Hybrid. If you remember Dominate and Recessive Traits some of the crop would have the recessive traits. The cost of the Seed corn was minimal compared to the loss of yield. These areas are probably getting subsidized seed as they are getting subsidized Vaccines. And GMO crops considerably larger than the old Hybrid making it a much better deal than some old heirloom seed if your trying to survive.

    • Alex Dubois says:

      GMO stands for “genetically modified organism.” When a seed is modified, it will express the characteristics of the modification in subsequent generations. In most cases, farmers can save seeds, the seeds are viable, but to do so is in violation of the agreement that all farmers MUST sign before purchasing GMO seeds. If they do save seeds they are liable for damages from the patent holder.

      The farmer can save seeds, but would be required by law to pay an intellectual property fee to the patent holder.

      • Noah Dillon says:

        Yeah, that’s kind of the same for conventionally bred seeds, which are also subject to intellectual property constraints. And most farmers, whether they’re growing conventional seed or genetically modified seeds, buy their seeds every year, rather than trying to keep, separate, and sow seeds from their previous harvest. It’s cheaper, easier, and more effective for them to buy more than go through all the work necessary for using their own crop. The only case I’ve ever seen brought to court about this was with a guy who wanted to use GMO seeds without signing a usage agreement, like using pirated software. He liked the product but didn’t want to pay for it, which, like, who wouldn’t want to get a good product and avoid having to pay? Farmers wouldn’t be buying genetically modified seeds if they didn’t feel like it confers some advantage. They have options to buy whatever seed they want and can forego GMO seed agreements as they see fit. But if there’s a superior product, they’ll likely take it.

      • leslie landberg says:

        This is a ploy. The object is a massive land grab at bargain basement prices. Let me lay it out for you in its gory detail:
        The company’s propaganda states many outright falsehoods. It promises great yields and hardy crops, as well as biological safety and desirability in the marketplace. Nothing could be further from the truth.

        To see how GMO seeds work in practice, one only has to look at what devastation GMO rice wreaked in India a few years ago. Tens of thousands of farmers committed suicide because they went heavily into debt to buy the seed,vehicles was at a premium nearly twice ordinary seed, plus they were also forced to purchase massive amounts of round up, the toxic pesticide which this company also produces through their now wholly owned subsidiary. Not only did the massive amounts of round up poison livestock and sicken the farmers and their children, but the crops were universally very low yielding. Furthermore, the meagre harvest was rejected at market,since many others livestock and family came down with horrible tutors and a host of life threatening illnesses when fed the rice, so no one wanted it. They took incredible losses,resulting in massive foreclosures on family farms which had been owned for decades. Monsanto promptly swooped in and bought up all the land for pennies on the dollar. This is easily verifiable and was followed closely in the Asian and European press. The stories were suppressed in the American press, as usual.

  2. George says:

    Answer: GMI is not only obe crop with one seed. Anything else?

  3. es says:

    What I think Anne is asking is about the business practices of Monsanto. If you buy their GMO seeds, you are legally entitled to plant one crop, one season and not allowed to reserve the seeds from a portion of your crop for planting the next season. This means that farmers have to buy seeds every season.

    • Innominata says:

      And if it was not economically viable to buy more next season, because your GM crops yield much better profits, then you would not use GM crops. The take away here is that YES! GM crops are so much more cost effective than regular crops, that farmers are buying the seeds every year.

      The only people with a problem with this are people who mistakenly think that Monsanto’s millions or billions of research and development of seeds that HELP FARMERS is worth absolutely nothing to farmers. If this is the case, then farmers wouldn’t want these seeds.
      If they are the next best thing, they will buy them, using some of the money they would have otherwise had to spend on pesticides, and end up better off.

      • Borris Konoviche says:

        Why are you in this discussion?

        GMO crops EXPECT to be given lethal doses of herbicides. They’ve been genetically modified to be resistant to the poison, hence killing off the weeds and other vegetation.

        In other words, Herbicides Are required.

        • innominata says:

          Why am I in this discussion? Because I have a modicum of intelligence. Why are you here? You realise that the chemicals that the seeds we are talking about resist are CHEAP chemicals. Sure, farmers could spray a cocktail of chemicals to do the same job, but why do that when roundup is easily available, and relatively cheap. You are adding nothing to the discussion, did you even read the article?

          • Betsy Clouse says:

            Cheap chemical my butt! They are disastrous chemical in this little ole seed buddy. I should know that’s what’s killing the honeybees you and the evil Monsanto. I told my husband we will never ever purchase any of monsanto crap!!

          • Erica Steele says:

            These CHEAP chemicals, specifically Round-up, aka glyphosate, has been categorized by both the WHO, and the State of California, as cancer causing. Monsanto encourages its farmers to spray a lot of glyphosate on their crops just before harvest, as it makes the harvest easier….this is a wide-spread practice called crop dessication, and it is commonly used on potatoes, corn, legumes. So the plants are now absorbing large amounts of glyphosate, for an extra boost of cancer causing toxin in your food. If you care about your health, or your family’s health, EAT ORGANIC.

          • Sigh! So you want to pay premium price for a substandard product, that has a bigger environmental impact, and lower yields leading to starvation in third world. Yes by all means support the corporate white america that eats up huge tracks of land to grow boutique organic products for rich white people. All so you can reduce your unfounded anxiety based on the “nature is safe” lie. You can afford to buy a low yield organic product while children starve in the third world. We are one of the few places on earth that can feed more than our own population. NOPE! Lets not make maximum use of our productivity, all so that you can hug the organic sticker on your apple. Please, “toxins” is not a thing it is a dosage. When you grow organics you use toxins from the approved list of toxic substances that the organic lobby uses. They call them natural to convince you that they are somehow safer. Rattlesnake venom, uranium, and lead are all toxic and 100% natural. Your argument is all some cut and paste organic propaganda. TO convince you that you aren’t fostering starvation. While you sit fat and happy in your western world. So be happy you don’t have to watch your children starve to death because some mindless middle class american drone eats their organic broccoli and and feels all warm and snuggly watching their scandal television show. Nice job! Ya eat organic people mmmmm third world children taste yummy.

          • Mudguts says:

            Thanx for prodding the herbicide woo guys Innominata.. You brought out the classic cut and paste responses..

            A response to the WHO woo (thats the best woo of all as .. you can easily search and read WHO monographs)..

            Ah.. roundup is supposed to be poisonous and carcinogenic (you can add teratogenic if you like).. But is it more so than.. Coffee?

            What heinous infidel grow carcinogens for fun and profit eh?

            Thanks again fro prodding them

            PS as I have advise many over the years.. and the guys at skeptoid would advise the same.. Dont go to blog sites for info.. Just do a simple scholar search. Read and analyse the papers if you can.. if not learn how to.

            Why? because if you cant understand the gist of a publication.. how do you expect a woocaster to?

            You’ll find a hell of a lot of literature is available in full and a lot more has full abstracts.

        • Jeff Jensen says:

          Herbicide resistant means when the plants are just coming up they can spray the weeds and not hurt the crop. If there isn’t a weed problem they won’t spend the money. At this time almost no GMOs are sold in grocery stores. It’s not worth it for them to get that reputation.In the USA almost all GMO crops are used as feed for Cattle, Pigs and maybe Chickens. Based on an anti GMO organizations random survey of Grocery stores they found between 1% and 3% in stores. I speculate that bigger chains don’t want to touch them for fear if it got out it could ruin their market share. When I was young we didn’t use Herbicide the Corn and Soy Beans would grow faster than weeds and they were a none issue except for the Sun Flowers which you just cut off the Flower before they go to seed and keep them off you land. That might mean you chop them dow on your neighbor farm as well.

          • Leslielandberg says:

            Do your homework. Standard hybridization is not the same as GMO. one point. Next point, do your homework. No one wants these seeds. They underperform and the seeds aren’t free. They come with exorbitant loans and require massive amounts of toxic round up and similar chemicals which poison ground water, contaminate other food crops the families require for subsistence, kill their livestock and deform and sicken their families. Point three, do your homework. No one will buy these crops since they are known for sickening people killing livestock. In India Golden Rice leading and lending programs resulted in hundreds of thousands of failed and stunted yeilds, dead and deformed livestock, massive widespread cancers from the toxins sprayed and massively deflated prices for the tiny yeilds once at market. Tens of thousands of farmers committed suicide. Monsanto bought all the farms for bargain basement land grab prices. The Sudan is being targeted for similar piracy and plunder. Wake up, Sheeple!

          • Noah Dillon says:

            First, what’s the difference between standard hybridization and genetic modification and if the outcome is the same, why does the technique matter? Two: third world farmers want these seeds because they DO perform better than conventional. No seeds are free, all of them require some sort of investment. Many farmers buy their seed every single year, rather than saving old seed. It’s more cost effective, especially with stuff like cotton, where getting all the seeds into a form suitable for sowing is extremely time consuming and expensive. Conventionally bred seeds are patented and sold at seemingly high rates, too. Not all genetically modified crops require Roundup, a chemical that is less toxic than caffeine, in fact none do. Some are made to withstand Roundup, but it’s not required. What contamination? What dead livestock? You make it sound as if they’re killing people. Can you provide any examples? Many third-world farmers prefer the GMO crops because they require fewer pesticides, which means THEY’RE exposed to fewer pesticides, which cause tremendous environmental damage and harm people enormously. Again, what people or livestock have been harmed? I buy GMO foods. You do, too. And you’re fine. Who is dying?

            Whoa. That last bit is a long list. Can you provide evidence for any of those claims of failed and stunted yields, dead and deformed livestock, cancer (from what toxin?), and deflated prices? A smaller percentage of farmers committed suicide among the golden rice producers than among the conventional crop farmers. Wake up yourself, buddy. Here’s some reading materials:

          • Leslielandberg says:

            I am truly growing weary of the army of shills that populate skeptiod. The New Yorker article, one of the several links you provided, supported my position, not yours. Indeed, you would be hard pressed to find any legitimate articles with opposing viewpoints. What you attempt to present here as fringe opinions, not grounded in indisputable fact, can only sway the uniformed. Similarly, you are counting on the lack of curiosity and initiative of these uniformed readers not to click these links. If they do, they will find my arguments well supported. Finally, it is understood by most astute readers that controversial subjects in Wikipedia are often hijacked by corporate shills who engage in whitewashing facts and re-edit faster than the legitimate contributors can keep up with them, so Wikipedia might not be the best source. It depends who’s winning the info war over there on any given day and the background skirmishes make for fascinating reading.

          • leslie says:

            um, wrong. GMO’s are ubiquitous in most all food these days. All corn oils, and foods that contain corn, soy and now rice are mainly GMO. It is in almost all the packaged foods, in your sodas, in most prepared and frozen foods, it’s in just about everything, unless specifically labelled “organic”. And being fed to food animals is just as bad – no, it’s worse. The toxins in the GMO grains are superconcentrated in the meat and milk of these animals just as the pesticides and antibiotics are. Just try to get fat eating all fresh and organic whole foods. You can’t. Rampant super obesity is a feature of the standard American diet, eating massive quantities of prepackaged and fast foods with lots of hidden toxins, such as rancid superprocessed fats made from GMO corn. Wake up, Sheeple!

          • Noah Dillon says:

            What are the toxins? Which chemicals exactly and what GMO foods are they from?

          • Jeff Jensen says:

            Um wrong actually testing done on food purchased from random grocery stores by an anti GMO group. Reported by a spokes person for the organization during an interview on Coast to Coast. They found about 3 to 5 percent was GMO. GMO Corn and Soy beans are being grown at a rate of about 85 to 90 petcent. But that is used as animal feed. The agriculture industry is very sophisticated it is not an industry that is being ignored it is a huge industry and we are able to sell our products to other countries which is important for our economy. The scientific research has been extensive and has found No absolutely No problem with GMO’s. The nonsense websites generate lies and the gullible believe posts based on made up crap that is completely false.

          • Erica Steele says:

            This is not correct. GMOs are part and parcel with all processed foods, as most processed foods contain corn, and soy, in one of their many forms (corn oil, soybean oil, corn starch, modified corn starch, soy leciithin, etc) If you’re not eating organic, you’re eating GMO, and if you’re eating GMO, you’re getting A LOT of glyphosate in your diet, which has been categorized by both the WHO, and the State of California as cancer-causing. In fact, Monsanto encourages its farmers to spray enormous amounts of glyphosate on their crops just before harvest, as it makes the harvest easier….this is a wide-spread practice called crop dessication, and it is commonly used on potatoes, corn, legumes (soy beans). So the plants are now absorbing enormous amounts of cancer causing glyphosate If you care about your health, or your family’s health, EAT ORGANIC. There is a direct correlation between the sky-rocketing cancer rates in this country, and the increased usage of glyphosate. In fact, the FDA just recently approved using INCREASINGLY larger amounts, because the weeds have become more resistant. They are even considering spraying these crops with a production very similar in its toxic ingredients to Agent Orange. And if you don’t know what that is, I recommend that you do some research. https://www.rt.com/usa/monsanto-glyphosate-roundup-epa-483/ https://www.rt.com/usa/156272-epa-dow-agent-orange-herbicide/

      • leslie landberg says:

        Monsanto knows their product is awful. That’s why they pay shills to say how wonderful they are, and buy off the press to suppress the actual facts. Hey, the company that brought you Agent Orange can’t be all bad, right? Oh,cthey were called something else back then. You see, kiddies, every time this evil company wears out its welcome and gets exposed for its villainy, it simply transfers all of its assets to one of its shell corporations and liquidates the previous one. Isn’t business grand?

        • leslie landberg says:

          Okay, I just read the very informed comment preceding mine. I like it. They are taking their old, useless patent for Agent Orange off the shelf, dusting it off, rebranding it and spraying it on our crops, isn’t that lovely? Hey, I hear that we still have some of the original bottles of Agent Orange still lying around in one of our warehouses, we could use that! It has a long shelf life, I think. This isn’t conjecture, it’s probably fact…

  4. It would do those that argue that GMO is hurting small farmers a great deal of good to spend some time on a modern single-operator farm as it would help them lose some of the misconceptions that are driving these arguments. In most cases, successful farmers in this class are business people first, then agronomists, millwrights, equipment operators and chemical technicians, then lastly, (if at all) romantic about what they do. Most have considerable formal education in their field and are well up on the technology and scientific advances in agriculture and try to apply as much of what is available from these areas as they can afford to their operations.

    Outside of Third World subsistence farmers no modern farmer saves seed from last year’s crop to sow the following season, but instead relies on commercial hybridized seed and has done so long before Roundup Ready and other GMO cultivars showed up. They do this because it is far more convenient and because commercial seed is guaranteed to germinate.

    Modern farmers are in no more thrall to their seed suppliers than they are to the companies they buy their equipment, machinery, pesticides, and fertilizers from, and probably less than they are to several other economic entities they must do business with or through like banks and marketing cooperatives.

    • Carl Miller says:

      B.S. Monsanto is suing farmers all over the world after their GMO shit seeds pollinated their organic seeds, and then try and plant them. You really need to study the effects of glyphosphates. Roundup Ready is causing super weeds that it can’t kill without even stronger herbicides. It poisons our food, watet, air, and US. Their plan is worlwide control of food. That should scare even a MORON, which, by your lack of concern, describes you. I have been an organic farmer for over 40 years, and I out-perform gmo’s year after year by selective breeding and no-till farming, which allows the soil to keep its micro – nutrients and organisms, instead of chemically destroying the ground.

  5. Reg says:

    The question presumes the intent and if fact, then only one person can answer it.

    What everyone seems to have forgotten is that vaccines and antibiotics have put us on the credit side when it comes to the squandering of lives. Man has erred once more.

    Oh sorry, this IS purely a logical and economic discussion isn’t it?

    • Christian says:

      Reg, are you saying that vaccines have squandered lives, or saved them ? I am not sure what you’re implying. I THINK you’re saying vaccines have cost lives, but that’s so dumb that I don’t want to put words in your mouth if that’s not what you meant.

      • Reg says:

        Well being in credit means that vaccines and antibiotics have saved an enormous number of lives, even it was a bit globally patchy . But since the subject appears to be one of the pure logic and economics of whether Bill has the power and desire to restore the balance by exterminating one billion people, some-one is playing silly-buggers.

        Quote Bill’s Ted torque, “The world today has 6.8 billion people. That’s headed up to about nine billion. Now, if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by, perhaps, 10 or 15 percent, but there we see an increase of about 1.3. Unquote.

        “Great job and new vaccines” needs defining, but without it I am led to believe that Bill is operating from the best of intentions rather than the worst, what-ever that is, so he is seeking to save the vast population from pain and starvation.

        For this we need a non-reproductive health service, or rather we would have, before Global Warming promised to take a hand and either drown the hoardes or move them into such population density that the warriors would rise to the surface requiring all available sustenance to keep the enemies at bay while the population they are protecting starve to death anyway.

        Not dissimilar to the Republican attitude to defense and health-care.

        I make no judgement, for that we need a real idiot.

        • Christian says:

          Ah. I see…. In my mind, most conspiracy theories start from a feeling of helplessness. Bill Gates has more money than me, so he must be holding me down. I am sure Bill has the best of intentions, and it’s obvious that improved infant health and access to services such as education, will lower the birth rate, and is probably one of the reasons it’s already peaking and starting to drop.

          • Reg says:

            It is ever the human propensity to judge people by the status of their birth regardless of the evidence. Lloyd George and Winston Churchill are cases in point.

            The lowly born Lloyd George of Welsh origin is still seen as the upholder of individual freedom and protector of the masses and yet it was he who, because of his ineptitude, allowed thousands of working people to be slaughtered under the guns of the enemy during WWI.

            While the high born Winston Churchill, from his own jealous desire for personal aggrandizement and recognition and prone to error, truly had the welfare of the individual at his core. But he had the ability to rise above his dreadful failures with the full appreciation that he would probably fail again.

            Bill is fortunate that his wealth, so relatively easily obtained, can be used to help those whom the general population would rather ignore for as long as possible.

            And there we have some fanatic driven to question Bill’s motives as if he should have simply retired on his generous pension until the tides had risen and washed it all away. I’m afraid I cannot help reading some sort of hopeless religious fatalism into such a dismal approach.

          • Christian says:

            Yes, I’ve often wondered why people think so much of Steve Jobs, and so little of Bill Gates, given how they both chose to spend their money and time.

          • Reg says:

            Hey Christian if you follow TED talks, have a look at this one by our very own Mark Kendall, about Nanopatches. Hair raising in its potential.


          • Re: George v. Churchill, daft theory, Churchill regularly tops greatest Briton of all time polls, and maintains massive popularity, he was also as enthusiastic for WW1 as the rest of the early twentieth century British ruling class. Llyod George on the other hand was the son of teachers (thus middle class, not working), he was raised by his uncle after his father died and though his uncle was not a rich man he was (as a shoemaker in the small Welsh community they grew up in) a respected and prominent person and a huge influence.

            You appear to be of the Malcolm Gladwell school of thought that somehow people who are born into great privilage aren’t actually born into great privilage but suffer greatly because of it, most especially becuase of people’s jealously and resentment of those high born, which again would be nice if it had any basis in truth or fact, shockingly it turns out being born into wealth and privilage confers a massive advantage and indeed that advantage has if anything been grossly underestimated. http://www.thersa.org/events/audio-and-past-events/2014/the-truth-about-social-mobility

          • Reg says:

            What rubbishing presumption Sean. I am a long term admirer of Churchill but am not oblivious to his driven need for publicity and self-aggrandizement. His tiny stint on the battle-field of WWI was part of this after his connection with the Dardanelles tragedy. Yes we know by now it was the failure of the officer corps but Churchill suffered dreadfully by his connection.

            Lloyd George, by the time of WWII was smarting at Churchill’s jibes and presumed that when the shit hit the fan the nation would once more call on him. It never did and Churchill ensured that it didn’t. Yes even though Churchill was a great admirer of LG’s ability to speak to the core of a problem, when it came to action, LG was left standing.

            One could say the same about the US.

          • leslie landberg says:

            Or… you might take 15 minutes to peruse the well reasoned arguments of a seasoned blogger wth expert credentials. There are dozens of such professional pundits on the Internet, no need to make up silly reasons, when you can get yourself some facts. Conspiracy is either business as usual or its malarkey. Pattern and practice expose Gates for the monster he is. Starving people don’t need inoculations full of toxic chemicals (and let’s slip in something to sterilize them while we’re at it, as was done in Alabama, Florida, Peurto Rico and many other countries in the past decades) what they need is sanitation, access to safe drinking water and education. A those are the factors that led to the eradication of Polio, measles, whooping cough and many other diseases, that, by the bye, don’t normally kill or maim anyone. If you believe pharma’s dumb and utterly transparent scare tactics, then please shot yourself up with their poison. It’s medical fraud and it’s one of the biggest crimes of our times. The writing is on the wall. Just don’t look for the answers in the American press. Try Europe or Asia.

        • Jeff Jensen says:

          That is just nonsense GMO crops grow fast and are more pest resistant the only time you would spend money to kill weeds is when they were first sprouting. As a kid i have walked through crops that were hybrid and never repeat never received herbicids. The soil was turned over so last year’s crop and weeds were under ground. The crop either Soy bean or corn alternated each year was so dense that weeds were not a problem. With one exception Sunflowers they were best dealt with by cutting them off before the seed could develop. One other point the grass hoppers were very abundant back then they ate leaves so they were not a problem either. It is my understanding that the locust type volumes of this type of insect has been prevented because tilling the soil kill them while the are in the ground so the numbers never reach the devastating levels that eat everything in there path.

      • alix says:

        hello ding dong!…
        Its been proven logically and scientifically that vaccines cause more harm then good for most people. And here is why:
        1. Vaccine is a virus introduced to a body for a purpose to strengthen the immune system.
        2. If the immune system is already shot then your only lowering the organisms natural way of protecting itself. As a result your making the organism more vulnerable to attacks and it often lethal.
        3. The immune shot is not tailored to individual organism and its condition and/or medical needs to be effective for all. Often times a patients exhibits an adverse reaction due to unknown side effect from the shot.
        4. Shots for kids and infants is prohibited by common sense because the childs immune system is only developing and strengthening itself against such attacks but instead you attack the vulnerable organism with so many shots that this child gets sick and unforeseen reaction follows.

        Ive witnessed personally such reactions to an infant and nothing logical was found about it.

        Now when we begin to use targeted and tailored vaccine shots ill keep my mouth shut for time being.

        • Eric Hall says:

          So you say it has been scientifically proven to cause harm, but then you post links which show pretty definitively they do not. I’m not sure where you are going with your comments, but vaccines do work – not perfectly, but better than almost anything else we can do to treat or prevent disease.

          • alix says:

            i post links to show both sides. And I didnt say they didnt work. I said they were useless/harmful to the already destroyed immune system. Read the conditions again because ill just be repeating myself all over again.

        • Each vaccine contains a small amount of the disease germ (virus or bacteria) or parts of the germ. Examples are the measles virus, pertussis (whooping cough) bacteria, and tetanus toxoid. Vaccines do not cause disease because the germs are either dead or weakened and the toxoids are inactive.
          just quoted from the definition.

  6. fagsaresin says:

    All you sheep for GMO seeds deserve all the deaths that come. I cant wait..

    • Christian says:

      Wow – that doesn’t seem like a trolling post at all…

      • Reg says:

        Perhaps he, she or it, is being sarcastic. Who knows. Bananas and Strawberries are genetically modified.

        Oh I get it, it can’t wait to die. 🙂

        Now that’s an interesting thought. Waiting is PART of dying.

        Which reminds me…. wandering…. on the Tibetan mountain sides, the air has half the oxygen content but ten times the ultra-violet rays of that found at sea level. Seedlings die in a few hours if exposed to such radiation. Farasaresin should try doing a Kramer in the tanning machine, without goggles of course, that should hurry the process.

        • Christian says:

          The username is what marks it as deliberate trolling, as much as anything.

          But yes, everyone dies. You just need to wait.

          Tanning machines are being made illegal where I live. There’s even talk of a buyback scheme. Personally I think it’s a waste of money, that’s just natural selection at work.

          • Reg says:

            Buy-back scheme be buggered, bad commercial choices deserve to shrivel on the vine. They probably paid for their investment in their first flush of over-charging anyway. Does anyone think the cigarette manufacturers need compensation?

            So much stuff comes on the market at inflated prices and all it takes is a single purchase to discover it’s rubbish, which all producer wanted anyway. The majority simply write it off as a bad choice. Just imagine, 100,000 sales at $25 to totally dissatisfied customers each described as getting what they paid for. Crap. $2,500,000 for an outlay of a pittance by the hawker. Plus postage. Have a look at those “Stocking Fillers.” Anything from an iPhone to a plastic duck.

            By the way I’m a Nokia user surrounded by iPhones. I have lost count of the hours and days lost returning other people’s iPhones to Apple for repairs or condemnation, but never a Nokia.

            Apple don’t buy anything back even though it’s only the battery. They want $179 for their failure.

          • Christian says:

            I’m an Android man myself. I didn’t know Nokia still existed 🙂

          • Reg says:

            I did not know that Androids had got to that level of intelligence?

            Haven’t you seen their Nokia 25 megabit stabilized camera phone? Or whatever. High res zoomed in shots without shake. Almost like being there. Duel lens three D projected on the eye-balls is next I imagine.

            My SIL makes a living from doing the art on some of those dreadful games and he’s changed from iPhone to .. what is it again…andy-roid to make sure they look as intended? So it sounds as if you’re on the right track Christian #178463. 🙂

            On the tanning business, they used to rub dog poo on hides to cure it, so perhaps there’s a thought for a natural tanning process in there somewhere. Wolf poo might be even better. I know snake poo is a cert for getting possums, mice and rats out of the ceiling.

            What were we talking about again?

          • Christian says:

            *grin* I can’t remember, either. I do have a feeling Nokia does Windows phones now, that’s why they are outside my sphere.

          • Reg says:

            Yeah Windows phones are just so cuddly and Apple security is driving me around the bend yet still it fails.

            The only conclusion I can draw from this is that so many users HATE Apple, that security is their never-ending problem. I had a 24 character, no spaces Apple password and still someone breached it. shisss.

      • Snoopy says:

        Everyone is so brainwashed. I own a Wellness Company and I’ve seen more people in the last 15 years with more digestive and autoimmune diseases than ever before. It’s our God given right to have clean food and to be able to prosper within our own families. People cannot prosper and live free when their intestines has accumulated a BT Toxin from a GMO food. People with money should teach others how to farm healthy and lift each other up as opposed to making them sick and selling them drugs that only toxify their livers. Most hospitals perform Gallbladder surgeries and give antacid drugs today. Once the digestive tract is messed up, the whole immune system is shot. Most people are too busy to actually notice what’s going on because they’re working long hours just to make the bills. Learn Hydrophonic Organic GMO free farming. Trust your own gardening. Cover it up, because they will drop Chemtrails from above. May God bless those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear. Truth is power.

        • Brian says:

          Snoopy runs an alternative health care business? His/her comments above seem to indicate a lack of medical/science knowledge and will therefore be ignored.

          It beggars belief how some people can have such irrational unfounded beliefs. Snoopy will dismiss my response of course and find all sorts of reasons why she/he is right and I am wrong. I take comfort from the fact that the majority of the population are rational, educated people.

        • Snoopy: Yes we agree that chemtrails and BT toxin from GMO food deserve an equal amount of concern. None.

        • leslie landberg says:

          Basically, to the super rich, we are merely farm animals to be exploited. And we certainly are doing our part to cooperate…well, except for me. I USE my brain.

  7. Christian says:

    People seem to love Apple, they seem completely oblivious to the fact that they are at least as evil as Microsoft.

  8. Really respect your logical analysis of the Gates foundation. I remember that Ted talk, and all these people on a few websites taking what he said totally out of context. It was obvious he was talking about reducing the growth of the population through birth control, but people were so willing to burn him at the stake they were blinded by their pre-existing opinion. Ironic because most of these people think they are “spiritual”…. not even close…

    • Reg says:

      Some people cannot separate themselves from the conviction that having money and thus power, equates with the desire to perform evil acts. Crazy.

      I too am convinced that no matter how clearly and concisely one says something, there are always others who, by acts of pure closed-mindedness, WILL not understand.

      This is why primary school teachers have to keep repeating themselves, so what does that say about the some of the TED listeners?

    • Jeff Jensen says:

      He had said at other times that “over and over when the survival of the babies and children improved then the mother realized they didn’t need to have as many children” I think it is similar effect to when the birth rates went up in war torn countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan.

    • leslie landberg says:

      It burns me how he was quoted out of context and his words were twisted. He may be evil, but he’s not stupid. He would never admit his agenda out loud. And people who misquote him are not helping expose him, they are just being yahoos.

  9. Bill gates is blind to the spirit. He does not see the soul. Had the devil show up looking like God he would think the devil was God doing his biding. Satan wants life sterilized. Satan is in the Police system too. Bill Gates does not see beyond this life. Bodies that are dark inside see darkness after this life. Those with the Father of lights in them knows that there will be light after this life for those not refusing to be like Jesus is. Jesus does not want death.

    • Christian says:

      Was this written by a real person, or some sort of AI bot ? If the latter, it’s not a very good one…

    • Jake Mono says:

      “Be fruitful and multiple” was sound advice to the sheep herders who wrote the bible. But we’re facing an overpopulation problem now. You’ll have to explain why choosing not to breed like rabbits is wrong, because not all of us view humanity as a means for pumping people into Heaven (especially when considering that according to you most of them end up in Hell). Satan doesn’t exist, now go back and think about morality in terms of real life instead of the fantasy world you were told by your parents. Not being born is not the same as dying!

  10. Chris Hunt says:

    If he were really trying to kill or maim millions of people, funding dodgy crops and fake vaccines seems like a really inefficient way to achieve that aim.

    Why not just hang on to his money and let famine and disease do the job for him?

    • Because you can’t make billions of dollars killing and maiming people and stealing their farmland and water rights if you sit back on the sidelines and let some other fellow do it!

      This is all about money and the most successful greenwashing con I have ever seen.

      The comments in this thread largely indicate that as smart as most of the people are making the comments, they are completely uniformed on the topic of GMO’s and seed and vaccine dumping.

      No one in the first world wants these seeds or these vaccines. Gates is dumping them on fourth and fifth world populations.

      Already we have seen mass “accidental” sterilizations, and mass suicides from similar seed programs in India. The GMO crops are massively expensive for the largely subistance level farmers that his projects target. Thousands are poisened by the application of Roundup, their animals die eating the crops, no one wants to buy the result, the crops fail to produce, the farmer goes into massive debt and end up bankrupted. Millions of acres have been bought up this way. It is a massive land grab scheme.

      This has happened again and again,wherever GMO and roundup ready crops are sold. Golden rice has been a huge fiasco from a marketing standpoint and people are starving. Geez, people, read the fucking news….

      Oh, that’s right, there’s an almost complete media blackout on this country. Try reading the foreign press if you need to stay informed, lol.

      • Thousands are poisoned by application of roundup? Who where? Are you talking about occupational exposure? What media black out? My internet is overflowing with unsubstantiated opinion stories about GMO, monsanto, and golden rice. What are you talking about? The all powerful GMO companies can silence US media but not Europe. All powerful in america but not Europe. I mean really….. golden rice is simply a free completely safe, win win, for children who are starving and going blind due to Vit A deficiency but fear-mongers would rather proselytize, than look at the evidence, fear monger rather than look at the benefits, and organic food proponents and corporations would rather blind children than see any of their overpriced market share slip from GMO. Organic mouthpieces would rather you be afraid of conventional and GMO because that keeps you buying their premium priced nonsense. So they spend millions on blocking golden rice with propaganda. Another generation of blind kids, great job. Criminal negligence and ideology in my opinion. Yo want to drink the kool-aid fine but don’t pick on golden rice there is simply no downside to it. Unless organic promoters are worried that it will save children and prove that fear mongering about the food supply is all a big scam.

        • leslie landberg says:

          For God’s sake,google it, people. Do I really need to spoon feed you the links? Yes, U.S. is in a near complete media blackout. Check the pressing Europe. GMao’s are banned there.

          • leslie landberg says:

            Sorry for typos, it’s late here.

          • It’s funny because the billion dollar organic food industry that consistently fear mongers against GMO’s are so silent. A complete blackout my but! Yes by all means google GMO and try to find a website that doesn’t fear monger GMO’s. Like every other comment here arguing the same sort degeneration in to fear mongering instead of discussion about facts. You can’t throw a rock in the US without seeing some anti-GMO prophet standing on their bully pulpit screaming at someone. Yes, you can prove that people can be scared into being afraid…often very afraid. Afraid enough to label, gmos, give vaccine exemtions, and buy organic. It doesn’t make it a realistic fear. Politicians respond to anger and fear predictably, even unfounded fear.
            So go ahead start with the organic industry cook book of talking points because apparently you like being a shill for them.

      • “Already we have seen mass “accidental” sterilizations, and mass suicides from similar seed programs in India. The GMO crops are massively expensive for the largely subistance level farmers that his projects target. Thousands are poisened by the application of Roundup, their animals die eating the crops, no one wants to buy the result, the crops fail to produce, the farmer goes into massive debt and end up bankrupted. Millions of acres have been bought up this way. It is a massive land grab scheme.”

        As far as I can tell, none of this has actually happened in the way you say it has.

  11. Troy says:

    GMO are sold by the same corporations(Monsanto,Dow,DuPont) that claim they are safe when third party scientists know they cause cancer in lab rats within a month. The FDA has nothing to do with clearing them for consumption. Funny,the yields are not higher!! Guess who’s minding the store folks,nobody? History shows us that if you have the budget you can sell a camel a toothbrush or star in your very own version of history of the world.

  12. newsdecoded says:

    Bill needs to pay his deal off to his God Moloch who is Satan’s Chief Demon God, a billion souls ahh thats nothing for Bill – Gefiltefish – as long as he delivers these sacrifices he can keep bringing out more useless versions of word that the whole world has to subscribe to because they are all already pre-downloaded onto the computer at the point of purchase and soon the whole world will always be his ….mooooohhhhhhaaaaaaahahahahahah

  13. Ron says:

    Please explain the theory on exactly how this works:

    “higher-standard of living equals lower birth rates. Included in this are things like good health care, better food and, yes, vaccines”.

    Why would these things reduce birth rates rather than increase them?

  14. whocares says:

    Bill Gates would do the world more good if he were in a BODY BAG and the sooner the better!

  15. Patty Soos says:

    There is no discussion here we already GMO’s are unsafe it has been proven. We already know that it is a way to control food. No one should control the seed supply…plan and simple ….Don’t bother listening to the people are not free thinkers or who are blogger hired by Monsanto

    • innominata says:

      Oh dear. Now ‘Free Thinker’ means ‘Doesn’t do their own research, and continues to promote the myth of GMO danger’. SUPPLY PEER REVIEWED LITERATURE if you want to be taken seriously, otherwise go away, you are wasting electricity.

    • Christian says:

      Patty, here’s all you need to know about the credibility of those warning you about Monsanto


      • Reg says:

        Congratulation on the find Christian. I hope someone reads it.

        A clever kid.

        This reminds me of the natives who were breaking into the experimental plots to get the GMO bananas because their stable diet of local bananas were disease ridden. They ones they had to cook before they could eat them.

    • Drew says:

      Good job, calling it like it is, these guys are so full of themselves and their pushing of propaganda! It’s crazy. They have either never researched what they are endorsing or they are paid propagandist. Have they no conscience?

      • Eric Hall says:

        Do you have any proof that either of those scenarios are true? How about the claim that GMOs are unsafe?

        Patty does raise an interesting concern in the control over seeds in the form of patents. But that is an entirely different issue from the safety. Muddling those two points together only weakens the legitimate argument.

      • Last refuge of the poor argument. If you can’t refute it try to impugn the bias of your opponent. Because that proves that you have no evidence to offer

      • leslie landberg says:

        No,they’re paid. I don’t think the compensation is that much any longer. The crappy products need to be unloaded on the third world because no one in the first world wants them. A product nearing practical obsolescence isn’t worth shilling for. Now the GMO’s are used to orchestrate land grabs. Millions of acres in India and Sudan have been grabbed by Monsanto and by Gates. Only someone stupid would tell such transparent lies about something that has been already so well documented in mainstream media. Swear to God, every link these douchebags post is a paid shill site….just like this one. Any studies they site, inclusive of University studies, are bankrolled by their companies and all the results highly cherry picked. It’s sham science and pay to publish. Um, don’t we all know this by now? It’s 2016!

  16. Raiden says:

    Yeah, why not sign over the food supply to half a dozen multinational corporations, the largest of whom got their start by causing half a million babies to be born mutilated in Africa?

    IF my head were one of Bill Gates’s testicles, I would think “yeah, what a great idea”. But fortunately it isn’t.

    And for f1ck’s sake. Enough with the “higher yields” charade. Europe has just as high yields of corn compared to the US. In 2005, 2007 and 2010 we had MORE. Screw you and screw Monsanto that nobody in America has the BALLS to stand up to.

    • Christian says:

      Did you read my link above or are you scared to ?

      • Sin says:

        So because one group of people who spoke out against this corporation turns out to consist solely of clowns and ass hats it automatically means that nobody could ever have a valid complaint against said corporation???

        Sounds like some of that flimsy science you’re so disappointed in everyone who disagrees with you for using…

        Did YOU read the links someone else provided which takes the position that the claim of higher yields for GMOs is, in fact, bad science that fails to take into account all the environmental factors that determine crop yield???

        For me, this begs the question…what’s the difference between you and the average GMO naysayers??? You say that they’re all wrong and you’re right because you did the research and they obviously didn’t, otherwise they would come to the same conclusions as you…but you seem to disregard any info that doesn’t fit with the conclusions you’ve already drawn…

        Hold still now…this is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you…**smacks Christians nose with a rolled up newspaper** BAD SCIENTIST!!! BAD BAD SCIENTIST!!!

        Go ahead…keep ignoring whatever you don’t want to hear…see if I don’t rub your nose it…

  17. alix says:

    U can explain it all you want and bring up all kinds of scientists and years of research. BUT, knowing that we all have been conditioned to take what scientists say as a sacred fact and no more thinking required is unacceptable. Good scientists died to break stories and describe the many circumstances how they are slaves for a lack of a better word to the people they work for and anything they do will reflect on them for better or worse. I cant trust scientists in general but i can trust those that dont contradict my common sense. When you have equally competent scientist contradict one another, that’s another sign that one or the other is playing some kind of game for someone. The game is much bigger then scientists, and the hierarchy of power really helps to keep u dumb, because you must never question your superior. So all in all, yes you’ve explained much and used a logical way to make sense of it, but logic and truth is not the same thing. I dont care that it makes sense, u can make sense of something in multiple ways as long as your brain buys into it. So, just because u require logic and quiet conscience to believe, not all are so. Trust me with so much going on and having no connection to each other is absurd. After all when another country has no democracy then that fact affects us so much all the way from there, that we must help them restore balance. If this is in fact true then draw your own conclusions regarding common characteristics, tactics and behavior. And if you need a research paper to prove this is so well then it will be one heck of a trip for you to convince you of anything.

    • Eric Hall says:

      You, like many who seem to not be convinced of vaccine safety, confuse accepting the science for accepting the word of a scientist. While a scientist or group of scientists may develop a certain level of trust due to their expertise and experience, it is the science, data, and evidence which provides the truth, not the scientist. I may not read every single paper, because I trust scientists who have in the past displayed a level of expertise in interpreting data in studies. Thus I don’t necessarily have to read every study, for I can reasonably trust that scientist to interpret future results – so I may not look at some papers as close. But do not confuse “the word of a scientist” for “the science.” It is that which guides our knowledge.

      • alix says:

        U can have many equally competent scientists argue on the same thing and defend different results because one believes with his whole being its a mistake to do this instead of that and the other vs. So yes, i dont trust first their intentions are good. Scientist may work for the money, fame..etc. Most of all they do it to know! the natural curiosity and unfortunately that doesn’t come with being being good necessarily. I see that you must trust the data but that still comes with a degree of trust to scientists. Its not difficult to fake results if you know you have trust of the people. And proving anything lately is a pain in the ass. You make this judgement call that “if the dog in front of me behaves then it will behave everywhere it goes with out over watch”. I rather be skeptical in the end.
        All of my sentiments are never rigid enough to be stuck and everything is fluid enough to change

        • Uhh no what you have is a tiny minority of crank medical persons mostly practicing outside their specialty to promote an ideologue. Skepticism is not denying anything that doesn’t fit into you preconceived ideas. It is not dogma it is evidence balanced by size and quality. It is weighting facts based on the preponderance of the evidence no matter what your ideas are. The problem with vaccines arguments are that the demands to explore problems have been met, and it has been an avalanche of benefit and a tiny risk. This has been replicated time and time again. The best piece of evidence against vaccines has been found to be a fraud based on a hucksters attempt to sell his own vaccine. So why waste time looking at the same tired arguments? Belief and dogma is the arena of the Ideologue which you clearly are.

          • leslie landberg says:

            Stephen, I hope the pharmaceutical and biotech companies are paying you well to spew your propaganda on skeptoid. (Please don’t dispute you are getting paid, your name is plastered across the Internet and it is common knowledge among those who follow the money that you have been receiving pay checks for quite some time). My guess is that few are listening anymore. The cat is long out of the bag. You shrilly declare to have “science” on your side, against the overwhelming tide of independent studies which expose your corporate sponsored brand of science to be what it is, a vast fraud perpetrated upon a population that has not had access to a free press in decades. Those of us with more than a GED have seen the real scientific evidence…and it is damning. Throw in the towel and get a real job. Uber is hiring…but of course they are set to replace your ilk with computers, so? You are writing lies for criminals, how about speechwriting in D.C.? I hear that can pay quite well!

          • Jeff Jensen says:

            I think you need to be aware that people are paid to produce content that will generate clicks there is a huge industry of outrageous things being presented real information on every imaginable subject that is just made up. If people click they get paid by what ever advertising is there. So if lots of people are interested in a subject then you can bet that most that horrible stuff you are referring to is just a bunch of lies.

          • mudguts says:

            haahahaa.. I love it when the angry woo post..

          • leslie landberg says:

            His statement is rational and reasonable and in fact something everyone already knows about the Internet. Get out more often, Mudflaps.

          • mudguts says:

            me get out more? (woob woob woob)

          • Wha????? I get paid??? Thanks thank you very much! I am now in elite company called a paid shill. I get to join an illustrious group of my fellow skeptics. Finally the truth is threatening enough that now you have to attack my character. I love it. It is real honor to be called a shill. Badge of honor in skepticism.

          • mudguts says:

            Its amazing how many of us stooges there are Stephen.. Millions of us! I enjoy big parma.. ham to the world!


  18. alix says:

    Educate yourself because my education is ongoing

  19. OneSmall Spot says:

    “Don says:
    May 29, 2014 at 10:00 pm
    When you’re afraid your children might not survive until adulthood, you have more of them to compensate.”

    What century are you living in??

    • Are we really arguing this point? It is established fact. Here in the first world we have negative population growth due chiefly to our low infant mortality rate. Lack of education and choice around birth control, plus poverty and disease equals super big families. Only a couple of kids are likely to make it all the way to 20, so you give birth to a dozen.

      Geez, is this a new concept for anyone here?

    • A good percentage of the world lives in conditions close to the 19th century. So the answer is it depends? And yes high pediatric mortality results in an increase in live birth rate. Every industrialized nation as it adopts better sanitation and health practices see a clear decline in birth rates.

      • leslie landberg says:

        Hey, we agree on something!

        • leslie landberg says:

          BTW, America has the highest infant mortality rate of any first world nation. There is a large and growing underclass composed of non native immigrants and historically. poor, underserved minorities and whites. We have a steeply divided class system here, which pulls our overall stats down significantly in all indices as relates to third world nations. Neoliberalism, which is basically modern day fascism, is mostly responsible for the policies which preserve and grow this underclass. And so called liberal policies aren’t far behind as causative factors either. Welcome to the 21st Century, America.

  20. Black says:

    Of course you’ll say nothing wrong is taking place here. Just look at your last name. *cough*

  21. Hey says:


    • yo says:

      Just read more , people and if u think it’s crazy conspiracy, fine…. myself I was skeptical about it but I read on a internet site …. i would not put the link here…something is going to happen in US in november, probably a financial fall, and a fake flag alarm of pandemic for Ebola. It’s possible Bill Gates is just a “slave” on their terms, Idk, he is a visible face, just like these Rotschild guy ….ashkenazi. The people with the real power don’t show their faces to the world, Bill is doing the dirty work, while we are being so ignorants and blinded by what I call…the corporations of Death and distraction, but apparently…some of them cares for what people actually believe or not. For what I see in some comments …. it’s very interesting …. Anyway you moron, nice eye, “big brother”, the eye of isis, does not belong to the devil

    • leslie landberg says:

      Hear,hear. The intellectual complacency and plain ol’ ignorance of the American public is VAST.

  22. Mary says:

    And now he’s responsible for creating Ebola.

  23. kimber says:

    So you are saying that 47,000 some children were paralyzed that had gotten the vaccine? Was there an investigation?

  24. Penis Georg says:

    Did Mr.Burkham write this?

  25. John says:

    Did anyone picpick up on the fact that the author’s last name?

    • Alison Hudson says:

      Yes, we here at Skeptoid are proud to have a member of the Rothschild family to keep us in line with the Illuminati plans — er, I mean, help us dispel myths, rumors, and pop woo.

      [And just because this is the Internet: SARCASM.]

    • Anti-semitism, I always thought it was in decline until you read the comments section and everyone loves your name mike.

  26. Matt says:

    What I do find kind of ironic and funny is the writers last name is Rothschild. hahaha

    • Z DeMarco says:

      it is all funny. i am a Hebrew by birth my nane whas changed not by chance but by reason. Bynum, Goldberg. yes i have blood line. but all this sh!t seams stupid to me. but it is what it is. l l l. Z

  27. Misato says:

    This article has some nerve calling those who see things differently, even if it is factual, as conspiracy nuts, when it equates the wealth of Bill Gates to those of the Bildeberg group.

    They say conspiracy people call Bill Gates wealthy enough to be in the Bildeburg group. I have heard a lot of conspiracy people, and no, I have not heard any of them, not ONE, equate Bill Gates’s wealth to those of the Bildeberg group.

    I don’t know how many times I have heard this, and it simply is JUST NOT TRUE. Not by a long shot. Bill Gates is not THAT rich, and that is a simple FACT!

    Microsoft’s net worth, was, at one time, around the 80 billion dollar mark. I agree that compared to the vast majority of the people, that is hard to imagine, but compared to the Rockefellers, the Morgans, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, the Sam Walton family, and lets not forget the world’s only trillionaires, the Rothschilds, Gate’s wealth and worth combined is chump change compared to them.

    Kind of takes the credibility out of this entire article.

  28. Johnny jonjonjon says:

    Sounds like you set your brain to heavy duty wash!
    Those poor farmers are being pressured into conforming to monsantos requirements to use certain gmo
    crops which then need to have all the chemical fertilizers and pesticides that must be used which leaves them
    completely hopelessly dependent on the corporations!!! Win!!!!
    Or they could grow organic heirloom crops full of naturally occurring nutrients and plenty of viable seeds that don’t require all the chemicals! Crazy

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Actually a lot of GMO crops require less pesticides and herbicides than their conventional and even organic counterparts: that’s their main selling point. There are farmers in India who are grateful to use GMO crops because they’re not being exposed to the horrific amount of deadly insecticides that they’d been using previously. And their yields are larger, too. Look it up. You can dismiss it as propaganda afterward, but it’d be nice if you just read it as patiently and earnestly as many pro-GMO advocates have read anti-GMO claims.

      It’s also worth pointing out that organic seed companies are also corporations, as are organic pesticide companies. In fact a lot of organic farmers buy their seeds from Monsanto.

  29. Think4yourself! says:

    Misato, We all must be very careful with our facts, these are the days when people just repeat, repeat, repeat… (And also the days when it’s never been faster and easier to research). Bill Gates is once again the richest man in the US – http://www.forbes.com/forbes-400 and to everyone else, poor and rich, who are so quick on the draw to stickup for all the poor rich folk, and misuse the “conspiracy theory” definition, a quick question; WHY?

  30. adam c says:

    The guy who wrote this last name is ROTHSCHILD. LOL!!no one caught that?

  31. kim says:

    Me I just pray for bill gates to return to square 1 . course he really missusing the resources he is endowed with

  32. x ray says:

    – a global “welfare state where obedient slaves will be rewarded and non-conformists targeted for extermination.”

  33. jessica says:

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    the illuminati and entrusts Ashkenazim Jew, Adam Weishaupt, a
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    development. The illuminati is to be based upon the teachings of the
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    be called the illuminati as this is a Luciferian term which means,
    keepers of the light.

    under the authority of the grand master. Supreme mother.

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    view the attachment.



  34. Rev. Marvin E. Purser, Jr. says:

    The Bilderberg Group is made up of invited people from each of many countries and they are only allowed to serve only a one two year term. They also may be asked to serve another one. Gov. Rick Perry, conservative from Texas has served at least one term. Hillary Clinton has served at least a one year term. The list with dates of all who have served can be found on Google by typing in “Bilderberg Group membership list.” The purpose of the group is to make the world ready to work as one World and plan what to do should we be invaded by another planet. The group can be trusted, but not by people who are so paranoid they do not want to research the facts about the people they are always against. Go Figure!

  35. DB says:

    Okay, I gave this article a thorough read just for the sake of examining all the viewpoints on this issue. I was getting ready to go on a long diatribe picking it apart bit by bit to expose the plethora of dis/misinformation presented here as “fact”, along with numerous logical fallacies. But obviously, that would do no good as many logical thinkers have preceded me in doing so, to no avail — which is the whole reason this article was written in the first place.

    But then, I got to the end where the author’s name is penned and just about lost it in a fit of laughter. This is all that really needs to be said:

    A ROTHSCHILD, writing an article to debunk “conspiracy theories”?! REALLY???!? Are you FREAKING kidding me?!!!! ROFLMAO.

    • Sigh it is completely anti-semantic to think that everyone name Rothschild is directly related to the banking family. Do you think everyone name Ronald mac Donald has some connection to mcDonalds corporation.

    • Betsy Clouse says:

      enough said!

    • Dan says:

      Lol the name was probably intentionally put by this disinformation agent so that we truthers would recognize thus guy doesn’t even believe the cap he’s saying in hopes of getting under our skin.

      • Noah Dillon says:

        What? I don’t understand your hypothesis. You think someone wants you to know that they’re lying, even though the only point of lying is to make sure the person being lied to doesn’t know, and that they’re trying to be honest about their lying by putting a special Easter Egg signal in for you to find? And you think that that special signal is a made up name? And that a supposed conspiracy of the most powerful people on Earth chose to share their secret admission that they’re lying to you by putting it on a free, volunteer-run science blog with entries on bigfoot and diaper rashes and stuff about YouTube videos? What? Like, really, what?

  36. Craig says:

    To understand the harm of GMO’s, you have to realize nature. Man is not better than nature. We can’t
    “improve” on it. Knowledge destroys our connection with it. Science, in that way, is death. Agriculture is destroying our planet. Research Masanobu Fukuoka before you go telling people you’re an environmentalist.

    • Nature hates us and will clearly kills if given half a chance.
      Soooo-no nature is not your friend. The next time you have strep throat let it go untreated, its natural, and lets go get some rattlesnakes and piss them off… Also nice and natural. Chew on some foxglove natural. Eat some lead wooo natural is so good for you. lets eat some food contaminated with Claustridium Botulin 100% all natural.
      Yes knowledge is bad maybe you should go try them and learn for yourself that nature is your friend.

  37. revolution 2016 says:

    another puppet writing articles. GMO’s are bad, Vaccines are bad, Bill is Bad. these are facts

    • mudguts says:

      This place is a magnet for woo artists guys… but at least its three months between the ending woo sprouts.

      Guys, you can expand on your arguments if you have original ones. I think the bloggers should actually give marks for woo originality.

      Sadly the last two wouldnt get marked on that basis..

  38. Dan says:

    Yeah how about the interview where he openly states that he believes in death panels? Didn’t include that one huh? And whatever study claimed that good health causes people to produce less children is insane lol. That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. If anything sick people have less energy and interest in sex and therefore would produce less children. Healthy people on the other hand would have NORMAL average amounts of sex and therefore average amounts of children. To say otherwise is pseudo science at best.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      I defy you to find an interview where Bill Gates says “he believes in death panels.” Also: you coming up with a rationalization for what you think should be motivating factors for people having children is far more pseudoscientific than any study, however poorly constructed. I mean, what evidence are you basing your analysis on? Have you looked at the developing world? Have you looked at the natural world? If life is short and dangerous, it’s in your genetic interest to make a lot of offspring. Think about it.

      • Jeff Jensen says:

        Yes it happened in Iraq when death rates went up after things settled down a bit the birth rate went way up. But it is well documented that when diseases that plagued remote areas are eradicated by Vaccines and improvements in safe wate and food. Woman have fewer baby’s even though they might have more resources. If you read the Forbes article about Bill and Malinda Gates you will understand they have never said they want to reduce the population by killing people. But by the natural tendencies of woman to have fewer babies because the ones they have will more likely survive. How ever he states that doesn’t get us to zero population growth so education and birth control access is also part of his plan. Because what they saw traveling in very poor countries in particular was minimal resorses yet woman were having huge families. The growth of population needs to stop and it is the poor countries that are contributing virtually all of the gains. Most advanced countries have very close to zero population growth.

  39. Judith mullins says:

    If this is true why is there no news about it on the tv networks.

  40. Ralph Jewberg says:

    People in this country better wake up.
    Apparently if you become mega wealthy you automatically get to make worldly decisions on how everyone else should run their lives. Bill Gates is a computer dork who caught a break.
    Anything he says about philosophy is a joke. He should just kill himself 😉

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Wow. That is really dark and grim. God. You just demanded that someone commit suicide. What a lousy thing to do. The guy isn’t even making decisions about how everyone should run their lives. Handing out mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa isn’t making “worldly decisions on how everyone else should run their lives.” What do you do for a living that you should be telling who should kill themselves or who is OK?

      The other thing is that Bill Gates is just a person. He can make a lot of money at Microsoft AND read philosophy, or follow sports, or become a good fly fisherman, or whatever. I don’t know what philosophy you’re referring to, and I don’t know what philosopher said that people can only do one thing and they should kill themselves. Was that Bishop Berkeley? Or Kierkegaard?

  41. Ralph Jewberg says:

    Dear Bill Gates,

    Shut the Fu’k up! Why don’t you vaccinate yourself and then shove Monsanto’s delicious poison down you and your families throats.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      I’m pretty sure Bill Gates has gotten vaccinated. Vaccines also have nothing to do with Monsanto, despite what you might’ve read. http://www.skepticalraptor.com/skepticalraptorblog.php/gmo-refusers-vaccine-deniers-cross-call-big-pharma-monsanto/

      Vaccines save lives and since they’re so rarely taken—unlike blood pressure medications, cholesterol medications, pain pills, antidepressants, etc., which are taken at least once daily—they’re not profitable for drug companies to develop. So this paranoia that this is all just a moneymaking scheme actually doesn’t make any sense at all. Drug companies aren’t angels; they’re companies. But vaccines save lives.

      • Freedom says:

        depends on what is IN the vaccine, friend. not everything that comes as an angel is an angel.

        • Noah Dillon says:

          I don’t understand what you’re trying to say. Are you talking about a particular vaccine or ingredient? If you’re making a weirdly veiled reference to Thimerosal, you should probably realized that that ingredient is no longer used in any vaccines except one, which is not given to children. But, again, I’m not sure what you’re trying to say.

  42. Jeff stone says:

    Bill Gates looks like a turtle

  43. Freedom says:

    a fool is a gent whose entire site is devoted to supporting fracking, pollution, poisoning kids with non nutrient rich foods, supporting billionaires he doesn’t even know. what a sell out site. Can I ask if this site is up for sale for maybe one thousand piggies?

    • Noah Dillon says:

      That’s a weird accusation. There isn’t even advertising here and it’s run by volunteers and donations. This site doesn’t have a single point of view, except that scientific skepticism is better than nonsense. For instance, unlike some other people on here, I’m not pro-fracking, but I am anti-coal. No one on here is pro-pollution and you’ll note that there are a ton of articles about the urgent danger of global warming. No one here is into poisoning kids, but we’re also not supportive of alarmism and organic food industry fear mongering propaganda, which is a big business. No one supports billionaires here, but there is a lot of weird, fear mongering, unfounded, and strangely anti-semitic propaganda about some of these people.

      It’s always been surprising to me that Bill Gates, who sells software and has organizations to help kids and poor people, gets demonized by conspiracy mongers, while some like the Koch brothers, who make a lot of money off the fossil fuel industry and have a demonstrated track record of threatening people physically and legally, don’t get so much scrutiny. It’s weird.

  44. Debora Ramm says:

    The extra ingredients in vaccinations not vaccinations are killing people, as are the Chemtrails. We are being indoctrinated into a belief system that is killing us…The safety of these vaccines are not being addressed…The American people are not stupid, they will hopefully have the scales removed from their eyes and see the truth.

  45. ATHANA BELI says:


  46. June says:

    I think it’s possible that Bill Gates could succeed in some way, to lowering population rates benignly, through legitimate immunisation, whilst at the same time wanting to get the population down an extra few billion. The maths say 10 – 15% are not near enough his goals. If someone wanted to control population, and then stabilise it, they might well pour millions in to that research. If it were not for his plain speech on depopulation and the likes of the rich as Kissinger and Rockefeller, one could more rationally dismiss it as hysteria.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      It’s pretty clear when you look at demographic and economic data that one of the best ways to reduce population size is with better medical care and greater wealth, which seems to be exactly what people like Bill Gates are advocating: economic development, mosquito nets, immunizations, etc. I don’t know what Kissinger or Rockefeller thing you’re talking about, but I’d bet it’s like people jumping up and down about Bill Gates, that it’s misrepresented and irrational hysteria over some pretty rational policy aims.

    • mudguts says:

      You wouldnt wonder why the folk who bother would call that a wank?

  47. Arthur Rametsi says:

    Like the AIDS virus that was spread in Africa by his predecessors in and consequently wiped out our entire villages, Africa is targeted by eugenics by the so called foundations or philantropists like Bill Gates. Remember his father was a eugenicist too. He is just continuing the legacy of his evil father and his forefathers.

    We do not need all his nonsense in Africa. We have thrived here even before the white man came into existence into this world. If he feels that he needs to help someone, there are many white children in Europe and America that might appreciate his help. We do not need his chemicals here. We have our own way of preventing diseases and the least of them is using chemicals.

    In any case, most of the diseases that they claim to help with in Africa, are diseases that they introduce, and come back as saviours with their chemical medicines. The motivation behind all this is obviously money and also a genocide of the chosen people by God.

    Have you asked yourself why they do not do this nonsense in North Africa like Egypt or Lybia for example, and instead direct their evil to mostly Sub-Saharan Africa? It’s because they know that the Sub-Saharan “Africans” are not Africans, but the children of Israel, who ran from Israel into Africa. God’s chosen people.

    The Sub-Saharan Africans are the very same people that ran into Africa when the Romans/Jewish destroyed Jerusalem in 70 A.D. These are the very same people that were taken into slavery from West Africa. By the very same “Jewish” impostors that occupy the land of the Hebrews in Israel today.

    Bill Gates is only continuing what his forefathers, the Romans did to us in our own land Israel. Since we lost our land and ran into Africa, it is the same Jewish that is following us into Africa to commit genocide of our people under the evil pretence of helping. They do this simply because they hate our God with a passion. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The God of the Hebrews, the Blacks. Since they cannot persecute our God, they take it out on his children. They are just Satan’s right hand man, doing the will of their father the devil.

    We do not fear that however, we know that our God, the God of the Hebrews is watching, and he will avenge us for all this evil that is perpetuated against his people. Remember our God is a just God, who punishes evil. Bill Gates day is his cohorts is coming. When our God will take revenge on him and all who support this evil Bill Gates. He is the son of Satan. Literally by blood from the Nephilim side. A product of Satan’s fallen angels having sex with humans and producing the Nephilim. He is not human, just a hybrid of human and satan.

    • mudguts says:

      Arthur.. biblical conspiracism always leaves a very ugly slant on a view of history. But if you need a support group mobs like the British Israel World Federation have some doozy loons you can look up to.

      I checked back on mail all the way to the thirties in our family.. These federations were just as active then

      Different Schtick of course.. More into the Steiner style of rubbish

  48. Har kaur says:

    I’m interested to know; does anyone actually know for sure whether Bill Gates got its own kids vaccinated?!!!

  49. :3 :# says:

    yes this is true Muslim people have multiple wives.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Some, not all. In some parts of the world, polygamy is common and legal. There are many people who are not Muslim that practice it. In the US, polygamy is not legal and American Muslims are typically not polygamous.

  50. Vikas kakkar says:

    No difference in mentiality even getting wealth or doing nobal causes ..

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