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UFOs and Lasers caught on video

by Mike Weaver

November 6, 2013

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So, UFOs. The rise of near ubiquitous video cameras has coincided with a reduction in UFO reports, surprisingly. That said, a recent video sighting claiming to show a UFO firing a laser or a beam at a car caught my eye. Let's take a look!

Relevant links: (this is the one I screen cap)

The video is amusing. The second one is a similar sighting of the same objects (there are still others linked in the comments and related videos, take a look). I grabbed some screen captures of the primary video (the laser one) to share with you.

This video is refreshing, actually. Unlike many of the UFO related items we deal with, this one is unambiguously an object, flying, shooting a laser at the ground. The evidence is clear, no futzing about with Venus or a flare or what-have-you. The question becomes, then, what is it? I’ll offer my thoughts and you can make your own decision.

Below is a sequence of screen captures I took showing the craft, laser, and the car that is being illuminated by the beam.

Note the circle of the laser is close to the width of the car.

You can see the beam shining on dust. Note the angles the side forms, the cone described by the beam.

Here’s where I marked the edges.

This craft is not large and it is close to the car.

It appears that the craft is nearly directly overhead, judging from the spotlight and the laser. This would indicate, for the distance here, that the craft (the visible part) and the car were about the same width. So, the light, at least, is maybe 5 feet across and 40 feet up, guessing.

In this image, you can see the circular shape being marked out by the laser.

When you see the video in motion, it is pretty clear that the object is fairly small and light weight, it bobbles around in the air as it moves. It moves like an RC helicopter or quadrotor, and that is what I think it is. To my eye, this is clearly a hoax or a stunt. Someone has mounted a spotlight and effects laser to a drone or RC helicopter and is either fooling the video folks or posting about it themselves. Let me know your thoughts, please.

On a related note:

Drones being mistaken for UFOs? Crazy talk, never happen. Or will it?

Be well.


by Mike Weaver

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