Five Particularly Crazy Obama Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy theories about Barack Obama have become almost as commonplace as those about the Illuminati, aliens and Big Pharma. Most, about his birthplace or history, have been debunked long ago. A few are so strange and out-of-the-mainstream that few people have even heard of them. Is it because they’re too bizarre to bother with? Or because we just haven’t opened our eyes and woken up? Whatever you think of the President, love him or loathe him, you owe to yourself to know THE TRUTH:

Barack Obama thanked Satan in his 2008 acceptance speech! This is the theory behind a four minute YouTube video with over 4.4 million views and almost 9,500 likes. Taken from Obama’s speech in Chicago the night of the election, it makes the case that his signature slogan “yes we can” can be listened to backwards and reveal itself to be “Thank you Satan.” Many conspiracy theorists and evangelicals have a strong suspicion that President Obama either is or was sent to pave the way for the Anti-Christ, so this would play right into that. And if you spell “yes we can” backwards, it’s “sac ew sey,” which actually kinda sorta might sound like “Thank you say.”

Of course, the Dark Lord’s name is “Satan” not “Say.” Also, reverse speech is worthless as a way to convey subliminal messages. And since confirmation bias dictates that once you’re told what a backmasked or hidden phrase sounds like, you’ll go right ahead and hear it, that’s probably what you’re going to hear. The rest of the video tries gamely to turn other lines in the speech into subliminal messages of doom, such as “the Lord said the new Arab sins are with him” and “the time of: us gets, that ain’t leave – Selled by gambit – we selled back – with Narif” and “Woman don’t add, it’s God’s name – marker will lash you.” If anyone has any idea what any of that possibly might mean, please leave a comment below. With Narif, of course.

The President's birth certificate. Again.

The President’s birth certificate. Again.

Barack Obama was teleported to Mars by the CIA! Barack Obama’s past, both real and imagined, includes residence in a number of places far from the traditional American beaten path…including Mars. At least that’s the accusation put forth by Andrew D. Basiago and William Stillings, two men who proclaimed they were part of a joint CIA/DARPA mission to the Red Planet in the early 80’s. According to them, a 19 year old Barack Obama, using the name “Barry Soetero,” was recruited by the CIA to help establish a defensive presence on Mars for the purpose of protecting Earth from space-borne threats. Soetero and his comrades were sent via a teleporting “jump room” based at a small technical school in California. And apparently these jump room missions were very dangerous. The director of the program, Major Ed Dames, claimed that only about ten percent of the nearly 100,000 people sent to Mars survived. If this is true, it means the President lied about a number of things, not the least of which would have been his military service…

Most of the Obama on Mars theory comes from a post on the blog Exopolitics, and it’s the same exquisitely detailed gibberish we’ve come to expect from people telling stories about alien encounters.

While teleportation doesn’t exist and there’s no indication that 90,000 people died because they used it to go to Mars, a few things about the tale do have a bit of truth them. Basiago and Stillings, the two “chrononaut” whistleblowers, are real people, as is Major Dames, a remote viewing expert who was part of the military’s attempt to create psychic soldiers, called Project Stargate. And “Barry Soetoro” is one of the names that many Obama conspiracy theorists claim the President used at one point in his life, though there’s no actual proof of it.

The story did get enough traction that the White House issued a formal denial of it in early 2012. Which OF COURSE they would do if it really happened.

Barack Obama secretly had brain surgery! This started floating around in April, 2011. It started, like many of these theories do, with one blog post. It’s from April 3rd, on “Escape Tyranny” and appropriately titled “What’s that huge long scar on Obama’s head? And is that why we can’t see his birth certificate?” The post speculates that a long mark running down the president’s head is not a part in his hair or simply a place where hair didn’t grow, but a scar left over from brain surgery that replaced his cranial plates and implanted him with now “misfiring” circuitry – the proof of which is found in his verbal tic of a slight stammer, and that he once repeated himself during a speech.

The post was picked up by the UK’s Daily Mail a few days later, which took the extra step of harassing “countless” neurosurgeons, all of whom said it wasn’t their place to comment on what the scar could be. Within a week, it had gone viral, with mentions by Glenn Beck, CNN and Fox News – all of whom wrote it off as absurd. What’s interesting about the original post, however, is that it’s mostly another rant about Obama’s “missing” birth certificate, a question that all but the most hardcore conspiracy theorists have deemed to be asked and answered.

The theory still has adherents on the fringes, including author Bensa Magos, who speculates in his self-published book that the scar is leftover from a CIA mind control operation – one that also removed a demonic horn that Obama was born with. Of course, if the CIA was running things, they probably would have just told the president to grow his hair out a bit and hide the scar in the first place.

Barack Obama secretly married his male Pakistani roommate! Whispers and smears that Barack Obama was hiding a gay double life started up as soon as his presidential candidacy did. Accusations flew almost immediately about a series of bathhouses and coke-fueled sexcapades in Chicago, a supposed post-election romance with his personal assistant and dalliances with a variety of male politicians. While these rumors are now standard issue on far-right websites, (indeed, feminizing Democratic candidates has been a Republican tactic for decades) most people, even those who can’t stand Obama, don’t pay them any heed. Probably the most out there of them involves Obama’s time at Occidental College in Los Angeles – that while he was a student there, he was secretly married to his male, Muslim roommate.

This one is fairly new, tracing back only to August, 2012. And the originator shouldn’t surprise anyone: it came from World Net Daily contributor Jerome Corsi, a man who never met an Obama conspiracy theory he couldn’t make up and write a book about. Corsi created and uploaded a 13 minute YouTube video that “just asks questions” about the relationship Obama had with his roommate, a Pakistani national named Sohale Siddiqi.

Corsi uses photographs of the two acting chummy together, unverified whispers from people who knew them, the fact that Obama wore a large ring (which he still wears) and the closeness of their friendship to make a shocking accusation – that not only were they lovers, they were actually married. Of course, no proof of this exists, Corsi’s “evidence” is entirely based on hearsay and wishful thinking, Siddiqi never claimed any such thing (he lives in Seattle and has been interviewed about this on multiple occasions) and same-sex marriage wasn’t actually legal in California when Obama lived there.

There are a number of misconceptions and rumors regarding Barack Obama’s time in college. This one is probably the weirdest, and the public didn’t bite on it.

Obama plotted to kill Chelsea Clinton! It’s no surprise that 2012 was a stellar year for Barack Obama conspiracy theories: there was an election at hand. Maybe the most insulting gained a moment of widespread fame when it came from the Twitter account of a Fox News reporter. Heather Childers would later claim she was “just soliciting opinions” when she tweeted out April 3: “Thoughts? Did Obama Campaign Threaten Chelsea Clinton’s Life 2 Keep Parents Silent?” She included a link to a blog post from “Godfather Politics,” which was a video of a woman named Bettina Viviano being interviewed (by Jerome Corsi, naturally) about her documentary “We Will Not Be Silenced.”

The film claims to be an in-depth look at the supposed fraud that handed Obama the 2008 election, an election he was never eligible to win because he had no birth records. It’s full of vague accusations that that Obama has either threatened or murdered any number of opponents in order to keep the secret of his lack of eligibility buried. It’s all pretty standard birther/World Net Daily stuff – until the biggest bombshell of the clip. Viviano claims that someone with the Hilary Clinton campaign told her that their daughter Chelsea would be “next” if the Clinton’s didn’t stop making insinuations about Obama’s birthplace.

Obviously, if a presidential candidate threatened the family of another candidate, that would be a serious, probably career-killing matter. And the proof Viviano presents to back up this shocking accusation is…nothing. Only hearsay that “someone told her” it happened. Without proof, this becomes just another rumor, one that would have quickly been forgotten if not for Heather Childers irresponsibly tweeting it in the guise of “just asking questions.” Childers apologized for disseminating the unfounded rumor, but added that it was “interesting” that so many people were “offended” by it.

So what can we learn from these rumors? What’s the skeptical angle? They all have a single origin point, either a blog post or YouTube video. None of them cite their sources or claim to have done original research, instead relying on hearsay, confirmation bias and wishful thinking. And as such, they had only a brief moment of mainstream recognition before fading back into obscurity.

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Mike Rothschild is a writer and editor based in Pasadena. He writes about scams, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and pop culture fads. He's also a playwright and screenwriter. Follow him on Twitter at
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45 Responses to Five Particularly Crazy Obama Conspiracy Theories

  1. toffer99 says:

    What all of the muck-spreaders and other malevolent rumor creators really mean is this:
    Hey, look, the President is a BLACK GUY!

    • Bill W says:

      Actually Obama is only black in color, his mommy was white & his daddy was arabic
      He is 0% african-american. So don’t vote for his shade, vote for his lies.

      • Michael says:

        HI father was actually Indonesian.

        • Barack Obama Snr is a Kenyan National, and therefore, at least under the US Constitution, would make Obama an illegitimate president… Both parents must be born in the USA!! No duel citizens allowed = no divided loyalties! Sound fair enough? They must have changed the rules to allow him to stand, because previous candidates have been kicked off the ballot for that exact same scenario…

          That’s right – the birther crisis was actually irrelevant!!

          • Except the Constitution doesn’t say that at all, and nothing like what you claim has ever happened. Beyond that, spot on analysis.

          • Yousef Ali Ahmed says:

            Obama is a bush. I love how the kid that wrote this is a Rothschild. The Rothschilds are actually Gemrna btw. They are Belfors not Rothschilds, they chnaged their name moving to England. Obama is a Bush. Period.

          • Yousef Ali Ahmed says:

            And all these are 100% true and Michael Rothschild knows this. His whole life is dedicated to trying to fool us. Game Over. Nathaniel Rothschild is dead. They killed him but won’t tell people. The NWO is over. F**k you Rothschilds. Time to pay.

          • Noah Dillon says:

            Is there another post by Mike Rothschild wrote that would give more credence to your claim that “his whole life is dedicated” to people who happen the same last name as him? I think that he shares the same last name, but is not directly related to the famous Rothschild family. He’s a blogger, not a vintner.

            Mr. Ahmed: should you be cursed because someone else with the last name Ahmed is accused (without evidence) of doing something? What if they are just accused of being wealthy and powerful? Even if you’re directly related to someone, should you be cursed for what they do? For your parents or cousins?

          • mudguts says:

            I can see why I tend not to get into conversations around here anymore..

            Noah.. I hope the conversation doesnt leave you itchy

  2. Mike says:

    … and some say he is balck !! 😉

  3. Pat Berry says:

    “And if you spell ‘yes we can’ backwards, it’s ‘sac ew sey,’ which actually kinda sorta might sound like ‘Thank you say.’ ”

    I agree that the whole reverse-speech thing is a load of hooey, but this sentence is silly. Reverse speech operates by playing the SOUNDS in reverse order, not reversing the letters and then pronouncing them. And I’m sure Rothschild knows that. So I don’t know why he bothered to go through this meaningless exercise.

    • Dan says:

      “And if you spell ‘yes we can’ backwards, it’s ‘sac ew sey,’ which actually kinda sorta might sound like ‘Thank you say.’ ”

      No it’s not. It’s “nac ew say” which is even further from what it’s supposed to be!

    • kairyuu says:

      You are correct to an extent. If you say “yes we can” once then it would be as you say. But when it is chanted the “n” from “can” flows into “yes” whenever the verse is repeated making the chant backwards sound a lot like say-n. or satan.

  4. Pat Berry says:

    OK, something else confuses me. The first paragraph about the president’s alleged secret gay marriage includes this parenthetical aside: “Indeed, feminizing Democratic candidates has been a Republican tactic for decades.”

    Wait, so saying a man is gay makes him a woman? I didn’t know that. But . . . so, if Obama and Siddiqi were gay men, that means they were both women. And if they were in a committed relationship with each other, that would make them . . . lesbians?

    Or does being lesbian “masculinize” women, turning them into men? My brain hurts.

    • Reg. says:

      No Pat, it’s the sad revelation that Republicans who make this stuff up, regard females as a substandard gender.

      • Blain says:

        Yes. Every Republican and/or Person(s) Not On The Left considers women to be a “substandard gender.”

        Thank you for that clarification. I now have achieved enlightenment and can attain my true form. Truly, this commentary is the epitome of Non-Biased and Objective Political Discourse ™.

    • Some people think exposing “feminine traits” in a man makes him less of a man. And therefore, not as appealing to voters who have a distaste for men they don’t consider “manly.”

      George W. Bush was portrayed as a “guy you wanna have a beer with” while John Kerry was out windsurfing.

      • Hey Mike… Just so you know, Obama is illegitimate. Not because he wasn’t born in Hawaii… That we could ‘assume’. But because the rules state that both parents of a candidate must be born in the United States, then he is ineligible. Candidates have been excluded from the ballot before because of this! You see, Michelle Obama could be president (she’d probably be pretty good too…) and their children could be president (again, ‘assuming’ Obama was born in Hawaii), but because Obama’s father is a Kenyan, then he is illegitimate.

        How’s that for a conspiracy?

  5. Robb says:

    Ok… About this whole Obama getting teleported to mars thing… The article states that teleportation does not exist. That isn’t entirely true. Teleportation does exist and we can teleport stuff today… Just little things… Like electrons… But, it’s still matter, and we still teleport it! So, I would advise that the article say, “teleportation of that magnitude does not exist.”

    • Reg. says:

      Who can say if anything is entirely untrue without thorough investigation? As with some of the Obama silliness, Teleporting is pretty easy to dismiss at the moment.

      There’s a good TED talk by Stuart Frestein you might gain from watching, from Sept 2013, a quote, “Education is not filling buckets, it’s lighting fires.” “Question Propagation.” The more we discover the more questions arise.

      “Searching a dark room for a black cat that may not even be in there.”

      After that, watch Conrad Wolfram on Teaching Kids Real Math. TED Technology/Oxford Nov, 2010. This is a real emptying of the desk of old ingrained habits. The rusting anchor chain of backwardness.

    • kairyuu says:

      It’s always best to be technically correct!

  6. Dan says:

    “And if you spell ‘yes we can’ backwards, it’s ‘sac ew sey,’ which actually kinda sorta might sound like ‘Thank you say.’ ”

    Except that it’s actually “Nac ew sey” not “Sac ew sey” which takes it even further from anything resembling sense.

  7. @Dan – you’re totally right. I have no idea how I did that. And I think that’s actually closer to “Thank you Satan.” It’s got the N sound which a person’s mind makes into “thank” if that’s what they want to hear.

    • Want to hear? First time I heard it, I wasn’t expecting to hear it. My friend showed me the very seconds they start chanting. I knew within the first to chants what was being said. It’s just as easy to claim that you’re not willing to accept the fact.

      “Yes we can” Can what? “Yes we can” Can do what, Obama? “Yes we can”


  8. kalv9 says:

    I am friends with probably dozens of self-identifying conservatives, and I have never heard any of them espouse conspiracies anywhere near this insane. In fact, they tend to disavow the voices (Alex Jones etc.) who express theories of this nature.

    So is there any word from Rationalists on the Right? I know they exist; I speak with them every day. Where are their voices in skepticism?

    • Cletus Starfish says:

      I’m libertarian-leaning (which I suppose makes me part of the right, technically), and I find myself spending innumerable hours arguing with other libertarians or conservatives about just how ridiculous some of their leaps of logic are.

      Unfortunately, most ideological paradigms are prone to unreasonable people making unreasonable conclusions as a result of them.

    • Jim says:

      It has been my experience with educated conservatives and liberals that they are very objective and do not tend to fall for conspiracy theories. The reason for this is they study the facts and rely on evidence not twisted subjective theories which have little if any factual content. I suppose I spend more time with logical thinkers rather than those who are not well grounded in fact and objectivity.
      It is appealing to want to believe some of these conspiracy theories but once you dig into them they are full of holes, the problem is too many people do not spend the time searching for the truth because they start off with little if any basis of authority for anything they believe in.

  9. I used to know a lot of reasonable moderate rationalists on the left and right. The problem is, if you stick your neck out to say a theory is crazy or maybe so-and-so isn’t the devil or Hitler, you get branded an apologist, a sheeple, a coolaid drinker, or a sock puppet. You will be attacked, villified, and driven off any comment board. Eventually, you go away and become a Green, or an Independent, or a Libertarian, or just stop caring.

  10. anthonymichealmiller says:

    His father is Luo. A VERY African people from Kenya and Tanzania. That you would make this comment on a skeptic website without doing five minutes worth of research is mind-boggling.

  11. ken says:

    All rumors have some truth. How about Obamas daughters names? Malia Natasha…backwards say AiLamAHsatan take out Alah and you read I AM SATAN.

    • Michelle Landroche says:

      All rumors have some truth? ? Coincidence is what you have when you play with the letters in her name. Here’s a rumor to chew on… the price of silver is not great so to get people to desire it more, and drive the price up, the media was told to report on a shocking story about a man named Sterling, who was ousted by a man named Silver. Drill it into our minds, and sales will go up. Pass it on.

  12. I think “Yes We Can” backwards is “Can We Yes”, lol…….just sayin! Anyway, those are some crazy Obama conspiracies.

  13. Ed says:

    Where there is a tune there is always a loony

  14. People can say what the hell they want to;however, number one is true. If Yes we can is played backwards, it equates to : Thank You Satan. This one for sure is no conspiracy theory! I will challenge anyone on this one! Sounds like an Obama apologist here!

  15. Some people just fail to accept the truth about : Yes, we can!

  16. One comment on “Obama’s slogan “YES WE CAN” is “THANK YOU SATAN” when played backwards and Vice Versa ViD”

  17. YesWeCan says:

    I recorded myself saying “Yes We Can” with pronouncation like Barack Obama, when I played this speech of myself in reverse it was clear that it said Thank You Say-ten which I would say is pretty damn close to Satan.

  18. JPMorgan says:

    Maybe the author is really a racist and is in denial/ashamed and ignores the fact that Obama is a terrible president by disclaiming other persons negative views.

  19. Brett Grantham says:

    This is Revalation being fulfilled. Anyone who has studied this long enough and thinks this is not true is a living a lye. Repent of your sins now. The ONLY way to heaven is through our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ!

  20. anonymous says:

    Everyone reading this just look up the author’s last name. Then decide whether or not you’d believe this.

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