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Conspiracy Theory or Tragic Comedy

by Stephen Propatier

September 18, 2013

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Donate Conspiracy theorists love to see False Flag events behind any major tragedy. A false flag event "describescovert military or paramilitary operationsdesigned to deceive in such a way that the operations appear as though they are being carried out by other entities, groups or nations than those who actually planned and executed them. Operations carried during peace-time by civilian organizations, as well as covert government agencies, may by extension be called false flag operations if they seek to hide the real organisation behind an operation."

Immediately following every major tragedy, terrorist disaster, or accident begins the cycle of Conspiracy Theorists claiming event X equals conspiracy Y. Furthermore, anyone who questions the veracity of the assumption are dismissed as blind, gullible, "sheeple"(my personal favorite), or a disinformation agent. The vociferous conspiracy claims are almost a fait accompli after a disturbing event like the U.S. Navy shipyard shooting. I was not disappointed by the quick accusations across the internet. I was pleasantly surprised by Paul Vale at the Huffington Post. He had written an article predicting conspiracy theorist accusations of this latest tragedy. I found his article to be dead on and a wonderful preemptive strike against this type of nonsensical ranting.I was also pleased that it was published by the Huffington Post, which does not have a strong standard of skepticism. The article is great but the most entertaining part of the post was the venomous attacks in the comment section. One acerbic comment after another. Accusing the author of yellow journalism, blindness, and a host of regularly cycled conspiracy theorist accusations.

Here are some examples:

Disclaimer: conspiracy theorists are often not Motion Picture G rated in their commenting.
Well, let's be sure to start mocking and ridiculing and hoping to sway stupid people who choke down anything you say, but for rational minded sorts who do their own thinking, after watching this government, its agents, its leaders all engaged in and busted over lies, deception, media distraction (such as your above article) cover ups, crimes against the people, numerous clearly documented false flag ops, you'll have to just fucking deal with the reality that not everyone is a brain dead slave minded idiot parroting off cable news.It might do you well to bone up on conspiracy theory. In the US conspiracy to commit murder is a felony...and all those government, political, corporate, media, and federal agents involved in these events get away with the shit because people like you, who are apparently clueless to what's going on all around you, spend your time posting inept, arrogant mocking bullshit instead of real investigative journalism informing the masses and exposing this like you should be.

Some fellow supporters..
Well said Des Malone. Aaron Alexis is a patsy. Every time a story like this breaks there are multiple shooters followed by proclamation of a lone shooter. Show the videotape if you don't want people who are still sentient to draw their own conclusions. Otherwise what you get is what they tell you and those of us with adequate IQs calling out the state media with their bullshit. Peace.
And Another:
Of course this happens immediately after Colorado successfully recalls two senators who passed gun control legislation. You see it's not that there is a conspiracy of any sort, it's just that Washington is really bad about creating these staged events. The shooting in Aurora was real, there were no paid actors. Who cares if everybody believes it was real? That was the feds intention wasn't it?Here's a response to this stupid article: NOBODY CARES
I could pull more examples but this is by far the best extrapolation:
Damn, I mean damn! That has got to be the best verbal smack down I have seen in a long time. I think the better question should be why do we believe a goddamn thing that comes out of our government? After all there are lies, damn lies and then statistics. Personally I don't have enough information yet and maybe never will with censorship and the like making sure I never get all the information to really know what the hell is going on. It is sort of funny that when you delve deeper into conspiracy theories that they seem more plausible than the purported "truth". For instance if you look into Fukushima you will find all this b.s. about reactors this and earthquake that. I came across Jim Stones website where he discusses how thick the steel reinforced concrete walls normally are and how Fukushima was even thicker (15' thick steel reinforced concrete). On reactor #4 all of the fuel rods were removed for other words there was nothing inside left to explode due to "hydrogen build-up". On top of that they have special venting towers to deal with that as well as multiple redundant systems to deal with fuel etc. The question is how did a reactor supposedly melt down when there was nothing there to do so? How did concrete get stripped from re-bar that was 15' thick? If you look into it and apply Accam's razor logic you find that Israeli security installed new "cameras" that looked surprisingly similar to gun type nuclear weapons prior to Fukushima's melt-down. You also see that a 9.0 earthquake would have caused almost complete devastation for approximately 1000 square miles. It is on an order of magnitude WAY larger than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake and yet the only damage is from a Tsunami. Again I don't believe that so do the math.
What can I say? I love when people use "Accam's razor logic" to prove the author's point.

Less than 24 hours after a lone shooter killed twelve people and himself conspiracy advocates have transmuted that to the Israeli mossad installed nuclear cameras in a reactor somehow causing a tsunami damage??? I guess I am just another of the sheeple since I cannot see how the public needs to see some victim executed to prove the veracity of police statements. I cannot agree with damaging the families or poisoning the judicial process by showing the video on the national news like a snuff video. Worse, showing the video in a misguided attempt to placate Conspiracy Theory Advocates. The likely outcome of full video release is evaluations of how the shadows were off and the film was doctored. Or how the bug at edge of the frame is a bullet being shot from off frame.

To be fair there is sanity in the internet occasionally:
  1. Or perhaps he was a lone, delusional man who acted alone.....I suggest everyone look up the concept of Occam's would serve this country well....

  2. I think there will be a pony in my apartment when I get home, but my thinking it does not make it so.

  3. That's probably pretty accurate, Gary. For these people to think they are in the majority is simply ludicrous. The unfortunate thing is that conspiracy theories like this budding one and the Sandy Hook conspiracy theory take attention away from the real tragedies and cause people to lose focus of the real issues at hand. Mental health funding and sensible gun control would go a long way in preventing these atrocities. For one, why did a person with multiple gun charges have these firearms in the first place?

The takeaway from this little trip down the rabbit hole is simple. If you are making wild accusations based on what you assume or guess about tragic events well before evidence is known. Then you follow up those assumptions with anger and accusations of evidence suppression instead of considering you might be incorrect. When you dismiss facts as cover-ups. When you assume broad unlimited government power, that has no ability to quiet some guy with a webpage. You maybe, possibly, might havea paranoid tendency to see the influence of some malign covert agency in tragic events. Just saying:)

by Stephen Propatier

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