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The Honest Company?

by Martine O'Callaghan

August 8, 2013

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Donate I love Facebook. I've met so many like-minded mums online and many are, effectively, my Twitter filter - not a great fan, to be fair. A friend of mine in Michigan was totally outraged to see the Honest Company tweet this post- Autism & Detoxifying Your Home - which asserts, without evidence, that:
The world in which our children are currently growing up, is significantly more toxic than the one in which we did as children, exponentially more so than our parents.
Is it? Is it really? In my lifetime, I recall a ban on lead pipes being installed in new homes and the phasing out of lead based paint, smoking bans, controls on car exhaust emissions, the introduction of catalytic converters, a ban on CFCs in name just the ones that popped into my sleep deprived brain.

Why would the Honest Company tweet such a heavily flawed, paranoid article when it publicly prides itself on being:
vigilant about the latest science regarding chemicals and health
Well, Michigan Mum, former fan of the Honest Company, wondered this too.
I have been receiving products from The Honest Company since February of this year. I personally love the detergents and the diapers. I love that you try to use less and the least harmful ingredients in your products. I love your "Honestly Free Guarantee" in which it is stated that your company is "vigilant about the latest science regarding chemicals and health to ensure we're being mindfully cautious" and that you are "hyper-attentive to staying abreast of the latest science, actively consulting our medical advisory panel, conducting chemical safety profiling, referring to green chemistry reports, adapting to new international standards, and examining credible lists of unacceptable ingredients." (taken directly from

Imagine my surprise when this article was tweeted by your company last Friday:

What a bunch of pseudo-scientific baloney! There is zero scientific evidence to back up the blogger's claims. Allopathic medicine has saved lives and reduced suffering. Homeopathic medicine is glorified sugar water. And, reading between the lines, I infer "environmental toxins" to include vaccines.

I am appalled that a company that supposedly stays "abreast of the latest science" would promote such pseudo-science. I'm seriously considering canceling my bundle subscription because of this.

I'm looking for an honest answer. Are you looking to please the "natural" crowd, or do you follow the science where it leads? Because vaccines and "environmental toxins" do not cause autism.
Company founder, film star, Jessica Alba, has, in the past, blamed her childhood health issues on " environment or the vaccines or something my mother took when she was pregnant."Could the Honest Company be anti-vaccine?Here's their reply:
Thank you for reaching out to us! You may have misunderstood our intention - and we apologize. We did not read between the lines as you suggest. You are right that a link between childhood behavioral disorders and vaccines is still being heavily researched and discussed between scientific communities.

It has clearly been shown that children with illnesses and sensitivities are served better when their homes and lifestyles are more natural, and our intention in sharing this piece was simply to highlight their reference of our products and how they worked for their family.

I hope that helps to clarify!

With Delight,
The Honest Company
Anti-vaccine or not the Honest Company is being thoroughly intellectually dishonest in their claim that
...a link between childhood behavioral disorders and vaccines is still being heavily researched and discussed between scientific communities.
The science is settled. This very statement puts the lie to their "Honestly Free Guarantee."

by Martine O'Callaghan

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