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Brand New For Your Car!

by Eric Hall

August 3, 2013

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Donate I have an amazing product available! Of course, the big corporations don't want you to know about this, because it would put many of them out of business. But I am letting all of you, the readers, know about this amazing product so you can save money and improve your life by improving your car!

Have you noticed gas prices going up? It is a stretch on the wallet, and it contributes to pollution. Imagine if you could improve your MPG - saving you money and the Earth! Take just a couple tablespoons of this product every day, and you could benefit from improved gas mileage and cleaner exhaust. For just pennies a day, you could save dollars in the future.

How about your oil? Do you notice the oil gets dingy and black as you drive? This product can extend the life your oil. Just a few ounces after an oil change keeps the oil cleaner for longer and help you run cleaner. It improves engine function, keeping things quieter and maximizing the power of your engine. Don't miss out on this great benefit!

During this summer construction season, it is hard to avoid those dings and scratches as other vehicles kick up gravel and sand. The harsh rain can eat away at these areas, leaving the areas stained, rusted, and lacking luster. Apply a couple of ounces of my product to a soft rag, and wipe away the dirt and dust, and restore the luster of your paint. Also protect those areas and extend the life of the body of the car. The body is part of the frame, so it is important to keep it in good shape to keep your car safe.

In the summer, its bugs. In the winter, ice, snow, salt, sand, and mud pelt your windshield. You want a way to quickly clear your vision over just washer fluid alone. Just a couple of drops in your washer fluid container with each fill can increase the cleaning power up to 27%. It helps to condition your wipers, extending their life and improving their function as well. Don't miss out on this great benefit!!

On a long drive, you want to prevent fatigue. Don't work harder than you have to. A tablespoon in your power steering pump can make steering smoother, meaning less effort with each movement. You conserve energy and could also extend the life of your power steering pump!

Don't like waiting for your defroster to clear the condensation or frost off your windshield? Add a few ounces to your coolant to improve the performance of your heater. You also save money because it can help extend the life of your water pump, and reduce the impact of the coolant on the environment by making recycling of the coolant easier.

Put a couple drops of this amazing product on your battery terminals to improve contact and reduce the stress on your charging system. This also improves efficiency, reduces wear on all electrical systems, and could even extend the life of your belt. But wait, there's more!

Add an ounce of this product to a scrub brush and it will remove stains from the carpet and upholstery. Rub a few ounces on your tires to make them shine and extend the new tire look! Mix an ounce in a spray bottle and spray in the tires to remove harmful brake dust! Apply to a rag and wipe down your headlights to improve night vision. Put a few drops in your defrost vents to help prevent mold! Improve the performance of your air filter with just a few drops! A few drops on the door latches will prevent the doors from sticking! And so much more!

I hope by now you see the parody of this post. The ridiculous idea that one single product could do so many different things for your vehicle is just as ridiculous that one supplement or diet could do so many different things for your body. Yet, each year millions of people spend billions of dollars on products with fantastic claims of hundreds of vague benefits with little proof behind them.

If you planned on buying my product - please contact me. I'll still take the money. Please note I will send you an empty bottle. Because no product could actually do all of this.

by Eric Hall

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