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All-Time Award-Winning YouTube Comment

by Brian Dunning

July 20, 2013

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Donate I take keyboard in hand to share with you what must be the best web comment ever. This was posted to the discussion page for my YouTube profile, which is mainly where the inFact videos are posted (it was not in response to any particular video). I wasn't even aware of the existence of this comments page, so imagine my excitement to have discovered this yesterday:
You are a disgusting, subhuman parasite that deserves to die of rectal cancer. How do you make it through the day without blowing your brains out? That is a dead serious question. Repulsive monsters like you are the great cancer of this planet. More and more people are waking up. Soon there will not be anywhere for your kind to hide. I do not believe in violence, nor am I threatening you in any way, but I am the minority. When you spend your last moments before an angry mob, I wonder if you will regret being willing to tell deadly lies to people for money.
It comes to us from vabyss78, whoever that is. Apparently this person is not satisfied with the content of my YouTube videos. Oh darn. Clearly a desirable target demographic.

by Brian Dunning

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