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Removing A Post

by Eric Hall

July 6, 2013

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Donate I thought sharing a personal story was a good way to help people relate to the frustration they feel at times on the subject of medical care. I wanted to point out something I've experienced many times with doctors who follow some protocol they learn at some point, without perhaps examining the logic of it when it comes to the patient in front of them. I have a great family med doctor who will discuss decisions with me in a logical manner, which is why I trust him. I discussed the now removed post with him before I posted it, and he agreed with my assessment. I didn't go into it blindly.

But, in being personal, some comments felt it was then appropriate to question the care of my daughter. I would never put cost over my daughter's well-being. I never have. I don't base this decision on my own. I am married to an RN who works with pediatricians. This means our circle of friends also includes many medical professionals. We evaluate each symptom our children have and gauge an appropriate action. In my personal example, the action we took was appropriate, as confirmed by more than one medical professional. I certainly was not going to detail every person I contacted, or the post would have been several more pages long.

Maybe I shouldn't have posted it. I don't know. My intent was good, but the direction of the comments seemed to indicate an intent I didn't see. I decided to take the post down. It may live on somewhere since it was on the web for a time, but it won't be here. I don't think it is fair to my family to see attacks on the care of my children. I don't write this blog as a full-time job, and I don't want to take more time away from my family defending it. I will try harder next week.

Lesson learned. Achievement unlocked. Thanks.

by Eric Hall

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