Is Dulce Base the New Area 51?

With a population of under 3,000, the New Mexico border town of Dulce is remarkably unremarkable. Populated almost entirely by Native Americans, it has a Bureau of Indian Affairs office, a couple of churches and a very small airport. But according to some, the town has one more feature you won’t find on Google maps: a massive underground facility where government scientists and aliens work together to carry out horrific experiments in genetic manipulation on other human beings. It supposedly has several official names, but those who have had their eyes opened call it another name: Dulce Base.

On the surface, Dulce Base seems to have a lot in common with the most well-known hive of alien activity and government subterfuge, Area 51. Both are said to be large complexes full of highly classified experimentation and research involving aliens and their technology. Both are in open desert, far from prying eyes. And both seemed to have one origin point. In the case of Area 51, it was Bob Lazar, and with Dulce Base, the story emerged from Albuquerque researcher and electrician Paul Bennewitz.

As the story goes, Bennewitz began intercepting extraterrestrial signals coming from Dulce in the late 1970’s. He knew the Colorado-New Mexico border was a hotbed of supposed UFO activity, including mystery lights and cattle mutilations, and he became suspicious. He investigated Dulce and its surroundings with another UFO enthusiast, New Mexico State Trooper Gabe Valdez. The two tracked the signals Bennewitz had been picking up to a location underneath Archuleta Mesa, just north of the border, in Colorado. Bennewitz believed they were communications between ground controllers and alien ships, confirming his worst fears.

It wasn’t long before the story of what Bennewitz called “Dulce Base” made its way through the UFO community. Within a decade, an incredibly complex mythology had developed around the base, involving a war between the grey and reptilian alien races, thousands of greys held captive on the base’s seven levels, grotesque experiments on animals and kidnapped humans, the New World Order, the Roswell crash and a supposed peace between the Eisenhower Administration and alien races, the so-called Greada (or Grenada) Treaty.

Dulce Base is now seen as the natural successor to Area 51, except much more secret and sinister – a place of death where humans and aliens work together to starve, torture and dissect their victims in the service of an interstellar war that the US secretly plays a major role in. There are even reports of a shootout between greys and humans taking place there in 1979. But what’s the truth? Is it an underground hall of nightmares or simply a classified military installation with a bad reputation?

The supposed layout of Dulce Base.

The supposed layout of Dulce Base.

Almost all of the available information about Dulce Base and its history comes from two former employees: Phil Schneider, who was directly involved in the engineering and construction of Dulce, and Thomas Castello (or Costello), a security guard who claimed to have direct contact with human and alien captives and intimate knowledge of horrific experiments.

Schneider gave detailed testimony about his work building the seven-level base, which extended two miles underneath the ground and contained space for tens of thousands of human and alien prisoners. He also told of the Dulce firefight for the first time, telling of how his men found an enclave of greys who fought back, leading to the slaughter of 66 Delta Force operators and Secret Service agents. He even said he personally killed two greys before being shot by a “cobalt weapon” that eventually gave him cancer.

Castello added depth and detail to the existing story, telling of underground caves occupied for centuries by reptoids, caves that were taken over by the RAND Corporation for use by the New World Order to create biological weapons. The former guard spoke of fleets of alien ships stored at Los Alamos, human/alien hybrid cloning, his arguments with a cranky reptoid leader named “Khaarshfashst” and a vast system of tunnels running under the entire country.

The problem with stories like Dulce Base is that it’s difficult to sift through the mountains of gibberish written about it to find the nuggets of truth. Unfortunately for Dulce believers, while there is quite a bit of nonsense, there’s very little truth. It might be seen by some as the new Area 51, but there’s one major difference. Area 51 is real, and we know a great deal about the research and development that’s gone on there. But Dulce Base almost certainly isn’t real.

How can we make this determination, given the level of detail in all of the stories? And wouldn’t a secret government base be just that – secret?

We have to look past the allegations of experiments, shootouts with greys and peace treaties with aliens, because none of it can possibly be proven. We must also discard the numerous photographs said to be of the base or of the creatures there, because they’re all obvious fakes. Instead, let’s examine the “witnesses” with whom the story originated. It’s here that we find the real tragedy lying under the ground of Archuleta Mesa. It seems that Dulce Base is neither a place of death nor a simple government facility performing classified research, but a byproduct of something even more sinister: mental illness.

Phil Schneider became a popular speaker on the UFO circuit in the mid-90’s and made an enormous number of incredibly wild allegations, everything from a trillion dollar US “black project” budget funded by drug money to a massive one world government conspiracy to “eleven distinct races of aliens” all in conflict with each other to his father being involved in the infamous (and debunked) Philadelphia Experiment. It’s all fantastically entertaining, but none of it has the slightest relationship to reality.

Dealing with a diagnosis of cancer (from the 1979 shootout, he claimed), and most likely some form of mental illness, Phil Schneider committed suicide in 1996. As per the usual conspiracy theory narrative, Dulce Base believers insist he was murdered for revealing classified information, along with a number of other “whistle blowers” who all died under “mysterious circumstances.” It’s far more likely, though, that the real tragedy of Schneider’s death was his unchecked paranoia, delusion and physical sickness, not his “murder” by government agents.

As for security guard Thomas Castello, as much as I tried, I couldn’t located any compelling evidence that he ever existed. The information ascribed to him mostly comes from a long, rambling question and answer session on a conspiracy website, and has nothing conclusive to back it up. Castello himself seems to have left no paper trail or signs of life, aside from one picture that could be of anyone. Even some Dulce Base believers doubt the existence of Castello, and it seems quite likely that he’s simply made up by a conspiracy theorist with too much time on their hands.

And what about Paul Bennewitz, the originator of the Dulce Base story? He too appears to have been mentally ill, with a long history of fantastical stories about alien plots, colonization and human experimentation – as well as several hospitalizations due to extreme, violent paranoia. Bennewitz died of natural causes in 2003 at the age of 76, though like Schneider, conspiracy theorists declare he was murdered or “mentally destroyed” by disinformation.

So what is Dulce Base? Most likely, it’s barren land in the desert. There are no real pictures of it. There is no physical evidence of roads or vents or doors or anything of the sort. Even though tens of thousands of people must have been involved in building, staffing and guarding the base, nobody has ever claimed with any credibility to have worked there or that their family member or friend was killed in a shootout or experimented upon. No “treaty” between President Eisenhower and the grey aliens has ever been discovered, and neither reptoids nor grey aliens have ever been proven to exist. Even the mystery lights that Paul Bennewitz saw are easily attributable to nearby Kirtland Air Force Base. What does that leave us with? Quite literally, nothing.

I can’t conclusively prove Dulce Base doesn’t exist. But nobody can conclusively prove it does. Until that proof emerges from the ground, Dulce will remain a strange story created by troubled dreamers, not a house of alien horrors.

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61 Responses to Is Dulce Base the New Area 51?

  1. big stu says:

    So Dulce got a free, secret base? Sweet! How can the rest of us get one for our vacant lands?

  2. Graham says:

    Why when I look at that base do I think of the original film version of The Andromeda Strain….?

  3. The problem with conspiracy theories like this is two-fold. First, of course, you simply cannot prove a negative. Secondly, and more importantly, is our government’s real behavior. When one day you find out your government has been secretly sending people to other countries to be tortured, when you find out that your government has been collecting EVERYBODY’s telephone and Internet records, you begin to wonder what else it’s up to that we might like to know. In short, you can begin to believe almost anything.

    • Reg. says:

      So Faith Ann, I guess this makes you are a supporter of all whistle-blowers whether of the Dulce Base variety or of valid Government efforts to secure against terrorism?

      The grey area between NO attempt to defend against terrorism and the draconian restriction of locking down society from any valid interaction what-ever, leads to the question, what would you accept as reasonable when it comes to surveillance of the evil-doers?

      The word evil-doers being undefined, means different things to different people. The terrorists do not regard themselves as evil-doers and neither do the “do-nothing” Republicans. Unfortunately good men who do nothing have a very bad reputation.

      • big stu says:

        The Govt.’s surveillance programs have nothing to do with stopping terrorism. How is it that all of this intrusion failed to detect the Boston bombers even with a heads-up from Russian security forces? This is all about crushing American freedoms, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Their plan seems to be working for them just fine as we watch ourselves being legislated into serfdom more and more each day. Both parties do this.

        • Sarcastic arsehole says:

          I’m sure that sitting at home dreaming up ways of crushing American freedoms is exactly what these monsters dreamt of growing up. I can only imagine what show and tell must have been like.

      • big stu says:

        “Do-Nothing Republicans”? Isn’t Hillary a Dem and isn’t it she that did nothing as our people were murdered at Benghazi? The same with Obama. And Reid. And Pelosi.

        • Aceman12 says:

          Both parties are suspect, both parties in power have either been kept in the dark or approved of NSA spying, Obama sought approval for drone strikes on American citizens on American soil, the developments concerning both parties should awaken all Americans to the fact somethings not right.

    • I can entertain a lot. But a claim of a massive underground base housing thousands of aliens requires, at the very least, extraordinary proof. The reason the NSA/PRISM revelations are so troubling is that they have proof behind them. Dulce Base does not.

      • Never would I begin to believe the whole Dulce Base story. My point was only that such conspiracy theories are fueled by the actual, secret activities of this or any government.

      • robert moore says:

        hay mike call me i will give you proof !-*!%-%$$-#^^^ you can figure that out that is my number lets see how much you want the proof

      • Gene says:

        You Must be related to the ” Very Very Very Rich Rothschilds who control all of the Money and power for the new world order!!!! So Of course you will deny any thing of area 51 and Dulce. Your one of them!

      • man kind says:

        911 was an inside job bro to claim insurance money to fund dulce base ! area 52 is now being built and with whoms money?of course we have proof even the russians claim 911 was inside job .As for aliens of course our govermet arnt going to admit anything .2029 is suppose to be end of man ,the take over begins. ill leave you with this bro where do you think all of the technology ie mobile phones laptops etc etc has come from in the last 20 years (MAN) !! wrong bro wrong.

  4. Reg. says:

    Interesting to hear how emphatic you are about what the “program” is for big stu. You obviously have lots of valid inside information or is this just another conspiracy theory? Perhaps you’d like to tell us how the Russians had such reliable information and how you come to know this?

    The reason you’re being “crushed” into serfdom is because the workers will NOT stand up to the employers who offer a pittance for a job well done. Gutless is the word you are looking for.

    • big stu says:

      They KGB and other Russian intelligence agencies are well known for their ruthless efficiancy. When they gave a heads-up to our own, it was not for our good but to rid them of a problem without them getting involved. But our agencies screwed up. The quashing of the Constitution has little or nothing to do with the minimum wage. It is a systematic, deliberate effort of the Obamtumors to gut our rights. Unhappily, it is working in many places. Happily, in other places the people are fighting back. Colorado leaps to mind.

      • Geoff says:

        Uh….. big stu. You’re obviously unaware that the KGB hasn’t existed for 23 years—since the USSR was dissolved.

        Why are Americans so ignorant of any world events outside of their own border?

  5. Doc says:

    What’s needed is proof. Here, in the next few lines, is proof of an amazing and totally unexplained event that must be ET in origin. Compare photos of the faces of natives of the British Isles born BEFORE 1st Jan 1960 and AFTER. This is no joke. Do it and prepare for the shock of your life! What on earth happened in Britain in the New Year 1960? One set of faces is normal and the other is ‘simplified’ and mutated. Go away and compare the faces in your own time and prepare to be stunned. How was such a genetic trick engineered to affect all native babies born in one country born after an exact moment (Midnight 1st Jan 1960) ??

    You can’t tell me that any human agency has the capability to achieve this. Why was it done and how was it done? This is the proof that all that all the websites, all the stories lack. All you need to start is to compare photos of some famous Brits over the age of 53 with those under 53. Start with UK politicians, Royal family, actors, sportsmen.

    • Reg says:

      As it stands it IS a joke Doc. You have failed to supply sufficient detail by which to investigate your claim.

      In fact it is your claim so it is up to you to supply the proof.

      I’ve been researching the Portuguese inquisition in detail and I can supply a 100% accurate reason why the residents of Lisbon adopted an altered demeanor after November 1755, so you should have far less trouble with a date as recent as 1960.

  6. Matt H says:

    The issues with all of this is that

    1. The “Witnesses” are also very unreliable. I mean you never have a senior politician coming forward.
    2. USA a pretty rubbish at controlling or keeping any secrets. Can you honestly believe that after 9/11, the Boston Bombers, Wikileaks and everything else where security failed and people seemed lost in confusion that all along the USA has conducted a secret pact and has an underground facility housing Aliens?! Not a chance i’m afraid

    • Fides et Ratio says:

      The aliens who are in league with The Jews and Opus Dei, tell the government to intentionally leak secrets every now and then just to make people think the government is incompetent.

      In fact, we only know what the government allows us to know.
      I have been told so by Lew Rockwell.

  7. Jester says:

    Matt H.,

    Aliens are smart. They are the ones keeping things secret.

    I jest of course.

  8. robert moore says:

    my father worked at the base from 1979 to 1985 he saw alien and human with four legs and four arms so there is your truth im going to find a way to expose this base i have 80,000,000 dollars and 60,000 people that will help me people that have been taken from there familys are there my father told me it takes a lot of people to make a change. just think if it was you there and no body was coming to help you and you were going to be eaten and ripped apart

    • man kind says:

      right behind you brother on that one lets expose them Now.

    • I would like to agree with you Robert…that what if it was you there and nobody was coming to help you and you were going to be eaten and ripped apart. When all of us wants a hard evidence
      you need to go for it not only commenting on the expense of others real info. UFO’s are everywhere and I am beginning to think they were here first.

  9. Gil Carlson says:

    Did you realize that alien/human genetic experiments by our government with reptilian aliens may have been going on for years? Find out what the aliens are doing with what they take from cattle mutilations in the underground Dulce Base – this is not science fiction, this is so much worse!

  10. Alain Griffen says:

    Do you realize how foolish you sound?
    The book and its photo’s are proof of science fiction.
    Please point on satelite photo’s where this base is supposed to be.
    Not to your science fiction book.

  11. Alain Griffen says:

    I looked up that base, but it looks far worse with Lorries inside of them:
    Cherry picking photo’s shows that you lack the required ethics, to write anything but fiction.

    Anyway, disclose some more photo’s, less grainy, so that we can determine where there taken.


  12. Alain Griffen says:

    I looked up that base, but it looks far worse with Lorries inside of them:
    Cherry picking photo’s shows that you lack the required ethics, to write anything but fiction.

    Anyway, disclose some more photo’s, less grainy, so that we can determine where these are taken.


  13. Alain Griffen says:

    The base on your website together with the screenshot from the video above, which is supposed to be in New Mexico looks suspiciously like the underground food storage facilities in Missouri. Interesting concept hosting storage facilities in an old expanded mines, but it explains the trucks.
    Anyway, burden of proof is on you now, to show that these were in New Mexico. I have cast enough doubt using sources that run with your bandwagon.

  14. Reese says:

    Regarding the death of Phil Schneider, it was ruled as suicide, but I remember reading somewhere on the internet that there a piano string around his neck and that it was tied from behind as opposed to the front; plus how would someone with two missing fingers be able to tie it behind his neck or something? Or maybe it WAS suicide and he preferred to off himself before anyone (or anything) else could? And that he was afraid (or paranoid) that he would get abducted and taken to this Dulce underground base himself? I don’t know, but I’d have to say I want evidence first…. I want to believe 😛

  15. Gaurav Karnwal says:

    I want to explore Dulce Base

  16. wayne says:

    I think its all full of shit theres ather planets like ours with no one on them so they woulnd bother with us it not true lol

  17. Truth Seeker says:

    Guys i fail to understand one thing here.. Even if a secret base exists in a particular location the Government will indeed deny it and we ( ordinary citizens) will have no means to verify it.. so what is the point of speculating on this matter??

  18. Truth Seeker says:

    There is a no mans land between India and china where ufo sightings are common place. The Indian Military personnel have reported seeing many circular objects rising from between the mountains and zipping at tremendous speeds and reported this phenomenon to the MoD which dismissed it to be as chinese Lanterns but the Defense Scientists are unable to explain as to how these objects are able to zip across at such unbelievable speeds.The most fascinating things about these objects was that even though they could be seen with naked eye they could not be caught on the RADAR so they were proven not to be military drones..Even pilgrims visiting the place have seen these objects rise from between the mountains and zip across and even captured it on their mobile phones.Eventually upon researching the net it was found that both the indian and chinese government are aware of this top secret alien base in Leh (India- China Border) and not even the regular military guys are allowed anywhere near it let alone us civilians. Coincidentally the locals who live in the region are aware of this phenomenon from decades and believe it to be people from an alien race residing in this region and have seen these craft rising from the area since Decades!!.. but a sad facts remains that our Govt and the Chinese govt.keep dismissing these reports as military balloons of military on either sides and not allowing us civilians to enter the location at all..So we have stopped debating on such topics as we see no point on speculating on such topics when we cant visit such places to validate our points..

  19. Logic says:

    Great article. I wish there were more people like you who think critically instead of accepting outrageous claims without any real proof.

  20. Nora says:

    Read some of the comments here not all but I want to say a few things I don’t know if dulce base exists it could I just don’t have prove but I know this I was in antigionish Nova Scotia attending at Francis Xavier university the year was 1974 my friend and I were headed back to the university and he was driving it was a starry clear night and in the distance I saw what I thought was a falling star so I said lets make a wish then it stopped and made a perfect turn towards us I screamed stop the car and ran to where it was coming towards us I knew instinctively it was not of this world it was so fast and I was trying to record in my mind it’s shape etc but it had this brilliant light surrounding it that it made the human eye blind to it I reme saying mentally to the object take me with you and telepathicly I heard we cannot we are on a mission. After many years I realized through reading etc that this craft was falling from a wormhole I just didn’t know it at the time I have to believe there are other people out there and they are far mor advanced then us. I saw the craft my friend saw it I was not scared I did not feel threatened if anything I feel blessed.

    • Matt says:

      Jesus Christ. I’m consistently astonished at the types of people attracted to these parts of the internet. Just a bunch of old farts and under-medicated nutjobs desperate for attention? Crafty trolls? I can never tell.

      Thanks for the article, Mike. You’re very much the antithesis to said nutjobs. At last I find a detailed, thoughtful, and above all logical response to all this fantastical blathering.

      Admittedly CT culture and mythos like that of Dulce has its allure – no doubt thanks to my early exposure to The X-Files. Dulce Base is maybe the most fascinating theory I’ve come cross, right next to S4 at Area 51 and Project Serpo. They make great stories, but then throw in the infinitesimal chance that they’re actually true?

      Damn it. I gotta say it: I want to believe.

  21. And turn up dead with a catheter around your neck is the same as “walking around free talking about it” ?

  22. Bob says:

    I have no idea if there is a military base in Dulce. But when you have so much disinformation about alien bases there etc. you begin to suspect there may be something there worth hiding. Probably a military base. As the article points out, nice and close to an air base.

    • Noah Dillon says:

      If there’s a bunch of nonsense traceable to one person with no evidence, why would you suspect that any of it is true? Just because there’s a lot of people claiming the Earth is flat doesn’t mean that the idea has any credibility.

  23. Cb says:

    One little question? How was Phil Schneider able to “commit suicide” by tying a catheter around his neck if many of his fingers were missing?

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Opposable thumbs, ring finger, and pinkie, plus a complete right hand. Plus how was the Pillow Man able to roll and light cigarettes without any arms? People can do things.

  24. Disappointed by the Truth says:

    @Gil I’m wondering why you show supposed aerial photos of this secret base, when if anyone zooms out of Google Earth, they can see these images are actually just the San Juan Powerplant over near Farmington, NM… nowhere near Dulce. Go to the images today and you’ll even see two 4wd pickups driving up the dirt double-track road to the top of Archuleta Mesa. There’s nothing there… just another mountain. On the east side is an old mobile home, occupied by Native Americans. It’s just a convenient spot to throw empty claims out, since the bulk of Americans will never get on the ground to visit the place. It’s sad that you’re propagating a myth at the expense of beautiful terrain. Stick to SciFi and leave the facts to others.

  25. #sid says:

    Dulce base is damn true. Many scientists have written on it and after publication of their writings they are vanished(or shall we say kidnapped or mudered) why it happens several times. Truely, some websites are hiding secrets that we dont know and they are also taking our rights to know what is happening in our world.

  26. Ralph says:

    I agree.

  27. Dustin Straw says:

    You are getting to close and this is a Top-secret Confidential information so please take it down and do not talk about it immediately.

  28. Robert says:

    So u r trying to help thoz crazy baldheads(aliens)…to make there stay here a secret…I’m far from america yet I do believe that dulce base exist…only a fool will ignore the testimony from two witnesses who r not associates…

    • Noah Dillon says:

      So your burden of proof is that two guys told some stories? If me and someone else not associated with you started telling everyone vaguely similar stories that you yourself are an alien from New Mexico, would that be any reason to believe what we say? What if I said we got in a shootout and I built your house and provided a lot of detail?

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