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Some Other Famous Rothschilds

by Mike Rothschild

May 20, 2013

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I trust no one with the name Rothschild, sorry…
A comment from reader Justin Kies on my piece on false flags gave me food for thought. While it’s a common enough belief that the Rothschild banking family exerts almost limitless power in shaping world events, it seems unlikely that every person named Rothschild is either a member of this family or has any role in ultra-elite level decisions.

As a distinctly non-Rothschild Rothschild, I took it as a challenge to find others named Rothschild who more than likely have no affiliation with the famous dynasty, other than a coincidental name. Of course, given the influence and wealth of the Rothschilds, it’s possible these Rothschilds are merely deep-cover agents of the family, biding their time before unleashing conspiratorial insanity. One can never be too sure.

Larry Rothschild, New York Yankees pitching coach: With over 30 years under his belt as a Major League pitcher, manager and coach, Larry Rothschild has deep ties to professional sports, a multi-billion dollar industry. It only makes sense that the Rothschilds would seek to extend their influence into this area, but nothing in Larry’s background indicates he has any involvement with the family. Additionally, Larry has never had any particular success has anything other than a coach, and the Rothschilds are nothing if not successful at only the highest levels. Chance of being a Rothschild: 27%

Jonathan Rothschild, Mayor, Tucson, Arizona: As noted in my piece on Agenda 21, some believe this non-binding resolution is actually a nefarious plot by the UN to exert control over local governments, planning commissions and city councils. As mayor of a mid-sized city, Mayor Rothschild would be in a perfect position to help execute the UN takeover of American sovereignty. But since no evidence exists that Agenda 21 has anything to do with a UN takeover, and no evidence exists that the Rothschild family has anything to do with Agenda 21, this is a substantial stretch. Chance of being a Rothschild: 9%.

Dorothy Parker, screenwriter, founder, Algonquin Round Table: Dorothy Parker is well known for her stinging wit, love of drinking and prodigious literary output. What’s less well-known is that she was born Dorothy Rothschild, and took the last name of first husband. Nothing in her background suggests any relation to the family, but as a successful screenwriter, she would be well-poised to exert Rothschild influence on the entertainment industry. However, her scathing criticism of the wealthy and powerful, along with her tempestuous personal life and involvement with communism leads one to imagine her more as a thorn in the side than as a member. Chance of being a Rothschild: 12%.

Martin Rothschild, died aboard the Titanic: Born in 1865, Martin Rothschild is known to history only because of his death in the sinking of the Titanic in 1912. Conspiracy theorists have not proven, as of yet, that the Rothschild family was involved in the sinking. But it can never be discounted that the Titanic was purposefully sunk in a false flag incident, designed by the Rothschilds to increase their wealth and power. Whether Martin was involved in this is unknown. Unfortunately, his body was never recovered, so we’ll never know if he was a Rothschild agent or a victim of tragic circumstance. Chance of being a Rothschild: 18%.

Paul A. Rothchild, music producer: Known for his work producing iconic albums by the Doors, Paul Rothchild played a key role in shaping the sound of late 60’s rock music. But for all his success in music, it’s unlikely he had any relation to the Rothschild dynasty. For one thing, his name is spelled differently. Of course, some conspiracy theorists believe that Mayer Amschel Rothschild, scion of the family, changed his last name from Bauer, though no evidence exists that this is true. Also, nothing in Paul Rothchild’s past links him to banking or selling weapons. Only wrangling Jim Morrison’s drunken buffoonery and telling the other members of the Doors that yeah, they're totally just as important as Jim. Chance of being a Rothschild: 4%

Reed Rothchild, adult film star: Reed Rothchild is not a real person, only a fictional character, played by actor John C. Reilly in the film Boogie Nights. As such, it’s unlikely that Reed Rothchild has any relationship to the banking dynasty. It is unknown if there are any actual Rothschilds in the adult film industry, though this seems unlikely. Chance of being a Rothschild: 1%

Rothschild, Wisconsin: We move on from non-Rothschild people, starting with the small town of Rothschild, Wisconsin. With a population of 5,269 as of 2010, this isolated village in Marathon County seems like an unlikely place to be affiliated with the family, though it does have a paper mill and branch library. Are they legitimate businesses or fronts for the production and distribution of Zionist propaganda? Nobody in Rothschild is talking. Chance of being a Rothschild: 37%.

Rothschild Island, Antarctica: While it is named after French Rothschild member Baron Edouard de Rothschild, the island itself is an uninhabited, isolated block of ice in the middle of nowhere. As such, it is probably not a base of operations for weapons testing or gold storage. However, we don’t know for sure, and it does seem a good location from which to conduct chicanery. Chance of being a Rothschild: 8%

Rothschild’s Giraffe, long-necked mammal: Also known as the Baringo giraffe or Ugandan giraffe, Rothschild’s Giraffe is a rare, threatened species that primarily lives in the zoos of eastern Africa. Though like the Island, it is named after a Rothschild banking family member, giraffes themselves are not known for their ability to control world governments or manipulate currency. This would make Rothschild’s giraffe a rare breed indeed, and mean humanity has bigger problems than the reach of the Rothschild dynasty. Chance of being a Rothschild: 8%

This is far from a complete list, and there is always the possibility that any or all of these Rothschilds are actually deep-cover sleeper agents, though less likely in the case of those that are fictional, dead or not living things. But as we can see from these examples, it does seem a stretch to say all Rothschilds everywhere are not to be trusted.

Of course, if I were a Rothschild, that’s exactly what I would say to deflect suspicion. So maybe I’m not to be trusted, either.

by Mike Rothschild

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