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More Evolutionary Evidence

by Stephen Propatier

May 15, 2013

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Donate Creationists often point to gaps, or anomalies in the fossil record as evidence that evolutionary theory is incorrect. They fail toacknowledge that the fossil record heavily supports common ancestry and evolution. Creationist often point to "sudden appearance" as evidence for a "guiding hand". A god of the gaps argument. Often progressing to the illogical conclusion that weakness in evolution theory equals strength for creationism. Recently more evidence has appeared indicating that human evolution is even less complex than we currently think. At least when it comes to the evolution of the ambulatory hip. Researchers examining the hip structures of the Australian lung fish and the Axoloti, or Mexican Walking Fish, conclude that the transition from basic fish hip to complex human hip could have been accomplished in only a few evolutionary steps.
"Four-legged animals, or tetrapods, ventured onto land for the first time about 395 million years ago. One important evolutionary change that made this possible was the development of strong hipbones connected by an ilium. The ilium is the largest, most uppermost bone of the pelvic and is present in birds, mammals, and all reptiles except snakes"but not in fish."

“Many of the muscles thought to be ‘new’ in tetrapods evolved from muscles already present in lungfish,” said co-author Dr. Catherine Boisvert of the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University.

Boisvert, along with her colleagues Professor Jean Joss of McQuarie University and Professor Per Ahlberg of Sweden’s Uppsala University, discovered that the bones used for sitting would have evolved by the extension of an already present pubis bone and that the connection to the vertebral column could have arisen from an iliac process already existing in fish.

According to Boisvert, the transition from ocean-dwelling to terrestrial animals was a major event in the evolution of land-dwelling creatures, including humans, and the development of a complex, weight-bearing hip bone was an indispensable step."
So another piece of the a puzzle falls into place. Despite multiple lines of evidence for common ancestry. Creationists will still ask"questions" about evolution and common ancestry. Trying to find a wedge to leverage a non-scientific theory. Instead ofacknowledgingthe towering mountain of indirect and direct evidence supporting evolution in the fossil record. They persist in observing small weaknesses within the current state of evolutionary theory. Obfuscation of creationism's glaring problems across multiple scientific disciplines. Not just evolutionary theory.

I guess this is how you canobjectivelydefine looking at the world with "rose colored glasses".


by Stephen Propatier

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