Crisis Actor? What Crisis Actor?

Like “false flag”, the term “crisis actor” has recently become a concept that conspiracy theorists love to throw around when trying to prove that some atrocity is actually a fake, planned by the government as an excuse to strip us of our rights.

I’ve already examined the difference between a real false flag and something that an Alex Jones acolyte decided “didn’t make sense.” But what about crisis actors? Who are they? What do they do? And are they really hired stooges, doled out by the government in order to lend veracity to their fake crimes by pretending to be victims?

At the risk of sending you off to the kitchen to make a tinfoil helmet, it’s important to note that crisis actors are real. They’ve been used in disaster preparedness drills for years, simulating victims of incidents ranging from earthquakes to tornadoes. Some are on the payroll of various governments. There are even real companies that hire and train them.

One firm that’s become particularly caught-up in the controversy is a Denver-based nonprofit called, unsurprisingly, Crisis Actors. They send out people who are just what the name says they are: actors who play the roles of victims and bystanders during traumatic events. But the difference between real crisis actors and the nonexistent ones on the payroll of Big False Flag is that while actors are real, the crisis isn’t.

The Crisis Actors Facebook page describes their work like this:

We are specially trained actors helping first responders create realistic drills, full-scale exercises, high-fidelity simulations, and interactive 3D films.


The members of Crisis Actors are experienced, passionate actors committed to creating superior training events and programs for professional and non-traditional first responders. They deliver intense, realistic performances of people under stress – on location, in the studio, or in a 3D motion-capture lab – while response agencies work to improve their ability to manage life-threatening incidents large and small.

Our actors have tackled difficult topics on stage, such as domestic violence, community turmoil, and risk behaviors. […]

After weeks of training with safety experts and first responders, the members of Crisis Actors can take on the role of frantic parents, nosey neighbors, aggressive reporters, injured victims, victims in shock, hecklers in the crowd, motorists blocking traffic, bystanders giving wrong information, victims suddenly fighting those saving them, online conspiracy-mongers, and more.

So how did the crisis actor phenomenon become the hot new thing in conspiracy theory circles?

Until the Sandy Hook shooting, the idea of actors playing pretend roles in real tragedies had been confined mostly to the fringes of the 9/11 “no plane” movement. Then came a December 24th blog post from Florida Atlantic University professor James Tracy, entitled “The Sandy Hook Massacre: Unanswered Questions and Missing Information.” The long, highly speculative, rant-ish post alludes that the shooting may not have taken place, and instead was a drill that “went live.” He then attempts to prove it through a plethora of circumstantial evidence, errors in early reporting, uneducated guesses and unsatisfactory “performances” by various officials when answering questions from reporters.

Tracy singles out an awkward interview by Connecticut Chief Medical Examiner H. Wayne Carver as evidence that he’s an imposter of the “real” Dr. Carver, sent to feed disinformation to reporters. While Tracy never uses the phrase “crisis actor” in his manifesto, his accusation is clear: Sandy Hook was staged, there never was a shooting and the people involved were actors playing parts.

The fact there was no evidence to support Tracy’s theory didn’t matter at all, and the crisis actor meme took hold. Soon there was a wave of blog posts and YouTube videos noting similarities in the way people involved in various tragedies looked (most of which were entirely superficial), pointing out “discrepancies” in the “official story” (most of which were based on already admitted errors in early reporting) and singling out parents whose reactions to the death of their children didn’t seem quite tearful enough. The “actors” became targets of harassment, ridicule and even death threats.

When pictures and video of the Boston Marathon bombing made their way online, so too did the crisis actor accusations. And because there was far more visual evidence, including nauseating pictures of victims just moments after they’d had their limbs blown off, the cries of fakery were much louder. It takes both a special kind of paranoia and a complete lack of shame to call a bombing victim a paid government shill for somehow not looking enough like a bombing victim. But just hours after the bombing, the requisite message board posts, blog rants and YouTube videos appeared. Most are incoherent, full of ludicrous accusations and backed up by circles and lines drawn around seemingly random objects and people. The majority of it is either completely unprovable or just made up, and as such, isn’t worth examining in detail. What would be the point?

Just like the sad story of Sandy Hook hero turned conspiracy theorist target Gene Rosen, one particular victim was singled out: Jeff Baumann, a runner who lost both of his legs in the bombing. The iconic picture of Baumann being carried to safety just after the blast became a key image in the days after the attack, but it was quickly by jumped on by crisis actor believers. They determined that Baumann was actually Nick Vogt, a US Army veteran and double-amputee who had the misfortune of losing both legs in Afghanistan. And why did they think these two people be the same people? Because there was no blood on Baumann, of course. His facial expressions and posture didn’t “seem” like those of a bombing victim. And because Vogt and Baumann looked exactly alike.

Of course, there is absolutely no evidence that Baumann and Vogt are the same people, and a huge amount of evidence that they aren’t. For one thing, they had different injuries, with Vogt losing his legs above the knee, and Baumann below the knee. Also, a cursory visual comparison of the two men confirms they look almost nothing like each other, other than both being Caucasian and dark-haired. But to crisis actor believers, those facts do nothing other than lend confirmation to the conspiracy. To them, Vogt was pretending to be Baumann, taking on a lead role in the government’s latest false flag – a pernicious fake designed to take away our rights and heap the abuse of restrictive laws upon us.

The beauty of the crisis actor meme is that it can be used on anyone involved in any aspect of any tragedy. Conspiracy theorists love to point out things they just know are fake, and a crisis actor is the ultimate form of fakery. People grieving in a way you don’t think they should be grieving? Crisis actor. Victim not displaying the appropriate level of trauma or injury? Crisis actor. Interviewed bystander not flailing about in panic and anguish? Crisis actor. Government official acting as a shill to advance the “official story?” Crisis actor.

Conspiracy theorists also love to accuse the “sheeple” of being gullible and trusting to the point of naiveté. But thinking that crisis actors were participating in faked bombings requires a level of blind belief far beyond trusting in any “official story.”

It requires a buy-in on an operation so massive that it would involve hiring thousands of people, deploying all of them without a hitch and leaving no evidence of their fakery behind. And paradoxically, it demands the government be so evil it that it would plan a fake terrorist attack, but also so cheap and stupid that it would hire the same crisis actors used in previous faked terrorist attacks and plan an operation in such a slipshod manner that it can be uncovered by amateurs in a matter of hours.

So without solid, verifiable evidence otherwise, we can only reach one logical conclusion: crisis actors are real, and the incidents they perform in are not.

About Mike Rothschild

Mike Rothschild is a writer and editor based in Pasadena. He writes about scams, conspiracy theories, hoaxes and pop culture fads. He's also a playwright and screenwriter. Follow him on Twitter at
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70 Responses to Crisis Actor? What Crisis Actor?

  1. Øyvind says:

    Conspiracy theorists have been reaching new lows latelly. Throwing speculations and wild theories around is bad enough, but actually stating, with no evidence whatsoever, that victims of atrocities are actually paid actors… that’s just a new kind of… I can’t even think of a word for it. It’s just vile.

    • decuff says:

      What you said is 100% exactly what cointelpro would say and does say every single time someone tells the truth and even if that truth barer is also a cointelpro agent. You sound uneducated, uninformed and or extremely stupid? But that’s not really true is it? Only cointelpro is ignorant enough to say what you just spewed without a single fact to support your blatant provable lies.

    • Scott says:

      No proof, that’s a laugh:) there is proof everyway, video evidence on YouTube even for god sake. Its single there are people who lack the courage to look into these events and those who don’t. Its a very big and bitter pill to swallow that the government and media is so dishonest but its the truth. Given the choice, would you rather know the actual or the fantasy version of things? Here is a link, you can see with your own eyes in around 30 seconds that crisis actors are real and drills or false flags are being passed off as news!! wake up please. Oh and there of course is a third category of paid debunkers also. In the below link, please note the lack of blood and the use of an amputee along with the application of his prosthetic fake injuries: have a nice day There are many many for vids so keep watching and again wake up

      • Noah Dillon says:

        This video makes no sense. The 3D overlay nonsense seems to assume that legs don’t spread at the hip. I can spread my legs farther apart than the maker of this video seems to think is possible. This is not proof of anything. Talk about sleepy, dreaming fantasy.

  2. Vanda says:

    But why? Why do they do this? Conspiracy theorists have always been pretty vocal, but it seems since 9/11 they have become very cruel and careless of who they hurt and defame. I wonder if it’s the advent of the internet? Whilst I used to find them amusing and sometimes interesting, I now just see conspiracy theorists as lunatics with spittle running down their chins. And yes, vile, vile people.

    As for a professor putting forward that theory – has that university no standards? Any professor who did that here in Australia would find themselves out of a job pretty quickly, even if they had tenure, I’m sure.

    • bakatya says:

      Not sure what sites you frequent but on FB and Youtube the ones who snap into vulgar fits of South Park style tantrums of barbaric vulgarity, moronic cognitive dissonance, shill shrill, ad hominems, slander, blissful ignorance and well practiced meta game are the Fox/TV praising sheeple who don’t even know what any of those words mean and refuse to have them explained. I admit it seems to reverse at time but i rarely see it. Usually the ones who create arguments out of potentially interesting discussions are always those who graduated american high school with a grade 6 education, at best. Even some of the bright ones with an IQ over 120 usually prefer to just end any convo after one attempt at making a point. That sort of verifies to me that mental vault is sealed shut.

  3. Doug Mathias says:

    Mike, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are the first wave of what I hereby dub “crisis-actor skeptic-actor” or “CSA2”. Obviously, a “real” skeptical commentator would not use such sophisticated grammatical structures as are found in the penultimate paragraph of your nauseating rant. I mean a “not only . . . but also” sentence construction? Obviously faked up in some large government phoneme & syntax studio hidden in the scrubland behind Area 51 — incidentally, the real reason the government keeps us real folks from ATVing in that area.

  4. Rob Struble says:

    “It takes both a special kind of paranoia and a complete lack of shame to call a bombing victim a paid government shill for somehow not looking enough like a bombing victim.”

    This is indeed the “cutting edge” of tinfoil hat conspiracism. A completely subjective opinion about a situation they have never actually encountered in real life, based on nothing other than what they’ve seen on TV shows or imagined, is objective “evidence” of a massive government conspiracy.

    • bakatya says:

      Nice try but it’s well known that sheeple make up the vast majority of TV conditioning/ programming. Accusing conspiracy truthers of watching false role models and false news on mass media is the same as accusing atheists of going to church. Bahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

  5. JB says:

    Sadly, the author of this post’s last name is going to be enough for conspiracy theorists to ignore his writings.

  6. Steve says:

    Just to confuse things still further in the Facebook entry fro the Crisis Actors company they list ‘Online Conspiracy Mongers’ as one of their disciplines. So now we can’t even believe that all the conspiracy theorists are real. How do we know for instance that Professor Tracy isn’t in the Employ of Crisis Actors and his entire commentary about Sandy Hook isn’t just him doing his job.

    Of course it works both ways as any conspiracy theorist can now be accused of working for the company and being a Crisis Actor themselves and that any theory they come out with has been scripted by the company’s employers and it’s up to them to prove that they aren’t.

  7. ponder says:

    I do not believe the government is competent enought to engineer the various crisis’s and atrocities that abound but I fully believe the government will always attempt to use the incidents to increase the government’s control. They always have and they always will. All governments, not just ours.

    • That’s one of my favorite paradoxes about conspiracy theories: that the government has just enough skill to pull off these complex false flag operations, but not enough to keep them from being discovered right away.

      • Trevor Wilson says:

        i personally don’t believe they are crisis actors i was a combat medic in Iraq and i have seen major trauma even worse the Baumans, but to say the united states government wouldn’t do something like this is ridiculous. The gulf of tanken incident which has been proven to be a false flag from documents the government released. The amount of death and strife caused by these lies shows that there are some in the government who have no regard for human life. I also know from personal experience that people will do horrible things when they are ordered to do it. Either way the evidence that the government is not only capable but willing to kill people for political reason is beyond question. Your belief that everyone in the government is incompetent, and that a team couldn’t be brought together to perform an operation like this ludicrous. Here is some reference material for you to read up on your innocent government, yes it is from Wikipedia but look it has source material in its links who would have thought.

      • bakatya says:

        Chaga tea will help with that.

  8. Anonymous says:


    • Rich says:

      Hey good point!

    • Why does WordPress not have a “Like” button for comments? I seriously spit wine out my nose when I read this.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not sure if this is a good thing or not Brian, but I’m not sure most people have any idea why that’s hilarious.

        Maybe the conspiracy proliferators are losing ground?

      • Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

        Spit wine from your nose? The Dr who writers need a hot tub lurking, alien hunting, nose wine spitting villain.

        They have done Australians to death (so to speak)..

        Hang on, Brian, can you out do Captain Jack Harkness? I think he can spit a gorilla over 6 feet

        To an above comment that governments aren’t competent enough to do dastardly things…Only an incompetent government would allow such a thing.

        This weeks news had a moron blow his cover in Russia. Think about how conspiracists would view this in their “anti authoritarian” dreams.

        • Magnanamous Dinoflagellate says:

          What a superb comment and riposte.

          Thanks for the massive chuckle and “beer blow”.Anonymous and Brian.

  9. Justin Nnoix says:

    obviously a crisis actor right???? afterall, no one can possibly be at two disasters, that’s UNPOSSIBLE!!!! Rofl

    [ps, i’m in agreement with this article, justincase anyone thinks i’m actually serious)

  10. Dcembre says:

    There are no actors, no conspiracy, everything is fine in the usa.

  11. You’re missing the deeper conspiracy:

    The government plants people who make these extreme conspiracy theories that are obviously nutty. This serves to discredit any conspiracy theories, even ones that make sense.

    Think I’m crazy? Ask Cass Sunstein (an Obama adviser) about “cognitive infiltration”.

    What are the more sensible conspiracy theories? How about this one:

    Tamerlan Tsarnaev had been in contact with the FBI (at least twice) before the Boston Marathon incident. Was there an FBI effort to radicalize Tsarnaev in order to entrap him? We know that the FBI actually does try to infiltrate Muslim communities, and this comes not from right-wing extremists but the ACLU:

    Maybe (??) the FBI was trying to radicalize Tsarnaev but they lost control of him (like they lost track of the guns in Fast & Furious).

    Now, I suspect you agree this is not a crazy possibility. And perhaps you agree that the extreme conspiracy theories distract from the more sensible line of inquiry that might be pursued. With Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration”, is it that hard to believe that Alex Jones and other extremists are actually government plants?

    Another more sensible theory that is ignored:
    Sandy Hook was real. But the reporting of what happened, both by government and by the media, might have been twisted in order to push for certain policy outcomes (i.e. gun control).

    The rush to ban semi-auto rifles … we don’t really know that the AR-15 was the primary weapon in Sandy Hook. There’s no ballistics report. Early reports, purportedly from multiple reliable sources, were that Lanza used handguns.

    Similarly, we actually know that the AR-15 was not the primary weapon in Aurora. It jammed after 30 rounds. 80 people were shot. Do the math. But the reporting and government push afterward focused on that rifle instead of on the shotgun which almost certainly did more damage.

    In other words, the crises are real, but government and the media manipulate the facts in order to take advantage. Rahm Emanuel’s “never let a crisis go to waste”.

    Is this really that hard to believe?

    And can you see how the government planting extremists, and the media giving extremists airtime (they’re more interesting and probably sell more ads), distracts from more genuine questions?

  12. Reg. says:

    Conspiracy theorists are modern day pimps who missed their chance to dob someone to the witch trials or the inquisition or the Nazi party or to the slave masters. Their drive is to inspire a return to the dark ages where ignorance was bliss. A pox upon conspiracy theorists. 🙂

  13. Joe Zeph says:

    Yeah he’s a Rothschild
    ‘You’re a Rothschild…tadadadada
    He’s coming to get ya

    Performed by Iron Maiden

    If people can believe Sandy Hook of being fake…what is to stop people from believing everything the Government and the media tells them to believe is real.

    For me. I just get Deja Vu, click on the next link and try my darndest to figure out if things are happening the same way again like any normal Schizoid.

  14. Anonymous says:

    21st century sucks.

  15. Mayer Amschel says:

    ROTFLMAO. Sounds like Red-Shield has all the answers at hand. Thanks Red-Shield for being the self-proclaimed authority on distinguishing the difference between a real false-flag and a false false-flag. It’s a very adept psychological maneuver you are navigating in this article. So, only those that occurred in the past and don’t have any immediate consequences in your daily life, no implications beyond being an interesting historical read, are real false-flags. Anything that is claimed today is a conspiracy theory. Got it. The logic is sound.

    In the same breath you tell us that governments do in fact have the ability to put on theater of the macabre for their citizenry, in order to push nefarious agendas, yet it is a ‘conspiracy theory’ if you believe paid crisis actors participate in real ‘terrorist’ events under government planning. That’s too 1930s, passe, outdated nonsense. Men in power now are different, more moral and ethical, more progressive in thought. Oh, how our species has advanced since then.

    “Don’t worry son, go back to sleep son, you just had a nightmare, everything will be OK. When you grow up son, you will understand that things that contradict your uninformed world-view should never be investigated or questioned. Instead they should be ridiculed, maligned and stricken from memory. Never listen to the arguments of others who disagree with you, just chide them and feel good that you don’t have to waste a minute of your time away from internet doing any real research. Nothing can prevent you from maintaining your routine with as little stress as possible. And don’t forget, there are not, and never have been, any criminals in position of authority, ever. Authority and respect is bestowed, not earned, not proven. People in power are never corruptible. Why would they ever seek to conspire with other powerful men, to preserve their power, just because they have the means, the motive and opportunity? There are never hidden agendas. Nothing in this world is planned ahead of time, everything just happens spontaneously, through random interactions of the non-planning oafs in power. What you see is what you get. Authority figures never lie, obfuscate or misdirect, to promote their agendas. How could the lie possibly be maintained? You can never hide something in plain sight. There is no such thing as compartmentalization of knowledge, no such thing as complacency, apathy amongst the ruled class. Tyrants, despots and mass-murdering thug leaders only exist in barbaric, backwards, third-world countries, not in affluent, civilized nations like ours.

    Remember, as soon as someone, whose history, affiliations, personal motivations and character you know nothing about becomes your authority figure, they stop being human, and become angels to be worshiped, adored and obeyed, never questioned, because, after all, they live to make you happy and secure. They have no self-interests, no conflicting, competing motivations, no fears, no anxieties, no faults whatsoever. They exist strictly with your interests at heart. Can you give me a Cumbaya, my son. Sleep tight. In fact just stay asleep your whole life.”

    • I’ll be sure to do all that. Thanks.

      • Jon says:

        Why even bother posting a blog like this if that’s your only response to Mayer Amschel comment? Didn’t it ring at all true for you? Nevermind, you’re like 16 what do you know anyway child? Does your father know what your using his laptop for young man?

        • Sorry, how much time should I have devoted to that nonsensical block of anti-Semitic garbage? It didn’t “ring true” to me at all, at “rang” like conspiratorial ravings, concern trolling, and Jew hating.

          How much time did you put into insulting me? Probably more than you should have.

  16. deano says:

    A “Rothschild”, from Obomber Chicago, that does Bar Mitzvahs & paid by Skeptoid ??????

    The term “conspiracy theorist” was CIA invention to ridicule anyone doubting JFK murder.

    False flags do exist >Maine sinking, Gulf of Tonkin, WMD, Syrian chemical weapon attack,

    Crisis Actor?? Can anyone remember “Nayirah” testimony of babies from incubators to gain public outcry for 1st Gulf War. Trained Saudi ambassador daughter to promote hate for Suddam Hussein regime, which by the way, was given chemical weapons from US (Bush Snr in CIA) to use on Iran. > FACT!

    Look up “33 Conspiracies proven true”. > FACT!
    OPERATION NORTHWOODS Sec 8 a/b > Description of 9/11 planned in 60s> JFK denied R.I.P
    OPERATION MOCKINGBIRD > CIA infiltration & control of mainstream media

    Are Snowden & Assange theorists? No, they are just delivering the TRUTH. The USA lies, spies & will cover-up anything that goes against their agenda.
    Why has US quickly endorsed & produced 2 movies on Wikileaks & Assange (We steal secrets, & The fith estate).?
    To publicaly ridicule, slander & tarnish.

    Latest Crisis Actors : Obama, Boehner, Cruz, Kerry, Netanyahu, CONGRESS,NSA,DHS,TSA etc

    Latest Truth Speakers: Manning,Snowden,Assange,Pilger,R.Paul, Ventura,Putin,Assad,Abby Martin, Ben Swann,Rense & Paul Vigay(R.I.P. Killed by MI5 for work on cropcircles)

    P.S. If you want “truth” about CIA policy, Watch Jon Pilger’s “War on Democracy”. His interview with CIA (clandestine immoral americans) DUANNE CLARIDGE, shows what the US is capable of & how they implement it !!

    • Reg. says:

      Pilger for one, lost all his credibility the day he became a Holocaust denier.

      • You don’t REALLY believe that “World War II” actually happened, do you? It was clearly staged.

        • Beppo says:

          After watching the rigging of the 2016 Primary election, in real time, and realizing the media were complicit, everything changed. What other lies have I believed? Defended, even! I know now that it’s ALL lies. All of it. I haven’t looked into WWII yet, but I will. Do have any suggestions of where I should start?

  17. deano says:

    Dont know where you got that from Reg, but how many Nazi’s became US citizens for their Rocket Science knowledge (Operation Paperclip), Werner von Braun becoming head of NASA.
    For doubters of govt cant hide secret programs, development of atomic bomb(Project Manhattan) had 100 000 people involved, kept secret through “compartmentilization”.

    Does anyone think we would have seen “Collateral damage” video, or mass NSA spying on everyone , if it wasnt for whistle blowers Manning & Snowden ?

    As for Israel’s intentions, current attack policy on Syria & Iran, has only been emphasized by their anger towards US at not carrying out attacks.
    Putin, Assad & alternative media forced a political peaceful outcome, yet Kerry( should have SYRIA TODAY TV program) keeps banging the war drums!

    • Alexandria Nick says:

      FYI: Von Braun was never the head of NASA. He was the director of Marshall Space Flight Center. James Webb was in charge the whole time.

      Also, Manhattan was never a secret project. It was quite well known, given the sheer size of the workforce. What Manhattan was working on was a secret. Even then, most of the secrecy was aided by the workforce not having the technical background to understand what they were doing. Common understanding of nuclear technology here in 2018 is sophisticated enough, by comparison, that a technician would deduce what was going on in a matter of days.

  18. deano says:

    Gee Mike. Skeptics cant defend the ” Nayirah” pulling babies from incubator crisis actor incident.

    You were a baby at the time too probably. This was under G. Bush Snr to rally the war cry for the 1st Gulf War. We all know of the Bush & bin Ladin families close tie too OIL.
    Nayirah was a Saudi ambassadors daughter trained by CIA.
    This being a “recent” concept is far from the real truth as can be young one!

    AS for Alex Jones. Cult happenings at Bohemia Grove were denied as a fantasy/conspiracy theory, until he secretly smuggled himself & a camera in to blow it all out in the open!!

    I suggest you research the work of Jon Pilger & Julian Assange to find out what REAL journalism is about. There is always 2 sides to a story(possibly more), presenting all the facts on all the sides is something mainstream has lost & is the reason why more people are turning to alternative internet news.
    Even Wikipedia, with GUERILLA editing tactics by the likes of Susan Gerbic, just enforces the modis operandi of mainstream/skeptical agendas. Who PAYS you?

  19. cat says:

    Well, as long as there are still people who refuse to believe we visited the moon… there will always be people calling these horrors ‘false flags’…. Personally i don’t know what to believe anymore, have looked up both sides of stories and to be honest, it is confusing. I do know one thing though, un-expected things are about to happen soon, the day of GOD’s wrath is very near. Get to know your Creator and vote for the Kingsom of Heaven that will be put in place soon now.

    Ezekiel 39:7- “The Nations Will Have to Know That I Am Jehovah”

    please read:

  20. J says:

    Mike you and anyone who thinks like you is an absolute idiot. Its people like you that are to dumb and ignorant to not see the phoney media lies. If you don’t think people in power will lie to you to better there needs you are an idiot. Wake up.. Be real.. Speak the truth.. Be smart. Come on man we don’t need another fake journalist. How about this you go actually research for yourself and come up with your own observation instead of believing what your told by people that have been proven to lie. Then do what god wants you to do and spread the truth instead of being a lame fake ass bicth. Bless up.. We need to stop these false flag attacks and these fake actors from destroying are world. How many more schools or churches are gunna be shot up before they say we have to disarm the country. Let them come for the guns though I know theres enough real smart people ready to fight against crime and the lies. Mike your a bitch buddy don’t try and come at us truthers what you would call a conspiracy theorist for telling it straight how it is. Just look at charleston right now if you can’t tell that its all scripted your an idiot and have 0 common sense

    • You know ordinarily I wouldn’t let in a comment that is so abusive. Still I think the quality of the writing speaks volumes about the quality of your thinking.

      • Cmo says:

        Indeed..It’s, too, their,…man, we….massive run on’re..bicth? Shall be using this spelling to suck censors in the future. Bless up? (Indecipherable gibberish)…are=our…after reading this far, I have no confidence that ‘real smart people’ will be popping out of the woodwork.
        ( never end a sentence with a preposition)
        And calling someone an idiot after that load of verbal vomit is the height of irony.

    • velouria says:

      So where are all the dead people from these incidents? Are they all fake people and all of their family and friends are lying? Or are they all in hiding now?

  21. Ves says:

    “it demands the government be so evil it that it would plan a fake terrorist attack”
    I’ll give the conspiracy theorists that one the US did at a few points mull around with that idea.

  22. Brian says:

    I really do not understand how people can be so gullible or evil to say that calling out obvious aspects of events that do not seem realistic and are followed by drastic actions of Government to be the crazy ones.
    I like to look at both sides openly. Sandy hook happened right after Obama was reelected and needed no more votes. OK its odd but? Rosen hears deer huinters and thinks nothing of it. That is odd so close to a school 150 rounds of 223. I google the area and there is no deer hunting within earshot. OK so what he lied
    Parents grieving is creepy all of them Robby Parker the king. Now I scratch my head. The news says the pic
    of kids exiting the school is from a previous drill. OK but I can not recall a school full of kids evacuating.
    Why did the paramedics not go in ever and police declare so many dead in 11 minutes. WOW state law says only the doctor can. Medics always seem to take people to hospitals. The list of things like this just kept growing. But hey we should trust what they say.
    After all the wonderful liberating of those poor people with order and live relatives in the sand. Blasting every sheepherders shack with airstrikes in no mans land well after we destroyed the armed forces and took out the leaders finding no WMD or Bin Latley.
    Believing the official 911 story would scare me. Airliners are not fighters or stealth they just turn off transponders and our pilots can not find them. Planes full of grown men afraid of a box cutter? I would take some stitches.
    But hey good thing we have folk like you who can not service the brakes on their car and have never coped a beam, seen a weld detail etc.. to tell us Iron Workers that those MASSIVE I BEAMS BENT LIKE THAT WITH NO BUCKLING OR TEARING AND STRUCTURAL STEEL MELTED LITERALLY.
    That my friends is monkeys humping a football funny but do not laugh. I do not mean to belittle anybody but the media has people truly dizzy with deception. Watch the doc on the USS Cole. Look at the 1993 WTC bombing the FBI was caught in the criminal trial with phone conversations they did not know about. Yes it was theirs

    • velouria says:

      No one ever said fire melts steel. Fire plus jet fuel weakens steel. What do you think welding is?

    • Alexandria Nick says:

      “Airliners are not fighters or stealth they just turn off transponders and our pilots can not find them.”

      Yep. Literally, exactly that. Without a transponder, its hard to be tracked. And, yes, that does scare people. That’s why we have ADS-B now.

  23. Aden says:

    written by a government shill. Was operation northwood, gulf of tonkin, uss liberty, reichstag not factual? Will you deny that too? The facts dissected of crisis actors’ involvement and gov’t protection is less a leap of faith than to buy the bullshit CNN & MSNBC feed you.

    • We call that a logical fallacy since there are government lies all government statements are lies. Called the hasty generalization fallacy or association fallacy. An association fallacy is an inductive informal fallacy of the type hasty generalization or red herring which asserts that qualities of one thing are inherently qualities of another, merely by an irrelevant association. The two types are sometimes referred to as guilt by association and honor by association. Association fallacies are a special case of red herring, and can be based on an appeal to emotion. Thanks for giving a classic example to teach others.

  24. Juliano says:

    Mr ‘Rothschild’…? debunks 9/11 being a false flag? surrrely not? you couldn’t make this us lol Any relation…?
    OK you start of your absurd article: Like “false flag”, the term “crisis actor” has recently become a concept that conspiracy theorists love to throw around when trying to prove that some atrocity is actually a fake, planned by the government as an excuse to strip us of our rights. ‘
    So straight away do what it is planned to do–by pairing crisis actors with false flags discredit the latter

    What you SHOULD do young laddie is study this when looking at ‘9/11’, like any good detective will; MEANS, MOTIVE and OPPORTUNITY. it was a Zionist and Freemasonic operation Mr Roths child OBVIOUSLY duh. Only the truly thick or the ones who think they are clever with disinfo cannot see this

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Yes. Obviously everyone with the same last name is a close relation to everyone else with that same last name. And the Rothschilds are trying to control you with articles on blogs about “crisis actors.” That’s how the wealthy control the world: one WordPress at a time. Are you related to the New York mobster Joseph Juliano?

      By the way, I’m sure you’ve had the means and opportunity to commit all kinds of crimes that other people have been convicted of. Had you committed those crimes, like bank robbery or something, you would have benefitted, you would have had a motive. But I’m assuming there’s no evidence that you’ve committed such a crime. Means, motive, and opportunity are explanations. They’re stories. They’re not evidence. And you’ve offered no evidence to support any of your claims. Just slogans and vitriol and weird suspicion about the author’s name.

  25. Shantala says:

    I agree with your theory on crisis actors, but the truth about James Tracy, he too is a crisis actor. Confused ha, just an experiment for mental healthcare.

  26. velouria says:

    I’m very confused about what these conspiracy theorists think happens… no one is really dead? All of the people are in hiding now? Their friends, family, neighbors and co-workers are all in on it? The spectators who witness things are in on it? Where do all of the dead people go?

  27. SoulTrain says:

    Are you being paid so much that you would sellout by publishing this nonsense you put forth? Anyone with an intact soul would do no such thing, regardless the remuneration. People are awakening to your scripted nonsense and the evil behind it. Shame be yours…

  28. Dave says:

    I highly object to the way people expect others to act in tragedies. There was a young woman interviewed after the attacks in France of 2015 who many people called a crisis actor. Their main point of contention was how pleasant her demeanour was during the interview despite the fact that she was hit by a stray bullet in her leg. In fact she even giggled during the interview. Why wasn’t she crying or in a state of shock? To this I tried pointing out the following factors…
    1. She’s an attractive college graduate travelling the world for leisure so of course she is going to be happy that a news outlet has sought her out, provided her with food, transportation, makeup, and potentially a moderate monetary compensation for sharing her story
    2. She most likely had minor surgery and was given a prescription painkillers. Because of how potentially traumatic the event was, she also may have been prescribed a weeks worth of Xanax to take as needed. Either one of these medications would put someone in a lighthearted mood regardless of how much danger they were in.

    I also object to how judgemental the public is towards people that stand trial for murder. People are so quick to say how remorseless they look for their actions bases on a photograph of them in a courtroom where they have a blank look on their face. What they fail to consider are these factors…
    1. They have been instructed by their attorneys to not make eye contact with anyone
    2. They’ve been arrested, detained, cavity searched, interrogated, isolated, and usually beaten up a few times before trial
    3. They’re often emotionally numb during trial. Guilty or not.
    4. They’re not thinking “I don’t care about who I killed” it’s usually more like “I cannot fathom how my life has come to this. I’m just glad I’m in this comfortable chair in this safe courtroom instead of that prison cell where my cellmate molested me while holding a shank up to my neck”

    Overall, I just think there’s a lot more going on in peoples’ heads when tragedy strikes, dictating how they behave than what most of us can imagine. I have the luxury of not experiencing anything so bad, but I have enough imagination and empathy for the spectrum of human experience to not make strong assertions on how people should behave.

    The writer’s name is “Rothschild” and based on that alone I don’t believe a word he says (just kidding)

    • Noah Dillon says:

      Even without all of these rationalizations, people are apt to locate what they suspect in others, cherry-picking evidence for their preferred narrative. If a victim is crying, the conspiracy-minded say they’re being overdramatic. If the victim is calm, they ask why aren’t they crying? People can be very perceptive about the emotional states of others, and sympathetic to strangers. They can also be incredibly cruel and paranoid.

      • Dave says:

        Well said. Your point about cherry picking evidence for preferred narratives even resonates with me and a rationalization I made in my comment.

        I expressed a preferred narrative about a victim that involved their lifestyle and assumed probability of being medicated during an interview. Those factors made it evident to me that the person was not a crisis actor.

        I suppose my preferred narratives about tragic incidents are centred around the experience of the singular person a news story exposits. I try to imagine what they’re going through before I let it branch out to a macrocosm of conspiracy. Conspiracy theories are just too far beyond my ability to ever know the truth about, and I guess that scares me.

        • Noah Dillon says:

          Yeah, that makes sense. And I think empathy is important here. Way more important than expectation, that’s certain. I mean, there are people following around the parents of kids killed at Sandy Hook, harassing them and accusing them of being fake. Their kids were murdered and now they’ve gotta deal with these jerks stalking them? Oof. It makes me ill.

          Harry Shearer, in an interview with Jon Ronson, said he thinks that conspiracy mongers are the great epic storytellers of the contemporary era. I think he’s right: they tell big stories that are based on morality and symbolism and folklore. You can usually knock down a lot of their claims with a simple smell test. But in the story itself is a depiction of how we wish the world should be: a simple division between bad and good, with the bad now in power and being the source of all suffering, and the good mobilizing to reject those dark forces. The world isn’t like that, but would that it were.

          A friend of mine also once said that ardent followers of conspiracy stories confuse metaphor with reality, which I think is right. Powerful people seem alien and reptilian, but they’re not lizards from outer space. The rich and powerful appear cruel and capricious, but they’re not actually Satanists. Alex Jones and Bill Hicks have the same philosophical and moral roots, but the CIA did not surgically transform a comedian into a talkshow host. And so on.

          • I used to like Bill Hicks even though I never found him laugh out loud funny. I also liked George Carlin and found him pretty funny when he didn’t go off on diatribes about how much we’re controlled by forces beyond our control. Perhaps if I were the age I was now (30) some 30 odd years ago, I would find them both hilarious. They said things that I don’t think anyone else was saying at the time (or at least that which would reach the ears of everyday people). The sheer surprise of how they presented their material when it was fresh might have also filled me with awe. However, I’ve seen so many made-for-YouTube documentaries about global conspiracies that draw on Carlin/Hicks standup bits where they weave them into montage edits with a bed of scary ambient music, that all I associate with their comedy when I hear it today is anxiety. There’s also something very hypnotic about the tone and imagery of videos people edit to accentuate the message those comics were trying to get across. At least for me, it’s sapped all the joy I could ever possibly hope to feel from their comedy.

  29. jack says:

    There were no babies being pulled from incubators – there was also no video of it happening – the entire event was fictitious. If you “remember” video of it you are having a false memory.

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