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Will the Host of Skeptoid Lose His Voice?

by Brian Dunning

May 11, 2013

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Donate No, it's just a sensationalist headline. You should never trust headlines like that.

However I have been having some pain on my larynx when I speak, and it's been going on for about six weeks. So I went in to see Dr. Michael Cho at Head & Neck Associates in Mission Viejo, CA for alaryngoscopy. This is where they slide a longer fiber optic camera called a laryngoscope up through your nose and down your throat, in order to have a look at the vocal cords and voice box. Yes, it feels pretty funky, although the nasal cavity and throat are numbed.

If you get grossed out, don't watch:

Dr. Cho did not see anything that concerned him, so it looks like I'm OK for now. But the fun sciencey laryngoscopy was pretty neat. Enjoy.

by Brian Dunning

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