Alexandria’s Genesis

My daughter asked me the other day if there was such a condition as “Alexandria’s Genesis.” Apparently stories of this rare, genetic mutation were going around at school and on her social media sites. The claims for this mutation are quite impressive; purple eyes, no body hair (only head hair), shimmering white skin that never burns, lack of menstruation for women (while maintaining fertility, long life, good health, etc. She was quite skeptical and with good reason. Let’s take a look at Alexandria’s Genesis.

A Google search for Alexandria’s Genesis uncovers a lot of “answers” type sites with folks asking whether or not this condition exists. I’ve found sites going back to 2008 (perhaps further) discussing this mutation’s existence and qualities. Interestingly, unlike a lot of the topics we explore here, there aren’t many sites, at least in the main stream, which promulgate this condition as being real.

Here are some samples to whet your appetite:

Given the laundry list of super human characteristics posessed by these “Alexandria’s Genesis” mutants, it’s hardly surprising that this isn’t real. There is no such beasty, nor is there any reason to thing that there would be. Mutations don’t really work like that. I suppose, though, that alien-human hybrids or elven blood could do it, but I’m unconvinced that those exist on our planet either.

The real source of this mutation is far more mundane, and far more amusing. It comes, from all places, from some Daria fan fiction. Daria is an animated show which was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead, both shows were a favorite of mine back in the day. The fanfic was written by Cameron Miquelon in 1998. Here is her write up about it.

 Alexandria’s Genesis is not, was not, and will never be a real thing; it was a silly little back story for someone’s entertaining first draft.

Ms Miquelon goes on to note:

Anyway, there you have it: Alexandria’s Genesis is simply a bad mashup of Daria, Art Bell, Twilight, witchcraft and Cylon skinjobs adopted by New Agers and others who should know better, but don’t and won’t. Thank you, Internet. Thank you, Tumblr.

Done and done, mystery solved. I think the genesis of this particular story and the myths that spun up out of it serve as an object lesson on how, perhaps, other stories moved into urban legends, such as the Black Eyed Kids, Mothman, etc. While I’m not suggesting that those were fanfics, it’s certainly possible that some invented story takes on a life of its own and grows far beyond its humble beginnings. The legendary level of the telephone game.

Be well.

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  1. mud says:

    Is this something akin to the star child blithered about in the past decade..Is it the same but nme change?

    • Anonymous says:

      It looks like the people who have picked up on it have thrown it in the same bucket with “Star Children”, “Indigo Children”, “Pleiadian” a.k.a. “Nordic” or “Tall White Aliens”, “Ascended Masters”, “Ancient Aliens”…and a whole list of other, *barely related* balderdash.

      Honestly, each of the things I have listed has a different historical background, but in the minds of the fluffier “New Age Lite” communities, this hardly makes a difference to them…

      Why they expect anyone to take them seriously when they don’t even take themselves seriously enough to research their own mythology is another matter altogether (then again, the same could be said for Fundamentalist Christians who don’t read the Bible, I suppose…)

    • geo says:

      No. Star Children are a total different thing. They are said to be from the stars and a race within the stars, sent here to earth to observe and learn human behaviors and Try to make peace. Their mission is to spread the light. Most star children look human but they usually have sharp features and open minds, they tend to stick out and draw in many peoples. They are also said to be advanced and are often described as an”old soul” , star children are also said to be imaginative , and adventurous and very curious. Most develop “powers” If I may say, where they can move objects or read minds or pick up emotions of people around them. Alexandria’s Genesis does not relate to star children at all. Also Alexandria’s Genesis is a non-existent mutation made up by a fan-writer names Cameron Miquelon on a TV show called “Daria”

      • gotmilk says:

        because “star child and indigo children” etc arnt made up already, “star children are also said to be imaginative , and adventurous and very curious” – LIKE EVERY OTHER CHILD (or how their parents perceive their precious darlings, look at the list for detecting such children – you will find they accurately describes most children’s traits ) ” Most develop “powers” If I may say, where they can move objects or read minds or pick up emotions of people around them. ” alot of people made up “£%”&^ like this in the 70s and many even had cult followings – they were quickly disproven, its why no one will come forward and say they have “powers” now – because its far too easy to show them to be liars and fakers

  2. First of all, my apologies for my fictional posthuman creation having caught your daughter’s attention to the point you were inspired to write this piece.

    I definitely understand why young women — mostly those 13 to 17 on Tumblr, which was how I found out what had happened to Alexandria’s Genesis once I forgot about Daria fan fiction — desire this set of genetic traits. Parts of AG could be possible in the near future, but in all honesty, a major Singularity would need to occur for AG to fully form; think “Ghost in the Shell.”

    What I don’t understand is why so many believe in the first place. Has our health education, from sex ed to biology and human anatomy, gone off the rails from the time I left high school in 1998 to the present day?

    Also: The Outpost Daria link will go dark soon; site owner is closing up shop 1 June 2013. Not that things will change now that AG is roaming free on Tumblr and anywhere else it is welcomed. C’est la vie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not really. It’s mostly what “having” the Alexandria’s Genesis means. Most girls love the whole blue eye thing why not purple too? It’s like seeing a commercial. The food never looks like that but you wish it did.

      • Sue says:

        Pretty Sure They Just Like The Idea Of Not having To Shave Or Bleed From THeir Vaginas. Could Probably Care Less About PUrple Eyes

        • NekoKarkat says:

          Actually, for me, I liked the purple eye thing more than the period and shave thing, and it may be weird. Also the fact it’s false was the second thing that came into my mind when I read that… Tho I do hate periods too…

          • Somal says:

            WELL SAID it is very much a hoax and people need to realize there is no way a woman can be fertile and not have her period, or not produce waste and have pale skin that loves the sun.
            Maybe people started believing the hoax because of the real eye disorder, like races that are generally born with brown eyes would randomly be born with blues, greenish, or yellowish eyes, even two different colored eyes due to lack of pigment in one eye, or a mixed race. JUST A THOUGHT.
            also I am African American (black) and was born with right eye light blue and left eye half light blue half brown. My left I can see the brown uneven pigment specks separated from the light blue. I get alot of negative looks and people are calling me bad names not something a teenage girl wants to hear. Sorry if post this twice I’m new to Internet and English is my second language.

      • lexi says:

        I’m 16, I have a tumblr I agree with Sue.

  3. I just saw this on facebook and figured it wasn’t real but wanted to make sure. Thanks for the resources and answer.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So how do they have purple eyes?

  5. It’s funny how there is proof that in 1329 a girl named Alexandria was born with this mutation. They eye colour can vary from brown to black and purple grey and blue in between. People are only looking for purple. Alexandria’s Genesis was first discovered in Ancient Egypt when many people had this mutation and moved away. It is also proven that in the 1960’s scientists found where the disease started. Please research more carefully next time as this disease is real.

    • It’s funny you thought something I wrote in 1998 is real at all.

      No. Actually, it’s really sad you believe in this. After all, the sole outlet for the “proof” — prior to the owner closing up shop — was a Daria fan fiction website; you can read the work on my fashion blog, however.

      Not only that, but now you’ve pulled from more of my work just to justify your belief in a genetic mutation (not “disease,” as you so put it) that does not exist.

      Now, do be a dear and look up Alexandria’s Genesis at Medline Plus or Mayo Clinic (especially Mayo, since something like AG would be their thing to start); I assure you you will find nothing, because it never was.

      Finally, stop harassing others who see AG for what it really is (an Internet meme and urban legend); I’m the one you should be fighting, darling.

      • Clare says:

        I once meet a girl that had a blueish purple color to her eyes and she didnt shave ever. We were cousins and i went over to her house and even stayed there for months for a little bit. She didnt wear contacts she wore glasses and she never shaved. We looked up AG to see if she had it and even asked doctors to see if its real but the fact that it was “made up” is a lie because there are alot of stories from indian tribes and such like that. I understand that the stories told by indians are mostly legends but every legend has truth or a reason to be started. Dont call AG fake simply in the beliefe that if you cant see it then it cant be real because i have seen it and it is real

        • Just stop. You’re talking to “God” right now — I’m the one who created Alexandria’s Genesis way back when — and AG is a lie, was a lie, and unless you’re willing to go posthuman (think “The Matrix” or The Borg from “Star Trek: The Next Generation”), shall always be a lie.

          It is people like you, Clare, that make me hate how my creation has been interpreted.

          I’m here now, darling; prove to me AG is real, if you dare.

          • Jim Allen says:

            But it is on the internet. Must be true

          • Maddy says:

            Reading someone arguing with so much confidence and no back up against the person who created Alexandria’s Genesis is so amusing. :’) By the way, Cameron, I find it amazing that your fanfic written in 1998 is still actively roaming around the internet today. Would certainly be a nice mutation to have though.

          • Min Wong says:

            Hi Cameron, I dont understand, at all, why you are angry or discouraging people to believe the possibility of YOUR CREATION! althought i have never read any story you wrote, but i remember when i first heard about AG, my first thought was about the author Alison Croggon’s (author of the Pellinor series) who also wrote a book called The Black Spring. anyways, how can you ‘hate’ how your creation has been interpreted? i once wrote a story about genetic mutation that DNA can leak out of a cell during meiosis, creating specialized cell causing the mutant to have superhuman powers (i have some ideas how might each mutant be like that). i am only in 9th grade, and i know, positively, that searching for these crazy ideas are not wrong, but believing that these are definitely impossible is wrong. we know this AG is your creation, but please dont block out our imagination. i know this sounds crazy, but when i grow up, i want to try to make this AG possible, along with my other crazy and yet seemed-impossible ideas.
            ps. i still dont get why you are angry people wanting to believe this. i would be very very happy if something believed in my DNA leakage idea.

          • Darling, my anger comes from those who claim they have it — they don’t, and are lying to cover up something else off about their lives — and those who claim I’m lying about AG being a lie, or that I actively set out to troll the Internet over 15 years ago when I uploaded the document to a Daria fan fiction website.

            But always remember what I keep saying when I say AG is not, was not, and shall never be real: That the only way it will is through the dawn of posthumanity.

            I want the truthers to go and make it so. I want them to study everything from genetic engineering and human anatomy (the latter being the most important of all), to cybernetics and nanotechnology. I want to see Always and Tampax file for Chapter 7 (liquidation) bankruptcy because a group of women who latched onto my creation played around with DNA structures in order to prevent the shedding of the uterine lining on a monthly basis for 30 or so years which gives Always and Tampax the business in the first place. I want to see life extended beyond 120 years, and for the body to not have aged a day past 30. I want no race or creed left out, no sex or gender or age left behind (most don’t notice AG affects males, too), even if it ultimately means becoming a cyborg destined to walk the galaxy for eons to come.

            All that I’m setting out to do by coming out is to disprove AG as real, period, so that in their collective disappointment, the real work can begin. May you help make it so, Min. I’ll be waiting.

          • Let go and let God says:

            First of all you sir are not God! And with God all things are possible. Shame on you for even trying to portray yourself as God. God is an entity. One which cannot be seen. He is God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost. You are none of the above and how dare you try to disgrace Him in such a manner.

        • lin says:

          why would you start a sentence with “i met a girl once” if it was your cousin? It makes you seem thick… even though your belief in this is idiotic enough.

        • Cass says:

          Purple eyes are not impossible, but AG is not real. Having purple eyes does not mean a person has AG, so you cannot use an instance of a purple-eyed person as evidence that AG is real, especially when the author of the condution has just explained that they made it up.

        • Manon says:

          Bloody hell. What is it with you people? It was made by a fanfiction writer, it didn’t exist before then! Yes you can have purple-ish eyes (very, very rarely or contacts) and not everyone shaves! If you think that this is real, you might as well think that vampires and werewolves are real!

  6. Taylor Lainne says:

    Cameron Miquelon, save the trolling for memes and funnyjunk

    • You think I set out to troll young women all the way back in 1998? I didn’t ask for the Internet to take something I wrote — and submitted to a now-defunct Daria fan fiction website — and run with it. That happened all on its own.

  7. I just wanted to thank you, Mr. Weaver, for putting up with the recent influx in comments to this post, as well as my responses to them.

    For my sanity, however, this will be the last comment I make here; my comment to Min should be the last word regarding what I want out of all of this.

    For everyone else, you know where to find me if you need me. Good luck.

    • Jon B. says:

      Aren’t this the genetic traits of the Targaryen’s? If i remember correctly what I read in “ASOFAI”, the whole purple eyed, white skin, resistance to fire and all that jazz thing was the way you could have described someone from Valyria ergo the bloody Targaryens!
      PS: Sorry if i wrote something wrong, I’m not an native and this is not a good enough excuse :)) .

  8. Jemma says:

    Thank you for this artical, but I am now highly confused. Is there other genetic mutations that give violet or purple eyes as my twin sister had them where as I have blue.
    We were told that she has alexandrias genesis. Sadly she died at the age of 11 so I do not know of her lack of hair or other “advantages”.
    I am confused as the hospitol she was taken to told my parents that she had this condition.

    • reality says:


    • Teagan says:

      Purple eyes are rare but do exist. That does not mean it’s connected to anything like AG. Actually, it just means you have very light blue eyes, or albinism of the eyes. Some of the color from the blood is coming through but not enough to be red/pink.
      Are you sure that the hospital didn’t say another condition, that may have sounded like Alexandria’s Genesis and you misremembered the name? Especially if you heard of AG later and thought of your twin’s diagnosis.

    • Sue says:

      Purple Eyes Do Exist. I Highly Doubt There Was Anything Wrong With YouR Sister That Had Anything To Do With Her Eye Color. As Stated Below, She Probably Had A Bit Of The Gene That Creates Albinos.

  9. Oh God. After reading all these comments, I’m not sure whether to laugh (at the stupidity of some people) or cry (again, at the stupidity of some people).

    Cameron, I hope you don’t stop commenting/posting. Some people still believe that this ‘disease’ is real. Misinformation could be deadly.

  10. Err ... no. says:

    The first novel, A game of thrones, from the series A song of fire and ice, was not released as a book until 1996. However, it took over a year for the book to gain any real critical acclaim. I honestly believe she did not draw her inspiration for the Alexandria’s Genisis from George R. R. Martin because his book was only famous among a small minority of fantasy book lovers at the time. There wasn’t much hype over his book until the 2000s, really. She just made something for a fanfiction thinking it was creative, but really slow and gullible people took her idea and made it more grandiose than it was to the point they had half of the internet believing in her fake genetic mutation. It would be hella great to have a genetic mutation like this but it can only happen through genetic engineering since the alleles for these specific traits that are a part of Alexandria’s Gensis are not in relation to each other and have their own nucleotide sequences. Man, people took a wonderfully creative idea and just f*cked up so badly by perpetuating the belief that it is real. This is just sad how people believe in everything they read on the internet.

  11. TinRoses says:

    what about Elizabeth Taylor? She was said to have violet eyes and super fair skin. It wasn’t a joke or contacts either.

    • Torchwood says:

      Check out her photos. Blue/blue-grey eyes will appear violet under certain light and with specific shades of eye shadow, eye liner and mascara. The magic of the make-up artists.

      Super-fair skin is accomplished by religiously avoiding solar radiation.

      And she was drop dead gorgeous so how many people actually look at her eyes to determine the color?

      • emily says:

        I looked up her pictures to see if I’ve been missing something so obvious and nearly went blind from trying too hard to see violet there among from (very) light (very) blue to deep blue except a slight hue of purple-ish which can only be seen when you look for it so desperately.
        Also, among the overly praised artist like her I haven’t seen anyone as generic looking as Liz.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Purple eyes are possible, but extremely rare and the person is highly sensitive to light. AG is not real, however. It was just a fan-fiction that some idiots took seriously.

  13. Ariana says:

    I have Alexandria’s Genesis so it’s real!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes I’m sure you have a condition that doesn’t exist on the Mayo Clinic’s website. In case you’re oblivious to what Mayo is, (given that you ‘know’ this is a real condition and the fact that you are so gullible it believe whatever is on the internet) you should fact check yourself against one of the most renown medical authorities in the world. If you’re not into reading reference documents or researching something that the creator is saying is BS, ask yourself why this condition isn’t all over television, interviewing those who have said condition? Many times I knew I had a condition that, upon visiting a real doctor, turns out was nonsense. But at least those conditions were legitimate.

    • MissouriMule says:

      Prove it.

  14. Joe says:

    Cameron, if you still read this site even without commenting. I wonder if the book that started with Through violet eyes’ was inspired in some part by your fan-fix writing. As I haven’t read what you wrote, I have no idea what your story was about. Just curious ya know?

  15. Justaguy says:

    Bits between * .. * are stated beliefs about the “mutation” from popular .. well crap sites. The rest is the actual facts.

    Rumors about the existence of a rare genetic mutation known as Alexandria’s Genesis have been circulating in Internet circles since at least as far back as 2005. The most common form of this rumor states Alexandria’s Genesis is a mutation that turns people into “perfect human beings,” a condition apparently marked by purple eyes, extremely fair skin (that does not get sunburned), dark brown scalp hair (but no body hair), the lack of a menstrual cycle (which does not affect the ability to bear children), strong immune systems, well-proportioned bodies that never gain weight (but extrude “very little waste”), the uncanny ability to always look five to ten years younger than one’s true age, and a lifespan of about 150 years:

    ***There’s a picture that pops up on my Twitter every once in a while that explains a mutation supposedly known as “Alexandria’s Genesis.” Supposedly what that is is 6 months after whoever has the mutation is born, their eyes turn purple. They also do not grow any type of body hair.***

    Despite some of the contradictory characteristics attributed to these “perfect human beings,” many people have asserted the Alexandria’s Genesis mutation is indeed real:

    ***Alexandria’s Genesis is a genetic mutation that unlike so many others produces a very good effect for the human being involved. The characteristics of those born with the mutation make them the perfect human beings, with little or no biological disturbances.
    The first recorded case of Alexandria’s genesis was a woman named Alexandria Augustine in 1329 London. Her parents, upon realizing her most distinct feature, the purple eyes, decide that she must be possessed and take her to a priest, to have her exorcised. Luckily, the priest had heard of the mutation before and told the parents that nothing was wrong with their daughter. According to legend, after a flash of light over Egypt some odd thousand years ago, the people with purple eyes and very fair skin had appeared only to disappear north and were lost till Alexandria showed up.***

    The first recorded case of Alexandria’s Genesis did not occur in London in 1329; instead, it was noted in a piece of Daria fanfiction written by Cameron Aubernon in 1998. While the original web site that hosted this fantastical piece of fiction no longer exists, it has been archived by Outpost Daria Reborn, and the original author has also written about the mythical origins of this mutation on Tumblr:

    Following is a statement from the original author of the fan fiction that “created” the mutation.

    “Nearly 15 years ago (circa 1998), I was a huge fan of Daria, MTV’s favorite high school cynic. I had also discovered fanfiction then, and when I found some related to my favorite show, I wanted to leave my mark. I just didn’t know my mark would be the size of a logic-bomb crater.

    On the night of 15 December 2011, something I created under a male pseudonym when I was 19 turned up on my Tumblr dashboard. Something that I made up as a silly backstory for my two Daria-based Mary Sues (fan fiction characters who are “perfect” in every manner possible… and then some). Something that, in turn, was my projection of my personal gender identity and body image issues that I was starting to confront in my 20s.

    This something, in the 15 years since I first wrote it, had taken a life of its own. This something was Alexandria’s Genesis, a fictional posthuman/alien genetic mutation I created in order to make my Mary Sues more… special.”

    The short version: Alexandria’s Genesis is not, was not, and will never be a real thing; it was a silly little back story for someone’s entertaining first draft.

    While it’s clear Alexandria’s Genesis (AG) originated as an element of fanfiction and is not a real medical condition, it is less clear how this bit of fiction made the transition from a silly story to a “serious” rumor. The earliest we’ve traced that transition is a 2005 post on the Above Top Secret forum in which someone claimed to know a girl with purple eyes who had been diagnosed with AG.

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