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Alexandria's Genesis

by Mike Weaver

April 30, 2013

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My daughter asked me the other day if there was such a condition as “Alexandria’s Genesis.” Apparently stories of this rare, genetic mutation were going around at school and on her social media sites. The claims for this mutation are quite impressive; purple eyes, no body hair (only head hair), shimmering white skin that never burns, lack of menstruation for women (while maintaining fertility, long life, good health, etc. She was quite skeptical and with good reason. Let’s take a look at Alexandria’s Genesis.

A Google search for Alexandria’s Genesis uncovers a lot of “answers” type sites with folks asking whether or not this condition exists.I'vefound sites going back to 2008 (perhaps further) discussing this mutation’s existence and qualities. Interestingly, unlike a lot of the topics we explore here, therearen'tmany sites, at least in the main stream, which promulgate this condition as being real.

Here are some samples to whet your appetite:

Given the laundry list of super human characteristics posessed by these “Alexandria’s Genesis” mutants, it’s hardly surprising that this isn’t real. There is no such beasty, nor is there any reason to thing that there would be. Mutations don’t really work like that. I suppose, though, that alien-human hybrids or elven blood could do it, but I’m unconvinced that those exist on our planet either.

The real source of this mutation is far more mundane, and far more amusing. It comes, from all places, from some Daria fan fiction. Daria is an animated show which was a spin-off of Beavis and Butthead, both shows were a favorite of mine back in the day. The fanfic was written by Cameron Miquelon in 1998. Here is her write up about it.

Alexandria’s Genesis is not, was not, and will never be a real thing; it was a silly little back story for someone’s entertaining first draft.

Ms Miquelon goes on to note:

Anyway, there you have it: Alexandria’s Genesis is simply a bad mashup of Daria, Art Bell, Twilight, witchcraft and Cylon skinjobs adopted by New Agers and others who should know better, but don’t and won’t. Thank you, Internet. Thank you, Tumblr.

Done and done, mystery solved. I think the genesis of this particular story and the myths that spun up out of it serve as an object lesson on how, perhaps, other stories moved into urban legends, such as the Black Eyed Kids, Mothman, etc. While I’m not suggesting that those were fanfics, it’s certainly possible that some invented story takes on a life of its own and grows far beyond its humble beginnings. The legendary level of the telephone game.

Be well.

by Mike Weaver

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