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False Flag Fallacy Frustration

by Stephen Propatier

April 17, 2013

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Donate Recently a fellowSkeptoidblog poster wrote a piece about false flag attacks/myths.He did a wonderful job and I do not wish to retread all it's very salient points. I live within 50 miles of Boston Massachusetts, I day trip there, and I have worked there. Boston is very close to home for me. In the last 48 hours we all have seen a very disturbing bombing of the Boston annual marathon. I did not have anyone close to me at the Boston marathon. I do have a professional acquaintance that was working medical service at the event. Fortunately he was not harmed. The event itself was disturbing. I feel distressed for the family and friends of people that lost someone, or someone who was seriously injured in the event. What has angered me is the use of this tragedy to promote a false flag attack agenda. No one, other than the bomber/s themselves, can have any salient facts to support a false flag agenda. Yet that doesn't stop the conspiracy mongering, or the media coverage. What is next? Media asking paranoid schizophrenics for soundbites?

Within 3 hours of this event the internet came alive with people claiming that CIA was involved. In the next 24 hours they developed a theory of CIA involvement based on an unknown person on top of building. The governor of Massachusetts himself was questioned at a news event whether or not he thought there was False Flag Attack.

Like all" false flag attacks", lack of evidence is always proof of conspiracy. I expect, and frankly understand the conspiracy mongering/attention. I seetheirmotivation. They want to be recognized. When I write this, it is nearly 28 hours since the event happened. Why does the news media feel that unsupported conspiracy is newsworthy?

What the government officials know about this event, at this time, is unknown. What we(the Public) know is media generated. Partly from information given by officials, mostly pure speculation based on expert opinion, videotape, and prior assumptions about terrorist attacks. In the first 24 hours at least three major story lines have been completely over turned as false.

I am incensed by these false flag attack discussions. In my opinion, it is foolish to give a platform for people to propose speculative conspiracy based on other speculation. Media outlets then in turn present it as a sort of opinion. Mediadesperatelytries to produce new angles to an overanalyzedstory. Ratings require that the story evolves to be interesting. Lack of information coming from public officials drives fabrication. They need to continue the news cycle despite the fact of no new news is developing. It is a reason why conspiracies get attention, that does not make it "right".

There have been some False flag attacks in the US. Most are conspiracy mongering. They focus on anomalies, lack of evidence, contrary evidence, a complete dismissal of the known facts, anddismissalof official reports. I am not going to rehash what Mike has written very effectively in his post three months ago. I suggest you read it if you want unique insight into false flag attack Myths.

I am frustrated and angry that the victims have to put up with this.Victims that have lost loved ones and/or limbs. They are being tortured with these foolish and ridiculous imaginings. They have not recovered from their wounds, buried their dead, or even have had a moment to grieve before self-centered fear mongers jump up on a pulpit. False flag advocates feel the need to point out anomalies and the possibility that the CIA is bombing our citizens. These people think they can decode what happened at the Boston Marathon by watching the video feed onnationalnews.Media outlets including internet, television, and major networks promote stories like"mystery man on the roof". The Daily Mail "Conspiracy theorists claim Boston was 'false flag' attack arranged by the government". "The ‘Man on the Roof’ and 4 Other Conspiracy Theories Surrounding the Boston Bombings".On the local news talk radio during the day I hear people calling in to discuss this as a false flag attacks. I have not linked any these stories because I do not wish to promote them.

I only speak for myself, but I like to think I speak for the majority of us in New England, when I say "shut the hell up". Let the federal, local, and state authority actually come up with a story that you can dispute, before you dispute it. Show us that you might actually be interested in learning what happened, rather than making up your own version of events. To the news media, stop promoting these uninformed theories as reality. At least until some official position can be developed. How can it be a false flag attack, when no official has offered any theories as to what happened. It is only false flag if you assume in advance what has happen is planned and anything going forward is a lie.

If you want my opinion false flag proponents, and I'm sure you don't, I suspect this will be the work of a lone bomber with an ax to grind. Given the public evidence as of this date, I think it is unlikely that this is an international terrorist event. I'll bet that this is an American from New England who sees Patriots day and tax day as a opportunity for a message. This event reminds me of the famous "Mad Bomber"GeorgeMetesky in the 1940's. But I am not so arrogant to think that I know what is going on. I am just as scared and worried as the rest of you. I am not going to promote wild theories as a fact until I have a chance to know some of the evidence. And whether you bring me a blurry picture of a man on a rooftop on Boylston Street, or blurry ape suit video in the Pacific Northwest, I am not easily convinced. So please stop trying.

To the family of that little eight-year-old boy that was lost. I can't imagine your pain, and I hope that the news media respectfully leaves you alone. Your son was not a soundbite, or a talking point, he was a victim and should be treated as such.


by Stephen Propatier

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