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Caviar against aging

by Bruno Van de Casteele

April 14, 2013

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Donate On my way to work (by car, while listening to podcasts), I pass this beauty parlor. Some time ago, as seen in the picture, it offered a promotion. Translated it reads "anti aging facial treatment with caviar - new".

Now you might find this stupid, but my first reaction was "That's odd ... getting a treatment and being served caviar to eat during the treatment. But ok, it's a buyer's market and maybe that's the niche they are aiming for ..."

A bit naive maybe, but being a good skeptic, I went looking for such treatments on Google. And the result was far more concerning than my little fantasy above. In fact, as several sites claim, caviar should be a very good treatment for your skin, as it is high in protein and contains a lot of omega-3. Andchock-fullof vitamins, too.

Which is probably true, and indeed even less serious sites make claims that proteins (converted into amino acids in your guts) will help restoring a healthy skin and beautiful hair. Eating healthy is important, but there is one catch. The sites promoting the caviar treatment propose a facial, by smearing the caviar (extract) on your skin and notby eating it.

Basically, by smearing the caviar on your skin, you're not helping anything (except the bank account of the producing company). The skin does notabsorbthe proteins and vitamins. You might see an effect on your skin (looks shinier), but you would probably get the same effect by washing it.

In a sense, I'm actually happy I never bothered to go inside and ask for more information. Based on my quick research, I think it's a waste of good caviar. It's better to just eat it, instead of smearing it on your skin.


by Bruno Van de Casteele

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