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Come join me for AskScience Live!

by Chad Jones

March 31, 2013

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Donate About 1. 5 years ago I started a blog called "The Collapsed Wavefunction". At the time the only reason I was doing it was to improve my writing skills. I had learned the hard way (failed grant proposals) that writing wasn't my specialty.As I wrote, though, two things became apparent to me:
  1. Science isawesome.

  2. Not many people know that science is awesome (at least not as many as I think should know).

So, my blog became much more important to me. It wasn't just a way to improve my writing skills, it was a way to share the message of the...awesomeness of science. Science advocacy has become as important to me as the science itself. After all, if we can't explain to the public what we're doing what's the point? In a further attempt to perfect my skills I became a panelist for Reddit's "AskScience" forum.

AskScienceis a forum where anyone with a question about science can get an answer from an expert in that field. We have chemists, physicists, mathematicians, biologists, linguists, psychologists, anthropologists, and more. To be a panelist you must have (or be working on) an advanced degreeandshow that you know how to give answers to questions in that field to a lay audience. It's a forum that usually has some interesting questions and thought provoking discussion.

AskScience Live

Some of the panelists for Reddit's AskScience have decided to join together to create AskScience Live, a video podcast of sorts using Google "On Air" Hangouts. We'll be streaming our first episode on Thursday, April 11th @ 6pm EDT. We (the panelists) have done a few "rehearsal" episodes, and I think you'll really enjoy what we have planned. We're going to be answering questions live, but we also have some popular questions we're going to answer and I have prepared a very simple, but cool experiment that you can do at home.I asked Brian for permission to advertise AskScience Live here because, frankly, I really need your help!Here's what you can do to help:
  1. Watch- This event will only be as awesome as our audience. The event will be streaming on

  2. Ask Questions- We've prepared as much as we can. We needyourawesome questions. You can submit them on Google+ or Twitter using the hashtag #askscilive.

  3. Invite your friends- We're on Twitter (@AskScienceLive) and we also have a Facebook event. If you're on Facebook please join the event and invite your friends.

Please help us get the word out. I really thinkAskScience Liveis a great idea that will help more people become interested in science.

by Chad Jones

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