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Skeptoid Secret Project: Weather Station Needed

by Brian Dunning

January 27, 2013

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Donate Skeptoid is putting together a Secret Project. A very special piece of hardware is needed, one that I hope some friend or colleague can help with. It is a remote weather station, capable of operating unattended in extreme environments, and daily transmitting its data via some kind of satellite link. It needs:
  1. An anemometer (wind need only be sampled at a few intervals during the day).

  2. A thermometer (temperature should be sampled about once per hour, round the clock).

  3. A webcam (a few pictures a day would suffice, at predefined times).

  4. Operate unattended for 30 days.

  5. Transmit all data somehow at least once per day. There is no cell connection or wired connection of any kind available.

  6. Location (my secret for now) will be remote and difficult to access. It should not need to remain on station more than a month or so. There will be cold, wind, and rain.

The budget is limited, so I'm hoping to be able to borrow something. I can buy or rent to some degree. I don't have the time or the skilz to build, but would gratefully accept help if someone else does.

Time frame? Pretty short. Need by February 14, 2013.

Any suggestions, anyone?

by Brian Dunning

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