At last! An explanation for “The Bloop”

Frequently cited as an “insane mystery science hasn’t solved”, the bloop looks to have a reasonable explanation. Was it a mystery monster squid as most commonly thought? Sadly, no.

First some background in case you haven’t heard about the bloop: Skeptoid

It came from the depths of the South Pacific. Throughout the summer of 1997, a sound never before recorded burst from the abyss. News agencies scrambled; was this some new leviathan, an unknown monster from the deep? Nobody knew, and though this recording has taken its place among the permanent fixtures of the museums of the strange, the Bloop has never been identified.

[The bloop]

Until now.

Acoustics Monitoring Program – Icequakes (Bloop).

The broad spectrum sounds recorded in the summer of 1997 are consistent with icequakes generated by large icebergs as they crack and fracture. NOAA hydrophones deployed in the Scotia Sea detected numerous icequakes with spectrograms very similar to “Bloop”.

They have even identified the probable location.

More: A collection of sounds from the sea.

Originally published on Doubtful News.

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5 Responses to At last! An explanation for “The Bloop”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I think this is just a cover-up, from those nefarious folks at “Big N.O.A.A.”….

  2. Chup@Cabra says:

    Yeah, we all know its really Dread Cthulhu arising from his sleep now that The Stars are Right! ^_^

  3. rocker889 says:

    Some new Documentary show on Animal Planet about Mermaids with the Scientists who apparently looked into this Bloop was just on….sounds like a bunch of B.S.

    • siclyd says:

      Dude, the “documentary” you saw was a “what if this actually happened” “mocumentry” or “docufiction”. Those were not the actual scientist that studied anything, they were actors….well, i guess they probably did study a script at some point im sure. the show was presented as a “what if” & that was made very clear before & after the original airing, you must have missed that part, don’t fret though, apparently a lot of people missed that part………

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