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You think you know homeopathy?

by Holly Knapp

November 11, 2012

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Donate You can easily debunk homeopathy, right? Drink the whole bottle, take all the pills, sit back, and wait. What will happen? Predictably, nothing.

Well before performing this trick, better check the ingredients list.

"True" homeopathy hearkens to the basic idea that like cures like. If you can determinewhat makes you sick, you can use it to cure yourself, so long as you re-administer it in an infinitesimal dose.To my mindan example of this would be trying to cure a cold by injecting yourself withone of the cold viruses you are already full of,or maybe by exposing yourself to a roomwhere a tiny bitof cold air was released (don't go outside, you'll catch a cold that will be the death of you!)

But as I said, not so fast. Some caution is advised.

From the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine: some products labeled as homeopathic can contain substantial amounts of active ingredients and therefore could cause side effects and drug interactions.

Could it be that some of the original homeopathic remedies might not be working?


by Holly Knapp

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