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Enjoy a Picnic and Hear About Science vs. Miracles

by Brian Dunning

August 28, 2012

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Donate On October 7 I'll be giving my talk Miracle or Science? near Fresno, California. It's sponsored by the Central Valley Alliance of Atheists and Skeptics, and if you're within striking distance of the middle of our fine state, I invite you to come on out.

In Miracle or Science? we take a look at a half dozen or so religious myths from cultures all around the world, each of which has some really amazing science and history behind it.

Tickets are required to partake of the "Heretics BBQ" but anyone can come along, bring your beach chair, and enjoy the presentations. We're also going to be talking a lot about "End of the World" myths... as you know, we're all expecting to die on December 21 of this year (or, at least, we're hoping certain urban legends will die).

The Heretic's BBQ is at Letterman Park in Clovis, CA on October 7, 2012. Come on out and visit the CVAAS web site for tickets if you're going to be hungry!

by Brian Dunning

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