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Skeptoid's Conservapedia Page

by Brian Dunning

July 9, 2012

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Donate There is no way to not love the laserlike accuracy of Conservapedia. Here is their complete article about Skeptoid, as of July 9 2012:
Skeptoid is a weekly podcast created and hosted by overweight atheist Brian Dunning. The show is dedicated to attacking and attempting to disprove stories of the supernatural, including religion.
On the chance that they change or delete it, here is a screenshot as proof:

However, in fairness, 6'1" and 190 lbs does put me at the bottom end of the "Overweight" range on BMI calculators; so we'll grant that they got at least one thing right.
UPDATE: Bryan Dorland on Facebook called this the argumentum ad corpulentia fallacy, which was too good not to pass along here.
I am informed that Conservapedia is pretty big (no pun intended) on obesity. Apparently, they believe that being fat causes a lack of blood to the brain, which in turn causes one to lose religious faith (evidently among the highest of brain functions). A few minutes of your day are well spent on their page "Atheism and Obesity", including their shining photo of patriotic Chuck Norris as the paragon of good mental and physical health. Normally, I would observe here that "You can't make this stuff up," but Conservapedia has just disproven that.

by Brian Dunning

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